A happy Forest School day 🍃🌿🍃

It’s wonderful having all of our children back at school and carrying on with our Forest School.

First activity… mud painting!

After donning our wetsuits and wellies, we set about collecting twigs, herbs and mud.

The herb we collected was rosemary, we gave it a good sniff… it smelt delightful.

We then attached it to a twig to make our brush… it was a little tricky for some of us, but we helped each other.

We were so proud of the brushes we had made.

Then we scooped, stirred and mixed our mud with bubbly water (which also smelt fabulous!) and added magic coloured powder to make our amazing mud paint.

We painted with the mud, it was different to our usual paint but we liked the patterns we could make with it.

Our fabulous creations!

Chinese New Year in F1

In F1, for Chinese New year we had a lovely celebration. We made a dragon, and created our own puppet show. We tried Chinese food, and learnt about the 12 years of the Chinese calendar investigating all of the different years. A lovely day for all.

Y4 Roman Mosaics

This week, Y4 have been looking at Roman mosaics in their art lessons.

They started by looking at some traditional, large scale mosaics and how the small tesserae tiles come together to make a detailed image, very much like pixels on a modern screen!

We also looked at mosaics today, including a very famous local mosaic ‘Three Ships’ in the city centre. Most didn’t even realise this was a mosaic!

Our mosaics would reflect the examples of nature often found in Roman mosaics, we also wanted to keep a local link so we decided to create mosaics of fish, taking inspiration from some excellent examples.

Our finished mosaics turned out fantastic! Well done for concentrating so hard on this tricky and time consuming work!

World Book Day 2021 – Potato Gallery

For World Book Day, the children in the Year 3 Bubble demonstrated their artistic talents and illustrated their favourite book characters. The children framed their creations and entered their artwork into our Year 3 Potato Gallery.


WBD: Can you guess any of the famous book characters?

World Book Day 2021!

Year 6 had a fantastic day celebrating World Book Day 2021! Lots of children, both in school and at home, took part in various activities across the day.

The highlight was tuning in to ‘The Masked Reader’ and trying to guess the teachers who were reading extracts from their favourite books. Leila did fantastic, scoring 8/9, and was one of our prize winners of the day.

We also loved crafting and creating our potato book characters! Here are just some of the ones our talented children have made, can you guess who any of them are?


Being creative…

The children love our creative area.

It enables provision of a new set of skills for self expression and communication as well as giving an outlet for them to express and cope with their feelings.

There is no right or wrong, we encourage the children to try out new ideas, new ways of thinking and problem solving, as well as being able to practise and develop known skills…

just look at the concentration on these lovely faces…

… and their fabulous creations and happy faces!

Some of our children’s creative master pieces, all unique and individual…

Layla’s Mr. Norman mask…

Harrison’s rocket with super blasters…

Lottie’s space rocket that’s as tall as her…

Millie’s owl puppet…

Grayson’s collage owl…

…and Isabella’s Bill, with added squares to make him just right! 










We love celebrating our children’s creativity!


Year 1 ‘Home Learning Challenge’ Week!

Year 1 have worked so hard over the past few weeks with their parents to complete all of their online work and live lessons that this week we thought we would do something a little different and more fun!!! So to welcome the February half term in we have been setting daily ‘Home Learning Challenges‘ alongside our live lessons to give our children the opportunity to explore their Literacy, Mathematical and Design talents freely and independently! Mondays challenge was to create their very own ‘Breakfast Masterpiece’ designing their own recipe with their own ingredients and making it independently! Tuesdays Challenge was to ‘up-cycle‘ some of their recycled and using their imagination create and design something unique and special to them so they could express themselves! We can’t wait for Wednesdays ‘Build a Den Day’ and Thursdays ‘Sandwich Artist’ challenge! To celebrate how fantastically our children have done this half term, on Friday we are hosting our very own online ‘Talent Show!!!‘ WATCH THIS SPACE!

Here are a few pictures of our amazing children and their super ‘Home Learning Challenge‘ masterpieces… (Oh and some fun in the snow too!)


Play Dough Fun

The Children had so much fun playing with their playdough.  It really helped to enhance their fine motor skills and encouraged them to think about all the different shapes they could create.

They enjoyed making lots of exciting things.  Sofia made a face using pasta and buttons.  She then enjoyed telling me all about his eyes and his smiling face made out of pasta.

Aliza made lots of circles and could tell me all about it.  She was so excited to tell me if a circle had sides and if it had any corners.  Great listening skills.