Music with actions in Year 2!

In Year 2 we are learning songs all about pirates and the sea!

To help us learn “The Pirate Singalong” we put some actions to the words.  

We learnt the rhythm and pitch once we knew the actions then performed the whole thing!


In Y1 we have started to learn to play the Boomwhackers and found out they are percussion instruments.

First, we observed that all of the tubes were not only different colours but were all different sizes and they all made different noises when we hit them against a hard surface. We learned that vibrations made the Boomwhackers make a noise. The larger Boomwhackers vibrate at a lower frequency so make lower pitch whereas the shorter ones vibrate quicker and therefore make a higher pitch.

Then, we appraised a version of ‘Old Town Road’ that was performed using these instruments – we all thought it was great and sang along! When we watched closely we observed that all of the musicians hit a different colour Boomwhacker to make the tune. We soon found out that when the Boomwhackers are banged all at once and constantly it makes a very lound noise and no tune at all! Mrs Yardley had a headache!

We looked at scales and found out when we hit the Boomwhackers in order of length it made a scale of increasing levels of pitch! We practised and had fun!

We love to sing!

Our little Hubbers created some beautiful music with Mrs Foston and Mrs Spencer!


Y4 Djembes: Week 1

This week, Y4 were VERY excited to start their Djembe unit in music. We started by watching a video of a wedding in Mali where these traditional African drums were being played. We then got to grips with the instrument, discussing the different parts like the skin and exploring how we can produce different percussive sounds by hitting it in different places.

We then played different high and low notes in a four beat bar. To make it harder, children then had to listen and copy the different bars one after another (see the video!). We finished by attempting a Djembe call and reply. This was a tricky exercise where all players hold a steady pulse, one player beats a ‘call’ to which everyone else replies and then falls back into the steady rhythm. Our call was “We want you, we want you” with a reply of “We want you as a new recruit” Watch the video to see how it well children beat the syllables!

Name That Tune!

We displayed good listening skills identifying familiar tunes played by Mrs Foston on her guitar.

The tunes were chosen from a selection of song stones.

We loved our music time and the song stones Mrs Morgan made for us.

Hey You!

In Year 1 we have been listen to and appraising rap music! We all loved it and enjoyed dancing to the rhythm and pulse! We liked listening to the words and finding out what the rappers were saying.

Alongside this we all got to perform our very own rap song called Hey You! from Charanga. We have been learning the song and rap sections from it.


Creative and Performing Arts Workshop

Earlier this week, Miss Staines took 15 Year 5 pupils to Sirius Academy West to take part in a Creative and Performing Arts Workshop. The day was based on the musical School of Rock and throughout the morning the children took part in a dance, drama and music session. In drama, the children refined their acting skills while performing a scene from the musical; while working with a dance teacher, they learned a dance to one of the songs from School of Rock and in music they learned a song from the musical. In the afternoon, the children were selected to perform in either the drama, dance or music piece to the rest of the children in a celebration assembly at the end of the day. Reegan S was selected for a starring role in the dance piece and Chloe H and Megan D were chosen for starring roles in the drama piece.

Megan D, Chloe H and Charlie K performing in the drama piece.

Reegan S, Laura S, Poppy T and Ryan R performing in the dance piece and Darcie C, Zayne N, Declan G, Imogen T, Harry R, Dylan D, Ruby P and Cole O performing in the music piece.

A huge well done to Zayne N, Declan G and Reegan S who won prizes for their enthusiasm and outstanding performing skills throughout the day.

Children’s University Dance and Drama!

Year one were extremely lucky to have the Children’s University come in and visit them today!

First of all we played a really fun warm up game to some really funky music. We then learned a song and learned how to sign it too!

Then we played a game of caves and explorers! We found diamonds and jewels and had so much fun!

Thanks for visiting us, we’re really excited to see you again next week!

A couple of weeks ago the children in the school choir were lucky enough to be involved in recording a new Christmas song with Viking FMs Cash for Kids. “A Winters Dream The Thousand Voices” is now available for Pre-order and will be released on Friday 6th December. Available on Amazon Music, iTunes and Google Play. Please support the charity and our Choir by downloading the song. Our wish is that is gets to Number 1 in the charts.