Welcome to Christopher Pickering

Dear Parents, Carers, Governors, Friends, Staff and Pupils,

It was wonderful to welcome our children through the gates last week. It has not been ‘school’ without them all.

I have been so impressed with how well they have all listened and how quickly they are getting used to the new routines and procedures, including lots of handwashing/sanitizing, getting used to playing at different times in different spaces and learning the importance of staying in our ‘bubbles’. However, it has not all been about the new routines, there has been the welcome buzz of learning across the school.

would also like to take this opportunity to welcome our new families. Welcome to the families who have joined us from other schools and other communities, we hope that you will be happy here with us.

A big welcome to our new F1 and F2 children, they have settled in so well, taking everything in their stride, happy to play and talk about their learning with every adult in the Foundation Stage. I know how hard it is for parents when their child starts ‘big school’. It is such a big step and in normal circumstances, parents would be able to stay and play. You should be so proud of your children; they are already showing how confident and secure you have made them.

We also need to say a warm welcome to the new staff at school. We have Miss Callow in Year 5 and Miss Dale in Year 1 alongside Mrs Kenington and Miss Habbal who are supporting in Key Stage 1.

A school isn’t just about teachers and children; it is about parents and carers too, they are the most important people in a child’s life. School is about building and sustaining trusting relationships. We are already considering how we can meet parents face to face in a safe way and once we have worked this hurdle out, we will be inviting parents back into school. Please note that parents are welcome to ring school and leave a message for their child’s class teacher, should they need to share information or discuss a concern.