Waterproof experiments!

This week in Year 1 we have acted as scientists.

We had to find a material which could keep our teddy bears dry in the rain.

Zack did a fantastic job at home completing his science work.

He put his teddy in a bowl and covered the bowl with different materials before putting water on top to find out which one was the most waterproof and which would be best to make an umbrella for teddy with!

Zack found out that cling film was waterproof but it was too thin to make an umbrella with.

Wood is waterproof but that would be too heavy for an umbrella.

Paper wasn’t waterproof, so that was no good!

The material used in umbrella’s was the best material to keep the bear dry.

Zack certainly has a future as a scientist!

Great experiment Zack!

We are all unique!

What an end to a strange but wonderful half term. Year one finished by showing each other what makes them unique. We all watched with admiration at each others talents and we had such a mixture!

Hussain showed us some amazing karate moves. He was like a real life ninja!

Hollie did an outstanding performance singing and dancing. She said it makes her very happy.

Sharing a story in a cosy den!

Year 1 have had such a lovely week this week. We set a challenge for the children to make a den for our afternoon zoom session and they rose to it! They brought their favourite drink, snack and teddy bear. We shared the story ‘The Queen’s knickers’. Some children even designed knickers that the queen could wear to our school. They were fantastic!

Chinese New Year!

Year 1 have had fun finding out all about Chinese New Year.

We found out that 2021 is the year of the ox. We also found out that the children in our class are either horses or goats!

Mrs Smith is a monkey and Mrs Heard is an ox.

We watched a dragon dance through the streets of China and were amazed at how many people were in the costume!

We talked about what foods might be eaten to celebrate Chinese New Year and it made us feel very hungry!

The children had the chance of tasting the foods some Chinese people eat during their celebrations.

The yummy food made our classroom smell delicious and we couldn’t wait to eat it.

The food was a bit tricky to get though, as Mrs Smith gave us chopsticks instead of a spoon or fork. The tasty spring rolls and crackers were much easier to pick up than the tiny rice.

It took lots of practise to be able to eat our feast.

After our yummy food we got a special cookie to enjoy. This cookie had a piece of paper in and told us what may happen in the future. We found out these are called ‘Fortune Cookies‘.


Happy New Year!

Sikh Symbols

Year 2 have been learning about Sikh beliefs and Sikh symbols.

We have learned about the 5K’s.

This is the Kara.

This is the Kirpan.

This week we learned about the holy book, Guru Granth Sahib. We learned that the book is worshipped like a king. A Chauri is waved over the book when it is been read. We had a look at a Chauri in class.


Internet Safety Day in Y2

Y2 have been learning about Internet Safety this week. First we asked the question ‘What is the internet?’

We discussed ways that we keep safe on the internet and learned that the everything we read on the internet is not always true. Then we used what we have learned to complete a quiz on Purple Mash.

We all had some fantastic ideas on how to stay safe with the main rule being: if in doubt check with an adult first!

Year 1 ‘Home Learning Challenge’ Week!

Year 1 have worked so hard over the past few weeks with their parents to complete all of their online work and live lessons that this week we thought we would do something a little different and more fun!!! So to welcome the February half term in we have been setting daily ‘Home Learning Challenges‘ alongside our live lessons to give our children the opportunity to explore their Literacy, Mathematical and Design talents freely and independently! Mondays challenge was to create their very own ‘Breakfast Masterpiece’ designing their own recipe with their own ingredients and making it independently! Tuesdays Challenge was to ‘up-cycle‘ some of their recycled and using their imagination create and design something unique and special to them so they could express themselves! We can’t wait for Wednesdays ‘Build a Den Day’ and Thursdays ‘Sandwich Artist’ challenge! To celebrate how fantastically our children have done this half term, on Friday we are hosting our very own online ‘Talent Show!!!‘ WATCH THIS SPACE!

Here are a few pictures of our amazing children and their super ‘Home Learning Challenge‘ masterpieces… (Oh and some fun in the snow too!)


Who keeps us safe when we use the internet?

Year 1 have listened to the story Digiduck told us about how things on the internet are not always true.

The story got us thinking about what other things may not be true on the internet.

Year 1 discussed how they use the internet on things like games consoles and phones and Netflix. That got us thinking about how you can talk to people when playing games.

Year 1 are very sensible and only talk to people they know but we found out some people talk to strangers online. We then found out that lots of people who care about us keep us safe whilst we are online.

In school teachers keep us safe and only let us use the internet for school work.

At home our adults keep us safe and check we are on the right programmes and games online.

We drew some pictures to say how we use the internet and who keeps us safe while we are using them.


We know lots about staying safe online now!

How do you make Baby bear’s porridge?

Year one could tell you! We have been learning about bossy verbs and how they are used in instructions. We played a fun game where every time Miss Dale said a bossy verb the children did a bossy action. We then verbally told each other the instruction step by step until we made some lovely, golden porridge. We added honey, syrup and blueberries! We can’t wait to write the instructions tomorrow.

Looking after our minds!

Year 1 had some great discussions on how important it is to look after our minds as well as our bodies. We thought about things that make us happy such as exercise, yummy food and drawing. We listened to Kate Middleton inspire us to keep doing things that make us happy to keep our minds healthy during these confusing times.

We then did a fantastic emotions workshop called ‘The emotion express’ by Mind Matters for Education. We then talked about these emotions relating to how we feel at the minute. It was a lot of fun!