Reformatory School Recount

Continuing with our Crime and Punishment topic, Year 6 have been exploring what life would have been like in a Victorian reformatory school. Young criminals were sent here to be taught a lesson and some of the tasks and chores really shocked our pupils!

Ruby Prior has written a fantastic recount for her home learning task today:

My name is Jane Angus ‚Äčand I am currently in reformatory school for stealing, I will tell you what happened today….as if it will be any different from my last entry. As always, I woke up at 6am sharp and headed downstairs for my breakfast. Like yesterday, I had bread and butter and a large cup of tea which was cold. Then we headed to our lessons, the mistress was extremely strict today and got angry at me for my spelling mistakes. I had never learned to write before, what did she expect? After that torture, I mean my lessons I ate lunch; it was my favourite, fish and potatoes! I don’t like fish but the smell of it makes me think of home as my dad works down by the coast. It was then time for my least favourite part of the day, girls are supposed to work as servants when they are older so every afternoon I would have to take lessons on how to sew, cook and clean. I never pay attention, heehee! I’m sure I can find work at the shipyard when I am older anyways. And finally, after another cold meal I am sent to bed. Note : I have been coughing a lot more then usual but its probably just a common cold, right?

Excellent work Ruby! We are also very impressed with how confident and quick our children are becoming with their word processing skills!

Elizabeth Fry biographies

Year 6 have continued to demonstrate a motivated and dedicated attitude to their learning whilst studying from home this week.

For our Crime and Punishment topic, we have started to explore the Victorian prisons and how Elizabeth Fry had a huge impact on prison living conditions.

Year 6 have watched videos and carried out research to discover more about this significant woman and were fascinated by her kind nature and determination!


The Great Fire of London

Y2 have been learning about The Great Fire of London. Today we looked at the causes and consequences of The Great Fire of London. We thought about the negative consequences and the positive consequences that came after the fire.


UK Parliament online workshop

We learned so much in Year 6 after our online workshop which was delivered by the Houses of Parliament education team!

It was fascinating to find out more about how the Houses of Parliament work and also some of the history behind the establishment.

We were amazed to learn about how laws are made and that it can sometimes take up to a year of ‘ping pong’ before a bill is passed!

What a great session to support us with our Crime and Punishment topic.

Victorian Artefacts

In Year 1 we are comparing our lives today to what life would have been like for Beatrix Potter in the Victorian Era.

We know that Beatrix Potter was born about 150 years ago and we all know that even Mrs Yardley isn’t that old, so it was a very long time ago!

We looked at photographs of what Beatrix Potters bedroom would have been like, the clothes she would have worn (Myla was very pleased that girls don’t wear these bonnets today) and what sort of thing she would have eaten for breakfast¬† – we were all glad that we have lots of delicious cereals today. We know that Beatrix Potter didn’t get taught in a school, she had a lady teach her at home called a governess. Instead doing all of the fun lesson like we would do in an afternoon, she would get taught how to embroider.

We looked at the types of toys she would have played with – they were all made out of wood and tin unlike ours. We were quite shocked that she would not have been able to play with an i-pad or watch television after a day at school! We enjoyed looking at and exploring the artefacts – we looked at the wooden doll crib, the ball and cup, the spinning top and the cannon toy. Although they were interesting we were all glad that we have lots of other toys to play with today!

Crime and Punishment!

Year 6 have got off to a great start this half term with their topic ‘Crime and Punishment’. We have loved looking back at how life would have been very different during the Anglo-Saxon and Viking period, and started to explore what life during the Tudor times would have been like this week. We learned it was classed as a crime to be homeless and the Tudor vagrants would often be whipped, or even sentenced to death, if they were found on the streets!

In this lesson, we studied a woodcutting primary source of evidence which illustrated a Tudor village scene with a vagrant being whipped and lead through the streets on a leash. We then made reasonable judgements and used our inference skills to explore what we could see happening in the woodcutting.


To start our topic on the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age, we found out where in history this period of time occurred. We ordered BC and AD events chronologically on a timeline, discussing how much time had passed between each. We then created a Human timeline outside to try and demonstrate some key historical dates; including our new topics historical dates. We then went on to write a conclusion showing what we now know about the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age.

Continuity and Change in the Olympic Games

Year 5 concluded their work on the Ancient Greeks by creating some fantastic double page spreads about the Olympics. We looked at the Ancient Olympics and the Modern Olympics and discussed what had continued and what had changed over time.

Timeline of Space Events

Year 2 have been learning about Space exploration this term in History, specifically focussing on the significant individuals Neil Armstrong and Tim Peake. This week we created a timeline of Space Exploration events.