Victorian fabulous finish day

Year 1 had a fantastic fabulous finish day being immersed into the world of the Victorian era and what it was like for children in the past. 

As soon as the children arrived into the class they were greeted with a new Victorian name (unless they already had one) and a very strict teacher.

The children were shocked to learn that children used to have punishments that were not very nice:

If a child answered a question wrong they used to wear a Dunce cap to embarrass them in front of the class!

Lottie pretending to be in trouble and receiving the cane from her teacher.


The children also practised writing without a pencil and paper. Victorian children would use slate to write with.

We all agreed that we much prefer how schools are today! The children were so excited to go tell their grown ups what they had learnt.

Science again

Hi all,

Further to Terrie’s message about the biscuit dunking, I’ll be shopping for everyone’s biscuits over the weekend so if you’ve decided the investigation is unsuitable and you won’t be doing it can you please let me know by the end of Friday. If you need any other consumable resources instead let me know and I’ll happily get them for you. Thanks for your support with this.


Singing in a round!

In Year 1 we have been appraising nursery rhymes with a focus on where they originated from. Last week we looked at the song ‘Hot Cross Buns’. We discovered the song was more than 300 years old and was used by bakers to help sell their delicious buns. We performed our song in a round. At first we found this extremely tricky as we would sing each other’s parts. As a result, for this week Miss Dale sang one part and the children sang the other. Here was the final outcome.



This week we were determined to keep practicing singing in a round. We appraised another traditional nursery rhyme ‘Row, row, row your boat’. We then looked at more additions to the song that have been invented over the years. We agreed our favourite was the crocodile one so we decided to perform this in a round and WE DID IT! So proud Year 1, well done!




Year 3 began this unit by thinking about the question ‘what is light?’. They looked at a variety of objects/images to determine what a light source is. Some of the objects that we needed to have more in depth discussions about were; the moon, windows, reflective clothing and mirrors.

We decided on the following: a light  source is something that gives out light.

A mirror is not a light source because it does not give out light – it reflects light. A window is not a light source because it does not give out light – it allows light to pass through. The moon is not a light source because it does not give out light  – it reflects the sun’s light.


We continued by investigating the reflective properties of different materials in order to design a school rucksack.


Look at these fabulous designs:

We continued by looking at different types of mirrors. The convex and concave mirrors were very surprising!


We also studied the way that shadows change in relation to the time of day and distance from the light source.


We found out about a famous scientist from history – Justus Von Liebig who invented the mirror.

Year 5 Recorders

For the past few weeks, Year 5 have been learning to play the recorder. We have learned to play notes, such as B, A, G and E, and learned to play different songs using all the notes we have learned. We have really enjoyed learning this instrument!

Sports Scholarship: Basketball and Beyond (week 2)

Today was week 2 of our ‘Basketball and Beyond Unit’.

After making fantastic progress on their passing and moving skills in week 1, this week children tried a new sport – Korfball.

Never heard of it? then watch this video.

After watching the beginners guide and getting to grips with the rules, we started to play the game. Children quickly applied their quick passing skills which we worked on last week to this game and had great fun. Korfball really challenged the children’s understanding of using space to attack and shoot. Being able to move all the way around a hoop created more space to score but also gave opponents chances to recover from a rebound. It turned out to be a fantastic way to consolidate netball style passing and moving.


Quickly discovering the best positions to shoot from and how to support and defend a rebound.

Learning to pass the ball around the whole space to spread defenders and create room to get into a scoring position.


3v3 Basketball

To finish the session, we looked at the new Olympic sport of 3v3 basketball. Made up of 2 teams of three playing in one half of a basket ball sport, it is a traditional street version of the game which promotes high levels of skill and quick thinking.

Baking buns in F1🍒

The children have been busy baking currant buns this afternoon!

First the children had to wash their hands. They then had to grease the baking trays before they began mixing all of the ingredients together. The children had fun singing the 5 currant buns song when we were making the buns.

When we finished all of the mixing we put the mixture on to the baking trays. We put a cherry on the top before they were ready to bake.

Finally we put buns were ready and we were able to have them for our afternoon snack. They were delicious!

Enjoying Foundation Stage

The children were having lots of fun using all our amazing resources.They loved been in our winter garden and enjoyed playing outside. All the children enjoyed construction and made some fabulous pictures using all our materials.