Y4 Egyptian Gods

This week in Y4 we have completed our first piece of artwork linked to the human form. We looked at the different proportions of the body and the importance of correct relationships in size when drawing people. We used a scaling up method to help us enlarge images of Egyptian gods and goddesses.

A successfully scaled and proportioned drawing. 

Farai and Sophia midway through the process.

A fantastic piece of work from our star of the day, Leo! 

Monet and Van Gogh

In Y1 we are using post-impressionist art work of Claude Monet’s ‘Beach at Pourville’ and Vincent Van Gogh’s ‘Seascape’ as inspiration for our art today.

We used oil pastels to create our own versions of the pictures making sure we used a variety of techniques such as smudging, dashes and used bold colours.

We had some great examples and will be using this work in our next art lesson …

Sloane took smudging to a whole new level! 😂😂

Y1 Creative Club Fun

Following the requests of the children, in Creative Club this week, we developed our origami techniques and made puppets from paper.

We found folding the paper tricky at first but after some practise we became experts at it! We decided to make a variety of animals and used different coloured paper, different pens and lots of glue to create the finished effect! We think they look great!

Y4 Artists

This week Y4 have LOVED being creative with clay!


Inspired by the Yorkshire based Sculptor Steve Winterburn and his amazing animal sculptures! Check him out


We loved the feel of the clay between our hands.

We used the tools to create the texture of fur.


We looked closely at shape to craft our clay.

Getting creative!

Some of the children in F2 have been coming to After-School Art Club.  All of them have taken part in some great observational drawings and then a really great fun session of ‘speed painting’.  Tonight’s session revealed an amazing artist though, whose painting skills (including composition and observations of shapes) really shone through!  See what you think of this masterpiece…