Weather Symbols!

In Science we have been observing and describing the weather that is associated with the seasons by observing the weather in spring.


We looked at a variety of different weather symbols and discussed what they each represented. We then took a look outside and observed that it was cloudy. All week we have been gathering and recording data such as the weather, temperature and rainfall related to Spring. We are excited to compare this to Summer.


I then challenged the children to come to the front of the class and using the map of the United Kingdom present a weather forecast. We looked at video examples beforehand. We then re-capped the 4 countries that made up the United Kingdom: England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. We then identified Hull, we know this is a city not a country.

Here is Harvey presenting the weather for us! He did a fabulous job and even put on a ‘professional voice’. A weatherman in the making? Great job year 1!


A happy Forest School day 🍃🌿🍃

It’s wonderful having all of our children back at school and carrying on with our Forest School.

First activity… mud painting!

After donning our wetsuits and wellies, we set about collecting twigs, herbs and mud.

The herb we collected was rosemary, we gave it a good sniff… it smelt delightful.

We then attached it to a twig to make our brush… it was a little tricky for some of us, but we helped each other.

We were so proud of the brushes we had made.

Then we scooped, stirred and mixed our mud with bubbly water (which also smelt fabulous!) and added magic coloured powder to make our amazing mud paint.

We painted with the mud, it was different to our usual paint but we liked the patterns we could make with it.

Our fabulous creations!

British Science Week 2021!

Year 6 have taken part in many weird and wonderful science experiments this week in support of ‘British Science Week 2021’!

It was a brilliant way to celebrate all children being back in school and participate in hands-on, fun activities.

We have experimented with cress, candles, and balloons to name just a few!

Here are a selection of photographs showing some of the fun we got up to!

Fun in the snow in F1

The children enjoyed playing in the snow with their friends. The children loved exploring how the snow felt and making tracks in the snow. They asked questions like why is icy? Where has the snow gone? Why does it melt? The children played cooperatively building snowmen and pulling the sledge. We talked about seasons and temperatures but most of all we had FUN!

Spring is here!

Year one have noticed some differences in their surroundings from a few months ago. They told me that it “Isn’t as dark at home time or when we wake up”. We investigated that in Spring the sun rises earlier and sets later. We agreed that we much preferred this! Year 1 also talked about the weather getting slightly warmer than at Christmas time. We are looking forward to investigating Spring further next week.


We have been learning about what plants need to grow. Today we started an ongoing investigation to test if our ideas were correct.

We started by discussing how a seed could start to grow.

We learnt new vocabulary to describe the growing process such as dormant and germinate.

Next, we split into groups and were told which condition our plant would or would not have before making a prediction about whether our seed would grow or not.

We planted our seeds and made sure we were conducting a fair test by only removing one of the conditions in each group and having one group with all conditions.

Finally we placed all our our planted seeds in a similar place to gain the same amount of sunlight and air, all except the ones we are testing for not having any light which had to go in the cupboard!

We will keep monitoring the seeds over the next few weeks to see what happens!

We’re going on a worm hunt!

We had fun in the Mud Kitchen today… we went on a worm hunt!

First we worked together to lift the logs to search for worms…it was wet and warm under there and that’s what worms like…the children were very brave and picked them carefully up.

We collected lots of worms, chatting about how we looked after all insects and creatures.

So we then decided that we needed to make a home for them.

We got a container and decided to fill it with leaves, sand, grass and some wet sloppy mud… all the things that worms love and then we popped them in their new home…

they absolutely loved it…

…and so did we!

All about Plants

Year 2 have been learning about plants this term. They have learned the parts of the plant, the things a plant need to survive and have learned about different plants that we can eat. Year 2 used their Computing skills this week to create an informative leaflet all about plants. In their leaflet’s the added text and pictures. They also changed the font size and colour.

Waterproof experiments!

This week in Year 1 we have acted as scientists.

We had to find a material which could keep our teddy bears dry in the rain.

Zack did a fantastic job at home completing his science work.

He put his teddy in a bowl and covered the bowl with different materials before putting water on top to find out which one was the most waterproof and which would be best to make an umbrella for teddy with!

Zack found out that cling film was waterproof but it was too thin to make an umbrella with.

Wood is waterproof but that would be too heavy for an umbrella.

Paper wasn’t waterproof, so that was no good!

The material used in umbrella’s was the best material to keep the bear dry.

Zack certainly has a future as a scientist!

Great experiment Zack!