Why have a uniform? It’s important to turn up to school feeling that you belong and looking ready to learn. Our school uniform does exactly that. It makes our children look smart and provides an identity as a member of our education community.

What a child wears to school reflects his/her learning. It also portrays the school’s ethos and shared positive values. We encourage all pupils to wear the correct uniform.

Girls: Grey or black skirt or trousers/navy or white polo shirt/school sweatshirt or cardigan plus sensible outdoor shoes; a blue/white school dress may be worn in the warmer weather. Hijabs should also be in the school colours of either grey, navy or black.

Boys: Grey or black trousers/navy polo shirt/school sweatshirt plus outdoor shoes.

School sweatshirts, cardigans and fleeces can be bought via the school office. An order form can be collected or sent home with your child; this is then handed into the office staff who will deal with the order, the same day wherever possible, and the item(s) taken to your child’s class.

All items of clothing should be marked clearly in permanent marker with your child’s name, please.
The governors will make adjustments to alternative clothing items relating to religious factors as appropriate.

PE Kit

Indoor PE is usually undertaken in trainers or plimsolls, depending on the nature of the activity being undertaken. Children should have a pair of black shorts and a plain white tee shirt for PE. Tracksuits may be worn when doing some outdoor activities and children are informed by their teacher when this is appropriate.

As with school uniform, your child’s PE clothes should be clearly marked with their name.



Apart from watches, attendance award bracelets and stud earrings, jewellery (other than school attendance bracelets) is not allowed in school for safety reasons. If earrings that cannot be removed by your child are worn, they must be taped for P.E. lessons.


We prefer children to have sensible hairstyles that are suitable and safe for school. Very long hair can be problematic when children are playing so it is best if it’s tied back, especially during PE sessions. This also helps prevent the dreaded head lice!

Uniforms can be ordered online through the school money app.