Year 2 have been learning about Easter!

We started by thinking about what we had learned about Palm Sunday. We remembered lots of key information.

Next, we listened to the Easter story together and watched a short, animated film about Easter.

We learnt about the important days and what happened to Jesus on those days.

After that, we ordered the special days and match pictures to the correct statements for each day.

Finally, after some well deserved playtime, we had a quiz to see what we could remember about our learning. Lots of children got full marks and everyone had learned something new! Well done Year 2!

Chinese New Year in F1

In F1, for Chinese New year we had a lovely celebration. We made a dragon, and created our own puppet show. We tried Chinese food, and learnt about the 12 years of the Chinese calendar investigating all of the different years. A lovely day for all.

Chinese New Year!

Year 1 have had fun finding out all about Chinese New Year.

We found out that 2021 is the year of the ox. We also found out that the children in our class are either horses or goats!

Mrs Smith is a monkey and Mrs Heard is an ox.

We watched a dragon dance through the streets of China and were amazed at how many people were in the costume!

We talked about what foods might be eaten to celebrate Chinese New Year and it made us feel very hungry!

The children had the chance of tasting the foods some Chinese people eat during their celebrations.

The yummy food made our classroom smell delicious and we couldn’t wait to eat it.

The food was a bit tricky to get though, as Mrs Smith gave us chopsticks instead of a spoon or fork. The tasty spring rolls and crackers were much easier to pick up than the tiny rice.

It took lots of practise to be able to eat our feast.

After our yummy food we got a special cookie to enjoy. This cookie had a piece of paper in and told us what may happen in the future. We found out these are called ‘Fortune Cookies‘.


Happy New Year!

Sikh Symbols

Year 2 have been learning about Sikh beliefs and Sikh symbols.

We have learned about the 5K’s.

This is the Kara.

This is the Kirpan.

This week we learned about the holy book, Guru Granth Sahib. We learned that the book is worshipped like a king. A Chauri is waved over the book when it is been read. We had a look at a Chauri in class.


Advent – Countdown to Christmas

In Year 3, we have been exploring the celebration of Advent and the significance it holds for the Christian community. We shared the ways in which we celebrate our own ‘Countdown to Christmas’ by opening our yummy Advent calendars and compared our traditions to that of lighting the candles on the ‘Advent Wreath’ in a Christian place of worship.

We also explored the significant meaning of each part of the Advent Wreath –

The four outer candles represent Peace, Love, Joy and Hope.
The centre candle represents Jesus – The Light of the World and his birth
The evergreen leaves of the circular wreath symbolise life, hope and eternity.

We hope that everyone has a lovely time this Christmas!

Year 2 are learning about Christian Symbols!

This week we have been learning about Christian symbols.

We started by looking at symbols that we already knew like McDonalds, recycling and Batman.

Next, we learnt which symbols are special to Christians.

Then, we discussed special places that Christians visit and learnt about churches with stained glass windows.

Finally, we created our own stained glass windows with Christian symbols.


In Year 3, we have been sharing some of our special memories and comparing our views on the importance of sharing our memories with others. We established that memories help us to reflect on both our past as well as those of others who are, or have been, an important part of our lives.

We have been able to identify the Christian celebrations which take part throughout our calendar year and recognise the importance of these for members of the Christian community. We were able to talk about the celebrations we like best and discuss how these celebrations make us feel.

We have also discussed the significance of Remembrance Day and the importance of remembering how the events from the past have shaped our lives today.

Comparing Communities

In Year 4 this term, we have been exploring and comparing the rituals and traditions which take place within the Christian and Jewish faith communities. We have explored the traditional celebration of ‘Harvest’ within the Christian community and compared it to the ‘Festival of Sukkot’ celebrated within the Jewish community. From this we concluded that while there are some differences in the way each festival is celebrated, the common theme is to remember and give thanks to others.

Watch the Jewish Festival of Sukkot here:

We have also explored the common traditions and rituals that we all experience of a weekend in our own lives and compared these to the ritual of ‘Shabbat’ which takes place each week in a Jewish family household. Some children were a bit shocked when Charlie in the clip mentions that he is unable to play on his Playstation/X-box or phone during Shabbat! Upon further discussion, the children gained a further understanding of this weekly ritual and the importance of acknowledging the Jewish day of rest within this faith community.

Watch the ritual of Shabbat here:

F2 Diva pots

The clay of our Diva pots has dried really nicely so today we have decorated them with paint mixed with glue and sprinkled them with sparkles.  They look quite beautiful!