Spring Poems

This week in Year 1 we have had an exciting time in English.

We have been learning special poems about Spring. 

First we listened to them and thought about all the things that happen in spring.

Then we decided to add some actions to our poem to help us remember it.

The actions were very exciting and we enjoyed thinking of different ones for each part of our poem.


We practised our poem lots! The boys performed for the girls and the girls performed for the boy. We had lots of fun!

Year 1 were so good at performing their new poems we decided to perform them to the other Year 1 class.

What do you think of our performances?


Click the links to watch us!

Miss Dale’s Class IMG_2373[1]

Mrs Smith/ Mrs Yardley’s Class IMG_2374[1]

Year 6 writer of the week

A huge well done to Reuben who is our Year 6 writer of the week!

We have been working exceptionally hard for the past 2 weeks writing formal letters of complaint; we were super impressed with the progress that Reuben has demonstrated within his writing since the start of the year.

Keep up the good work, Reuben!


Y2 Love to Read

We have loved being back in our Read Write Inc Phonics groups this week. We love the reading part of our session and really enjoy our partner practise. One of us gets to be the teacher and the other one read a page of the book. Then we swap over! It is great fun!


Year 6 Home Learning Awards

Wow, what a fantastic awards assembly Year 6 had to celebrate all of their hard work during the lockdown period!

It was fabulous to see all of our dedicated pupils united once again in celebration of each other’s successes as we shared hundreds of certificates which they have worked so hard to earn over the past 2 months!

There were countless Purple Mash, Reading Plus, and TT Rockstars certificates handed out to both children who have worked on their learning from home and to those who have been in school. Weals celebrated and gave special recognition to individuals who had shown outstanding effort across different home learning platforms.


Our top 3 ‘Purple Mash Reward Earners’ – Thomas, Charlie and Chloe earned over 100 individual rewards each for their amazing home learning work which they submitted!

Our Top 3 TT Rockstars Coin Earners

Our Top 3 Reading Plus Achievers

We would like to congratulate all children for showing resilience and determination during a very difficult time in their learning, and of course a huge thank you to parents for all of your continued support!

Growing our own beanstalk!

In English this week we are learning how to write instructions on ‘how to plant a magic beanstalk’. Our first lesson focussed on looking at what we must include when writing instructions. We looked at a good example and noticed some interesting language. Each instruction started with an adverbial of time which told us when to do something e.g First, then and next. We then noticed some bossy language ‘get’, ‘put’ etc. Then we played a fun game…

The game was so fun! We pulled a bossy face when we heard an adverb of time and a bossy face for the bossy language. We then gave each other instructions. I have never seen so many bossy children!

We then followed specific instructions on how to plant a magic beanstalk. We have put them on the windowsill so they get plenty of light. We look forward to watching them grow over the weeks.

Samuel Pepys’ Diary

In History, Year 2 have been learning about The Great Fire of London. In English today we started a new writing unit; Diaries. We have been learning about Samuel Pepys and reading some extracts from his diary entries. We found out lots of information from his diary entries. We are going to be writing our own diaries based on his work.

World Book Day 2021 – Potato Gallery

For World Book Day, the children in the Year 3 Bubble demonstrated their artistic talents and illustrated their favourite book characters. The children framed their creations and entered their artwork into our Year 3 Potato Gallery.


WBD: Can you guess any of the famous book characters?

World Book Day 2021!

Year 6 had a fantastic day celebrating World Book Day 2021! Lots of children, both in school and at home, took part in various activities across the day.

The highlight was tuning in to ‘The Masked Reader’ and trying to guess the teachers who were reading extracts from their favourite books. Leila did fantastic, scoring 8/9, and was one of our prize winners of the day.

We also loved crafting and creating our potato book characters! Here are just some of the ones our talented children have made, can you guess who any of them are?