Meeting Jigsaw Jack!

Year 1 really enjoyed their first PSHE lesson meeting Jigsaw Jack!  We started off with a lovely game called ‘pass the smile’. We discussed how this made us feel happy, loved and excited! We then talked about how we felt about coming back to school in a new year group with new teachers. We shared all sorts of worries and emotions!  To help us understand the different emotions we were feeling we read ‘The colour monster’.

The children were then introduced to our wall of colour monsters and together we read all the adjectives used to describe the different emotions! We had fun finding our faces and moving them to match how we feel. The children are looking forward to doing this everyday! Well done Year 1, you have settled in really well to the new rules and routines!

Comparing Numbers within 100

This morning in Y2 we have been comparing numbers. We revisited the work we did in Y1 by identifying tens and ones and practised counting in 10’s, 2’s and 5’s.

We used a variety of manipulatives to make numbers and compare them using mathematical vocabulary such as greater than and less than. We used stem sentences to explain what we found – 23 is less than 67. We applied our understanding of  < > and = to compare numbers too.

We solved reasoned and solved problems thinking about comparison of numbers ! A great maths lesson!



Collective Poems

This morning in Y2, we thought about things we find in the night sky. We thought of things like the moon, stars and clouds. We thought of adjectives to describe the things we could see and wrote sentences about them.

Grace wrote – The shimmering, bright moon moves slowly across the night sky. 

We worked as a group to create collective poems about The Night Sky.

We were pleased with the outcome and performed them to the rest of the class.



In Year 2 our Design and Technology unit this term has been puppets. First of all we investigated different puppets. Then we learned how to sew a simple stitch.


After that, we designed our own puppet. We then used what we had learned to make our own puppets!


We were happy with the end results!


Bridlington Beach!

What a fabulous day we all had at Bridlington for our school trip! In the classroom we have been learning all about physical and human features linking to our topic of the seaside. Therefore, we were so excited to see them for ourselves! First we set off on a double decker bus! The children loved being so high up, it allowed us to discuss the different features we could see around Hull. We all knew that McDonalds was a human feature!


When we arrived we headed straight to the beach. We had a really good view of the cliffs in the distance. We discussed how they were a physical feature along with the sand and sea. We then did a sketch map of our surroundings labelling and discussing each feature. After that, we made some LandArt inspired by Andy Goldsworthy. We enjoyed showing each other our amazing creations!

We loved dipping our toes in the sea! The sand felt really soft between our toes and the water was freezing cold. Next, we had lunch along the promenade. We pretended we were wealthy Victorians parading and showing off our expensive clothes. We saw lots of amusements and gift shops. This linked with our History lessons and the children knew they were there to attract tourists from the past and today (the present)!

After walking past the harbour and discussing its purpose. One child said ‘It is like a car park but for boats!’. The children loved seeing all the different boats docked.

Finally we were lucky enough to enjoy an ice-cream with sprinkles!! We had a great day and we can’t wait to discuss what we have learnt next lesson. Well done Year 1!

Monet and Van Gogh

In Y1 we are using post-impressionist art work of Claude Monet’s ‘Beach at Pourville’ and Vincent Van Gogh’s ‘Seascape’ as inspiration for our art today.

We used oil pastels to create our own versions of the pictures making sure we used a variety of techniques such as smudging, dashes and used bold colours.

We had some great examples and will be using this work in our next art lesson …

Sloane took smudging to a whole new level! 😂😂

Climbing Wall in KS1

This morning the whole school got to have a go on the climbing wall!

In KS1, we were really lucky because we got to go first!

We arrived outside and the wall looked enormous but we were all very brave and every one of us had a go!

First we were harnessed up and made safe, when it was our turn we were clipped onto the rope and off we went …

Some of us managed to get to the top! We have a fabulous morning!



This week in Maths, Year 1 have been learning about money.

We looked at all the different coin and found out how much each one was worth.

We liked the £1 and £2 best as these were the shiniest.

We were able to tell that a 10p is the same as 10 1p’s and a £50 note is the same as 50 £1 coins.

We have also found out that we can use our times tables to help us count coins.

We counted in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s when using the 2p, 5p and 10p.