Year 2 make afternoon tea!

In Design and Technology this term Year 2 are learning about food technology. First, they investigated different sandwiches.  They tasted lots of different combinations to decide which was their favourite.

Then they learned about to be safe when handling food. Their focussed practical task was to learn how to slice, peel and  grate.

The next day, they designed and made their own sandwich for a Royal afternoon tea party.

They had lots of fun eating their creations during the afternoon!


Year 6 D&T

This week, year 6 have been working on D&T (design and technology). For this term, we have made and evaluated some chocolate truffles ( which everyone enjoyed). We were able to create truffles all on our own following our design specification. We were able to use the chocolate of our choice for the base, which we then added unsalted butter, sponge cake and icing sugar to. Everyone loved their different and unique chocolate truffles. We packaged these in our own designed box that we designed using our computing skills on a 3d net. These looked superb!


The DL Team(Digital Leaders Team)


Year 5 D&T – Make

Today, Year 5 used their designs and what they had learned in the focused practical task to make their own pair of sandals. They had to cut out their straps and attach them to the soles of their sandals. They then added embellishments, such as sequins, beads and buttons, to decorate their sandals.


Year 5 D&T – Focused Practical Task

In our D&T unit we are designing, making and evaluating our very own sandals.

This afternoon, Year 5 watched a demonstration of how to create a template for the soles of their sandals and then made their own templates. We then watched a demonstration of how to use this template to create the soles of the sandals (using cork), ensuring minimal wastage.

Year 2 have made Moon Buggies

Year 2 have been learning about vehicles in D&T this term. First they investigated the topic by looking at the similarities and differences  between different vehicles. They also learned about famous engineers who had invented vehicles.  Then they had a focussed practical task were they made a vehicle with wheels.

Then, they designed and made their own moon buggy. We had some very successful designs.

Finally, they evaluated each moon buggy.

Y6 Chocolatiers

Year 6 are really enjoying investigating the history of chocolate this morning. They now can recall how a chocolate bar is made and know the process both is lengthy and hard work. Some year 6 children have excellent taste buds and are able to classify dairy and non dairy chocolate. From looking at a range of packaging they can find common ingredients and discussed what they might be used for within the chocolate (taste, texture). They can’t wait to do the taste session later!

Making our own stories using levers and sliders!

Our first step of making our story was to first investigate what a slider and a lever is. We used our classroom environment to help us to distinguish the difference between the two. We then had a close look at books using sliders and levers and discussed how it made the story more interesting and fun to read!







It was then time to design our own stories based on our topic of ‘The Poles’. The children designed two different backgrounds and two different characters/objects to be their sliders and levers. They then chose their favourite. When it came to making their stories the children were excellent and looking at their design they chose.









Here are some of the final outcomes!








We then evaluated our stories and discussed what we liked and what we would change if we were to make it again in order to improve our end product.