We have some budding historians in Year 2!

We have been learning about Christopher Columbus as part of our topic, ‘Explorers of the Sea.”

First, we looked at some sources of evidence.

We looked at diary entries, paintings and drawings.

Next, we ordered some information on a timeline.

Finally, we wrote our own timelines using the evidence and resources we had looked at.

Who is George Stephenson and what did he do?

Today, Y1 were History detectives – we used a range of sources of evidence to find out about George Stephenson, his achievements and why he was nicknamed ‘Father of the Railway.’

We learned that he invented the first locomotive called ‘The Rocket’ and that this changed Britain in the Victorian era as it meant that more people could travel. Holidays by the seaside became more accessible and it meant that those people who previously couldn’t afford to go on holiday could! This changed Britain and the seaside which we are going to learn more about this in other lessons. We all realised that George Stephenson is a significant individual who invented something that has changed our lives today and he is still remembered for the work that he has done.

Lucas said ‘George Stephenson looks like a clever, rich man because he is wearing expensive clothes.’

‘The carts with the people on look very full and the train looks very slow, not like today.’ pointed out Scarlett

‘He must be famous if he is on money’ said Frankie

Studying the Irish Famine in Year 6

Year 6 have been really enjoying their new history focus surrounding the history of migration to Britain. This week, we explored the Great Irish Famine and why it was a ‘push’ factor, leading to thousands of Irish locals becoming British immigrants.

We studied how the famine impacted the lives of the Irish and studied sources of evidence which helped us make deductions and inferences about this group of migrants.

It was fascinating to learn about how so many people around the world are of Irish descent from when their ancestors emigrated out of the country.

VE Day

Today, Year 5 took part in a virtual transition day activity with Sirius Academy. The children started the day with a Team call with teachers from Sirius Academy and were introduced to their task: they were to learn about World War II and VE day and plan a VE day street party. Due to studying World War II in Year 4, the children had an outstanding knowledge about World War II which blew Miss Staines and Miss Callow away! The children then spent the afternoon deciding which foods, refreshments and decorations they would like at their VE day party and who they would like to invite. They then made some fantastic bunting to hang up at their party.

Christopher Columbus

In Year 2 our new topic is ‘Explorers of the Sea’. We thought about explorers that we have already learned about this year. Then we thought of questions to ask Christopher Columbus. We then learned the story of Christopher Columbus’ discovery of the New World. We acted the story out in groups.

We worked very hard during the Spring term, some of us at school and some of us at home! We enjoyed being Historians during this topic and learning all about Beatrix Potter’s life and then during the Victorian period what life was like in schools and then what life was like for rich and poor children. We were all very glad we are at school today rather than then!

We worked independently to present all of our findings in History – we were all very proud of what we achieved!

Jessica recalled ‘If families were poor boys and girls would have to work in factories to get food to eat.’

Ava stated “Beatrix Potter is remembered for writing a book called Peter Rabbit and we like this story! She didn’t go to school and instead a governess came and taught her at home.”


Reformatory School Recount

Continuing with our Crime and Punishment topic, Year 6 have been exploring what life would have been like in a Victorian reformatory school. Young criminals were sent here to be taught a lesson and some of the tasks and chores really shocked our pupils!

Ruby Prior has written a fantastic recount for her home learning task today:

My name is Jane Angus ​and I am currently in reformatory school for stealing, I will tell you what happened today….as if it will be any different from my last entry. As always, I woke up at 6am sharp and headed downstairs for my breakfast. Like yesterday, I had bread and butter and a large cup of tea which was cold. Then we headed to our lessons, the mistress was extremely strict today and got angry at me for my spelling mistakes. I had never learned to write before, what did she expect? After that torture, I mean my lessons I ate lunch; it was my favourite, fish and potatoes! I don’t like fish but the smell of it makes me think of home as my dad works down by the coast. It was then time for my least favourite part of the day, girls are supposed to work as servants when they are older so every afternoon I would have to take lessons on how to sew, cook and clean. I never pay attention, heehee! I’m sure I can find work at the shipyard when I am older anyways. And finally, after another cold meal I am sent to bed. Note : I have been coughing a lot more then usual but its probably just a common cold, right?

Excellent work Ruby! We are also very impressed with how confident and quick our children are becoming with their word processing skills!

Elizabeth Fry biographies

Year 6 have continued to demonstrate a motivated and dedicated attitude to their learning whilst studying from home this week.

For our Crime and Punishment topic, we have started to explore the Victorian prisons and how Elizabeth Fry had a huge impact on prison living conditions.

Year 6 have watched videos and carried out research to discover more about this significant woman and were fascinated by her kind nature and determination!


The Great Fire of London

Y2 have been learning about The Great Fire of London. Today we looked at the causes and consequences of The Great Fire of London. We thought about the negative consequences and the positive consequences that came after the fire.