Collective Poems

This morning in Y2, we thought about things we find in the night sky. We thought of things like the moon, stars and clouds. We thought of adjectives to describe the things we could see and wrote sentences about them.

Grace wrote – The shimmering, bright moon moves slowly across the night sky. 

We worked as a group to create collective poems about The Night Sky.

We were pleased with the outcome and performed them to the rest of the class.


The little red hen🐓🌾

This week in F1 we are reading the story called ‘The Little Red Hen’. Today for our snack we got to try some different types of bread and we talked about how bread is made. 🍞🌾

Fabulous outdoor times in FS2

We have started our last term in FS2 this week by making the most of the beautiful weather and our wonderful outdoor area…

Vegetable soup was on the menu, exploring and chatting about our favourite vegetables, demonstrating excellent skill when using our safety knifes to chop and amazing team work to get the soup prepared… and of course it tasted delicious!

Caring for friends and talking together, sharing special stories and adventures.

Our minds are always inquisitive and we love experimenting and exploring!

Outdoor learning in the Summer is the best experience!

Fish fact files!

In year 1, we have been looking at non-chronological reports. Linking to our English book ‘The Rainbow fish’ we were eager to find out more about fish! We learnt the facts using simple signifiers that helped us remember them!


We focussed on the different features of a fact file such as an introduction, sub-heading, pictures and captions.

In pairs we read the facts and placed them under the correct sub-heading in order for it to make sense for the reader.

We then presented our facts to the class to check they made sense.

Well done year 1!



Free Verse Poetry in Year 6

Over the past week, year 6 have taken inspiration from Martin Luther King’s ‘I have a dream’ speech and have created their own free verse poems entitled ‘I have a dream’.

We explored lots of current topics relating to global warming, pollution and excessive waste. Our final poems were written to spread the message about the damage that is being done to our oceans and children shared their dreams for a brighter future within their poems.

We had some excellent imagery and figurative language being used to portray the children’s passionate messages and warnings to their audience. Lots of inclusive pronouns were also used to include their audience, similar to those used in Martin Luther King’s speech.

Here are just a few examples of their amazing work:

Y4 English

This week, Y4 have been examining the language features used to create a really persuasive text. We practiced applying these features and then used our skills to create an advert. Iceland, the supermarket, asked us to write an advert for them to feature in a magazine. It wanted to let potential customers know that they are environmentally-friendly and palm oil free and the devastating problems that the use of palm oil causes for the world’s precious rainforests and wildlife.

Alesha’s carefully composed advert persuaded Mrs Hebden!