Crime and Punishment!

Year 6 have got off to a great start this half term with their topic ‘Crime and Punishment’. We have loved looking back at how life would have been very different during the Anglo-Saxon and Viking period, and started to explore what life during the Tudor times would have been like this week. We learned it was classed as a crime to be homeless and the Tudor vagrants would often be whipped, or even sentenced to death, if they were found on the streets!

In this lesson, we studied a woodcutting primary source of evidence which illustrated a Tudor village scene with a vagrant being whipped and lead through the streets on a leash. We then made reasonable judgements and used our inference skills to explore what we could see happening in the woodcutting.


To start our topic on the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age, we found out where in history this period of time occurred. We ordered BC and AD events chronologically on a timeline, discussing how much time had passed between each. We then created a Human timeline outside to try and demonstrate some key historical dates; including our new topics historical dates. We then went on to write a conclusion showing what we now know about the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age.

Continuity and Change in the Olympic Games

Year 5 concluded their work on the Ancient Greeks by creating some fantastic double page spreads about the Olympics. We looked at the Ancient Olympics and the Modern Olympics and discussed what had continued and what had changed over time.

Timeline of Space Events

Year 2 have been learning about Space exploration this term in History, specifically focussing on the significant individuals Neil Armstrong and Tim Peake. This week we created a timeline of Space Exploration events.

The History of the Olympics

As part of their Ancient Greek topic, Year 5 have been investigating the Olympics and how it has evolved since the games began in Olympia. They worked as a team to put key events relating to the Olympics in chronological order, in a timeline. They then looked at each event in detail, looked at the ancient and modern Olympics and discussed how the games have changed throughout time.

History in Year Four

To help us gain a better understanding of the Ancient Egyptians, we have been looking at where on the timeline, this civilisation existed. We learned of other ancient civilisations that existed simultaneously to the Egyptians and today we were exploring the commonalities of them. We examined primary and secondary sources of evidence to discuss,  discover and deduce facts about the Ancient civilisations of Sumer, Indus Valley, Shang and Egypt.
This afternoon are classrooms were full of lively discussion as we listened proudly to our young historians making connections and drawing their own conclusions as to what made a civilisation.






History and Geography

As part of the WWII topic in year 3, the children have been learning about The Blitz. They investigated cities in the UK that were bombed and were able to suggest reasons for this. For example, because of the city’s location or industry. They discussed what life would have been like during The Blitz and understood it’s importance in terms of the course of the war.

Remembrance Day

We designed and made some ‘Poppy Wreaths’ as a mark of respect for Remembrance Day.