Bridlington Beach!

What a fabulous day we all had at Bridlington for our school trip! In the classroom we have been learning all about physical and human features linking to our topic of the seaside. Therefore, we were so excited to see them for ourselves! First we set off on a double decker bus! The children loved being so high up, it allowed us to discuss the different features we could see around Hull. We all knew that McDonalds was a human feature!


When we arrived we headed straight to the beach. We had a really good view of the cliffs in the distance. We discussed how they were a physical feature along with the sand and sea. We then did a sketch map of our surroundings labelling and discussing each feature. After that, we made some LandArt inspired by Andy Goldsworthy. We enjoyed showing each other our amazing creations!

We loved dipping our toes in the sea! The sand felt really soft between our toes and the water was freezing cold. Next, we had lunch along the promenade. We pretended we were wealthy Victorians parading and showing off our expensive clothes. We saw lots of amusements and gift shops. This linked with our History lessons and the children knew they were there to attract tourists from the past and today (the present)!

After walking past the harbour and discussing its purpose. One child said ‘It is like a car park but for boats!’. The children loved seeing all the different boats docked.

Finally we were lucky enough to enjoy an ice-cream with sprinkles!! We had a great day and we can’t wait to discuss what we have learnt next lesson. Well done Year 1!

Year 1 have been fantastic Geographers this week. We have loved exploring seaside’s learning key vocabulary such as coastline and landlocked to help us understand what a seaside is and what countries have them. In the previous lesson we identified and located the 4 countries of the UK and their capital cities. This week we built on our knowledge and explored different beaches found in the UK. At first, year 1 thought that all beaches would be the same and have the same physical and human features.

As Geographers we wanted to find out more so we looked at 3 contrasting beaches and discussed what we could see.


We found that beaches can be very different even in the UK! Although they do share the same physical features such as: cliffs, sand, sea. They have different human features. Some had towns, shops and rides where as the beach in Scotland was deserted and had nothing around it. One child said “I bet the Victorians didn’t go to that beach it looks boring!” We all agreed!

We then labelled the 3 seaside’s with their different features to visually see their similarities and differences.

As a plenary to our lesson we took advantage of the nice weather and explored our school grounds for physical and human features. Here are some of the things we found!

Free Verse Poetry in Year 6

Over the past week, year 6 have taken inspiration from Martin Luther King’s ‘I have a dream’ speech and have created their own free verse poems entitled ‘I have a dream’.

We explored lots of current topics relating to global warming, pollution and excessive waste. Our final poems were written to spread the message about the damage that is being done to our oceans and children shared their dreams for a brighter future within their poems.

We had some excellent imagery and figurative language being used to portray the children’s passionate messages and warnings to their audience. Lots of inclusive pronouns were also used to include their audience, similar to those used in Martin Luther King’s speech.

Here are just a few examples of their amazing work: