In music this term Year 1 have been exploring the use of boomwhackers to make different musical sounds.

We were able to hear the different notes as each one was struck and we even made a scale from the highest to the lowest notes.

Year 1 are looking forward to playing a piece of music with the boomwhackers now we have identified their individual sounds and how to play them.

Y3 Music: Bringing Us Together

We in Year 3 are thoroughly enjoying following the Charanga Scheme of Work and learning the song ‘Bringing Us Together’.  It is certainly an upbeat track which makes us feel happy but above all else it brings us together and makes us want to sing and dance!

Chinese Whispers


The children in year 3 thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the Chinese Whispers project in association the Confucius Institute and Hull University. They began by learning about the Chinese culture and Chinese New Year, then began to learn songs in Mandarin in preparation for a concert at Middleton Hall. Many of the songs that they learned were familiar to them (for example, Heads, shoulders, knees and toes), this made learning the words in Mandarin a little easier.

The day of the concert finally arrived and the children were very nervous. They knew they’d be performing on a big stage in front of their parents and many local dignitaries. However, once they were on stage, the nerves seemed to disappear and they performed amazingly.

Mrs O’Loughlin, Miss Ewen, Mr Morgan and Mrs Wilkinson, watching in the audience, could not have been more proud. The parents also told us how much they’d enjoyed it too. They also said that they knew some of the songs already as their child went home singing in Mandarin every Tuesday afternoon!


Our Year 4 Musicians have written their own Ostinato compositions and have thoroughly enjoyed both rehearsing and performing their pieces to their peers.

Complete focus and determination to perfect their composed pieces was key to their rehearsal time.

Here are a few sound snippets of our Y4 Composers at play today…





Super compositions played in varied Pitch whilst reading and understanding the notations written upon musical staves.


Y4 Writing Music: Staves and Musical Notations

As Musicians, we in Year 4 have been getting to grips with writing our preferred compositions onto a stave using musical notations. Firstly, we learnt how to draw the Treble Clef which we were determined to get right!

We then recapped some prior learning of the crochets, minims and semibreves and the value that each of these notes represent.

We then recapped the purpose and utilisation of rests within musical notation.

Once we had familiarised ourselves with whereupon the stave the musical notations needed to be placed, we as Musicians then began writing our own individual ‘Ostinato’ compositions.



Y4 Writing and Performing Music – Ostinato

In some of our recent lessons, Y4 have been getting to grips with writing and performing music in an Ostinato style. Not sure what an Ostinato is?…watch the video below and the children will explain…


So…an Ostinato is a pattern that is played that always stays the same (ie: repeats), which is played to accompany songs and was given its name by the Italians. Once we had learned the Theory of the Ostinato, we then joined some of the words we created in previous lesson from the notes A – G and practiced creating our own Ostinato pattern.

Here are a few of our compositions…




As you can hear, we utilised our prior learning of Pitch and demonstrated this whilst playing on the glockenspiels with confidence!

First of all Year 2 worked in groups to compose some music.

Next, they recorded the musical notes onto a stave and practised playing their tunes.

Finally, they performed their music to the rest of the class.

Well done Year 2 – you made some amazing music!!

Year 4 Writing Music

As Musicians this term, the children in Year 4 are following the musical line of enguiry of writing music. Using the letters A, B, C, D, E, F and G, our first lesson comprised of creating a list of words before playing their composed musical notation on the glockenspiels.  We drew upon our prior knowledge of learning of pitch and played the words we had created on different keys before deciding which we liked best.

Here are a few of our first compositions….

We then played and practised our words with a partner and gave constructive feedback to one another…


Some children then volunteered to play a solo of their favourite compositions…

Here are some of our talented performers from Mr Morgan’s class…





Here are some of our talented performers from Mrs Hebden’s class…






Roll over Beethoven…Year 4 are musicians in the making so watch this space!


Year 5 Music – Hip Hop and Rap

This half term, Year 5 have been listening and appraising hip hop and rap music and then learning to sing the Fresh Prince of Bel Air song.

We thoroughly enjoyed learning this song, even though it was quite difficult as it is incredibly quick!

Here we go round the mulberry bush

This week in music Year 1 have been singing ‘Here we go round the mulberry bush’.

We really enjoyed listening to and appraising this nursery rhyme.

We liked how the sounds of the words are loud and soft as we sing. We also like how some of the words repeat like the words in ‘London’s Burning’ did last week.

We found out ‘Here we go round the mulberry bush was created in the Victorian Era and Beatrix Potter would have sang this song as a child.

We were really confident singing this nursery rhyme and knew lots of different verses.

We decided to make up actions for some versions of the song.