Year 2 have been observing and classifying Materials

Our new unit in Year 2 is Materials. We have been looking at different materials and their properties. This week we went outside to look for different materials. We then thought about why some materials are used outside more often than others.



None of us knew what a binary tree was at the start of our lesson so we were excited to learn.

Next, we started by thinking of yes/no questions to ask about a selection of animals.

Then, we kept answering the questions to create new groups and sort the animals.

Finally, we thought of our own yes/no questions to input on our IPADS.

hey you!

Year 1 have loved listening to, appraising, and performing the song ‘Hey you!’ by Joanna Mangona. We have been especially good at finding the pulse of this song, remembering it is like a heartbeat. Here is our final performance using BSL for our actions.


The wheels on the bus

In music this week, Year 1 have been looking at the nursery rhyme ‘The Wheels on the Bus‘.

We found out the song was first published in 1939.

We listened to different versions and talked about the verses we knew.

The nursery rhyme has changed lots over time with new verse added. We talked about how the ‘the blinkers on the bus’ would not have been in the original version as busses did not have indicators then and when we looked at pictures of an old bus we decided ‘the wipers on bus’ would have been added as well because we could not see any wipers on the bus.

We had a go at thinking of our own verse to add to the song. We composed our own verses to sing.

Year 1 liked composing verses about their pets as sometimes animals go the bus. We thought of bunnies, cats and dogs.

Have a listen to our new verses. We hope you like them.




Why we are proud of ourselves

In PSHE this week, year 1 have been discussing what they are successful at.

We started our lesson with Jigsaw Jack. We passed him around our circle carefully and quietly. We had to work together as a class to achieve this goal.

We talked about goals we have achieved. Lots of children in year 1 did not think we had achieved any goals until we talked about the skills we now have that we didn’t have before.

Lots of children in Year 1 can tie their shoes, fasten their coats or even ride a bike.

We took it in turns to tell the class about the achievements we are proud of.

IMG_6699[1] IMG_6705[1]

Year 2 Perform The Magic London Bus

Year 2 have been looking at the unit performance poetry in English this week. The poem they have studied is ‘The Magic London Bus’. Across the week they have explored new vocabulary, identified the rhyme in the poem and learned signifiers for the poem. Today they performed the poem with confidence and lovely expression!

Well done Year 2.

Computing in Year 2

Year 2 have started a new unit in Computing called ‘Questioning’. This week they were learning to use yes or no question to sort information. On Purple Mash they used yes or no questions to find  the names of the different avatars.


3-D shapes

This week in math, year 1 have been looking at 3-D shapes.

We have looked at lots of shapes including spheres, cubes, pyramids, cuboids, cones and cylinder. We looked carefully at these shapes and got to hold them to look more closely.

We did a 3-D shape hunt around the classroom and found lots of the 3-D shapes in the things we use.

The glue sticks are the shape of a cylinder, rubbers are the shape of a cuboid and our pencil boxes are the shape of a cube as well at lots more.

We have really enjoyed finding 3-D shapes around the classroom. Some children went home and found more around their home. They found that boxes of cereal are a cuboid and oranges are a sphere.

Well done year 1!

Nursery Rhymes

This week in year 1 during our music lesson we got the chance to talk about our favourite nursery rhymes.

We know lots of nursery rhymes, some of our favourites are ‘Ba ba black sheep’, ‘Twinkle twinkle little star’, ‘Wind the bobbin up’ and ‘Humpty Dumpty’ to name a few.

We had the chance to listen to lots of nursery rhymes and we appraised the music in them. We liked how the music in the nursery rhymes was ‘soft‘ and ‘gentle‘ and our voices were soft and gentle too to match the music.

We really enjoyed performing our favourite nursery rhymes and can’t wait for our next music lesson!



Year 2 make afternoon tea!

In Design and Technology this term Year 2 are learning about food technology. First, they investigated different sandwiches.  They tasted lots of different combinations to decide which was their favourite.

Then they learned about to be safe when handling food. Their focussed practical task was to learn how to slice, peel and  grate.

The next day, they designed and made their own sandwich for a Royal afternoon tea party.

They had lots of fun eating their creations during the afternoon!