Bug Hotels!

Year 1 have been working so hard investigating, designing, practically making and evaluating their fantastic bug hotel.



First we spent time investigating different types of freestanding bug hotels that people have made before. We discovered that they sometimes used different materials. We looked at one made of wood and bricks compared to cardboard and tissue paper. We discussed that using wood would be a stronger and sturdier material especially since it will be outside. We also looked at the different bugs/insects that will be living in our hotel and the things they may like. We researched why these insects are important to our environment and how without them we would not survive.


Focussed Practical Task

We then set out on a mission to make freestanding structures using different materials. The children were brilliant at adapting their structures by finding ways that made them stronger.

When using paper the children found that folding it made it stand up without falling over. I then challenged to children to see if they could stack more paper on top.

This was the final result….

We also used blocks. At first the children tried to make the tallest tower they could with a tiny base. Miss Dale pushed it slightly and it came tumbling down! The children then remade it with a stronger foundation and it was much sturdier!

 We then went out to collect some natural resources. I then challenged the children to try make a freestanding structure using those. These were some of the results…

Design time

Once we had collected our resources. We took advantage of the lovely weather outside and in small groups designed two bug hotels. We then wrote down which resources were physical and which were manmade.   











Then it was time to make it!

The children were absolutely fantastic when making their bug hotels. They worked in small groups using their designs to create a section of the bug hotel. They were very creative! Some sections had bug baths, playgrounds, showers and even kitchens!!

The final result…


We then reflected on our bug hotel and had a think about what we loved and what we would change if we did it again. Some children said they would use more bricks or even change the colour. Overall, it was a brilliant day and we are excited to see if the bugs enjoy their new home!

World Book Day 2021!

Year 6 had a fantastic day celebrating World Book Day 2021! Lots of children, both in school and at home, took part in various activities across the day.

The highlight was tuning in to ‘The Masked Reader’ and trying to guess the teachers who were reading extracts from their favourite books. Leila did fantastic, scoring 8/9, and was one of our prize winners of the day.

We also loved crafting and creating our potato book characters! Here are just some of the ones our talented children have made, can you guess who any of them are?


Being creative…

The children love our creative area.

It enables provision of a new set of skills for self expression and communication as well as giving an outlet for them to express and cope with their feelings.

There is no right or wrong, we encourage the children to try out new ideas, new ways of thinking and problem solving, as well as being able to practise and develop known skills…

just look at the concentration on these lovely faces…

… and their fabulous creations and happy faces!

Some of our children’s creative master pieces, all unique and individual…

Layla’s Mr. Norman mask…

Harrison’s rocket with super blasters…

Lottie’s space rocket that’s as tall as her…

Millie’s owl puppet…

Grayson’s collage owl…

…and Isabella’s Bill, with added squares to make him just right! 










We love celebrating our children’s creativity!


Year 1 ‘Home Learning Challenge’ Week!

Year 1 have worked so hard over the past few weeks with their parents to complete all of their online work and live lessons that this week we thought we would do something a little different and more fun!!! So to welcome the February half term in we have been setting daily ‘Home Learning Challenges‘ alongside our live lessons to give our children the opportunity to explore their Literacy, Mathematical and Design talents freely and independently! Mondays challenge was to create their very own ‘Breakfast Masterpiece’ designing their own recipe with their own ingredients and making it independently! Tuesdays Challenge was to ‘up-cycle‘ some of their recycled and using their imagination create and design something unique and special to them so they could express themselves! We can’t wait for Wednesdays ‘Build a Den Day’ and Thursdays ‘Sandwich Artist’ challenge! To celebrate how fantastically our children have done this half term, on Friday we are hosting our very own online ‘Talent Show!!!‘ WATCH THIS SPACE!

Here are a few pictures of our amazing children and their super ‘Home Learning Challenge‘ masterpieces… (Oh and some fun in the snow too!)


In FS2, we have been developing our ICT skills.

ICT skills can help promote confidence and also persistence – encouraging pleasure in learning by enhancing engagement, motivation and the lovely desire to learn.

So, after a little introduction on how to use the iPad – off we went and got snappy!

The children loved experimenting, the choice of the subject was entirely up to them, as were the camera angles – natural, self learning is so wonderful to observe.

They decided when they needed to point the camera high…

…when it needed to be low …

…and when we needed to bend down to capture the perfect picture!

The children took photographs of their friends (and teachers!) having fun and being happy…

…photographs of shadows…

…close-up photographs of the frost…

…and our outdoor equipment.

⭐️ We think their photographs are amazing! ⭐️

Year 5 DT – Making a Pair of Sandals

Over the past week, all the children in Year 5 have investigated, designed, made and evaluated their own pair of sandals. We cut our soles from cork material and used a variety of techniques to attach our straps to our soles and decorate our sandals.  

Year 6 – Food Technology Chocolate Truffles


We critically evaluated our work throughout the process. After we had made the products, we took the time to reflect on the entire process, considering what went well, any constraints we faced during the design process, what didn’t go to plan and how we overcame this. We also made some suggestions for how we could improve our recipes or making process in the future if we were to make these again.


Some of the children have even taken a copy of the basic recipe home so they can continue to perfect their ideas and experiment with different flavours and textures over the Christmas break!

It has been a hugely successful project from start to finish and Year 6 have thoroughly enjoyed being chocolatiers! We definitely have some budding chefs and bakers among us!