Weather Symbols!

In Science we have been observing and describing the weather that is associated with the seasons by observing the weather in spring.


We looked at a variety of different weather symbols and discussed what they each represented. We then took a look outside and observed that it was cloudy. All week we have been gathering and recording data such as the weather, temperature and rainfall related to Spring. We are excited to compare this to Summer.


I then challenged the children to come to the front of the class and using the map of the United Kingdom present a weather forecast. We looked at video examples beforehand. We then re-capped the 4 countries that made up the United Kingdom: England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. We then identified Hull, we know this is a city not a country.

Here is Harvey presenting the weather for us! He did a fabulous job and even put on a ‘professional voice’. A weatherman in the making? Great job year 1!


The Great Fire of London

Y2 have been learning about The Great Fire of London. Today we looked at the causes and consequences of The Great Fire of London. We thought about the negative consequences and the positive consequences that came after the fire.


Timetables for returning to school

Only 1 more week to go and we will all be back.

As per the letter that was sent out to parents, you will see the school will run similar to the autumn term.  I have updated the playtimes and lunchtime rota and attached here.

Over the next week please look at the desktop as many messages will come out about the start.  We know you will all be amazing.

As always, any questions, please ask. x

Lunchtime Rota – March 2021


Play Dough Fun

The Children had so much fun playing with their playdough.  It really helped to enhance their fine motor skills and encouraged them to think about all the different shapes they could create.

They enjoyed making lots of exciting things.  Sofia made a face using pasta and buttons.  She then enjoyed telling me all about his eyes and his smiling face made out of pasta.

Aliza made lots of circles and could tell me all about it.  She was so excited to tell me if a circle had sides and if it had any corners.  Great listening skills.



Year 6 – Food Technology Chocolate Truffles


Year 6 began this project by learning about the role that chocolate played in the Mayan’s lives. Did you know they were one of the first civilisations to eat/drink chocolate? They used to add chilli to it!

We then explored the packaging of existing chocolates to see what the main ingredients in chocolate products are. We discussed allergens and different dietary requirements people may have and looked at a range of packaging to see how this has been designed with this in mind. We discovered that the main allergens were written in bold.

We had discussions about milk and why this ingredient might mean that chocolate is not always suitable for some people with allergies or who follow a vegan diet. We discussed alternatives to cows’ milk and how these can be used in chocolate recipes. We then did a mini taste test to see if we could tell the difference between chocolate containing milk and dairy-free chocolate. We discussed different flavours and textures.

We did some independent research into the process of making chocolate from bean to bar.

We taste-tested a range of chocolate products and completed hedonic sensory analysis and analysis of specific attributes. This was extremely exciting!

Year 2 are learning about Christian Symbols!

This week we have been learning about Christian symbols.

We started by looking at symbols that we already knew like McDonalds, recycling and Batman.

Next, we learnt which symbols are special to Christians.

Then, we discussed special places that Christians visit and learnt about churches with stained glass windows.

Finally, we created our own stained glass windows with Christian symbols.

Year 2 are learning how to create spreadsheets!

Year 2 have been working extremely hard in computing this half term. We have learnt about online safety, what algorithms are and how to create them and how to send emails.

This week we are learning about spreadsheets.

We had to listen really carefully and follow the step by step instructions.

We worked in pairs and with our teachers to create a spreadsheet using Purple Mash.

It was tricky to start with but we all persevered until we had created a spreadsheet that we could use.

Great work Year 2!

Where do different animals live?

This week in science we looked at animals and whether they live in hot or cold climates. We also discussed that different species of foxes live in both climates. We looked at why the Arctic fox was white so it can camouflage in the snow to sneak up on its prey or hide from predators. We acted this out and had a lot of fun!

Finding lots of different ways to balance.

This week we have had such good fun finding new ways to balance.We have used our balancing bikes and found new skills which have helped us move around safely.

We have used all our special equipment that we have in our amazing outdoor area to help us balance on our own.

We also had fun in the Sensory garden doing a sensory circuit. We all took it in turns to balance on our stomach and try and make it to the other side.We then had to stand up without falling and jump off the other end into a hoop.It was lots of fun. We also got the scooters out and enjoyed those too.

We found lots of exciting ways to balance this week and had lots of fun doing it.

Y4 Egyptian WOW Day!

Year 4 had and excellent end to their half term today taking part in our Ancient Egyptian Wow day! The children all came dressed up in their finest Egyptian clothing for a fun day of learning about Ancient Egypt.

Children made replicas of Tutunkhamun’s death mask, Egyptian jewellery, learned about the process of mummification, virtually explored Tutunkhamun’s tomb and learned how to scale up ancient illustrations of Egyptian Gods! We had a fantastic time and we are very proud of how hard you have worked this year so far – keep it up!

(L-R) Alisha, Grace, Summer and Evie with their fantastic costumes! 


Harrie and Issy creating their masks


Finished Tutunkhamun death masks

Mr Morgan and Mrs Hebden didn’t feel silly AT ALL! 

A super effort from all Y4, well done!