Our plants in F1🌱🌻

The children in F1 are doing a great job looking after our plants🌱 Some of the flowers have started to bloom🌼The children stood next to the sunflowers and they have grown bigger than the children!🌻🌻🌻

Fabulous outdoor times in FS2

We have started our last term in FS2 this week by making the most of the beautiful weather and our wonderful outdoor area…

Vegetable soup was on the menu, exploring and chatting about our favourite vegetables, demonstrating excellent skill when using our safety knifes to chop and amazing team work to get the soup prepared… and of course it tasted delicious!

Caring for friends and talking together, sharing special stories and adventures.

Our minds are always inquisitive and we love experimenting and exploring!

Outdoor learning in the Summer is the best experience!

Fantastic Food Chains in Year 2

In Science, we have been learning about habitats and the animals that live in them.

As part of this unit at work we have investigated food chains.

We began by talking about which plants and animals other animals ate.

We looked at lots of different pictures of animals and plants from a variety of habitats.



Next, we sorted our pictures into food chains.

Finally, we drew our own scientific diagrams and created a food chain with explanations using the key words we had learnt.