Art and Design


“Creativity takes courage.”  Henri Matisse

At Christopher Pickering we offer the children an art curriculum with the opportunity for each and everyone one of them to succeed. The wonder of art is that there is no right or wrong, it is personal to the individual, the most important factor is having the confidence to have a go and enjoy the experience. Art, craft and design embody some of the highest forms of human creativity.

Curricular Goals

  • Our children will be able to draw, paint and sculpt
  • Our children will produce creative work that they can talk about.
  • Our children will be inspired by famous artists and designers that will help them to develop
    their own work.
  • Our children will evaluate and analyse their own and work of others.


Our bespoke curriculum at Christopher Pickering Primary engages, inspires and challenges pupils, equipping them with the knowledge and skills which allow them to experiment, invent and create their own works of art, craft and design. The way in which our curriculum has been designed to provide children the opportunity to think critically and develop a more rigorous understanding of art and design. Through the study of an extensive range of artists from around the world and throughout history and the exposure to many great paintings, sculptures and artwork children have the fortuity to discover how art and design both reflect and shape our history, and contribute to the culture, creativity and wealth of our nation.


The teaching and implementation of the Art and Design Curriculum at Christopher Pickering Primary School is based on the National Curriculum and has been created to enhance our key subject drivers whilst still remaining an integral discipline. The children are taught Art as part of their termly topic work.  Areas covered include sculpture (including the work of Sir Henry Moore and Giacometti), mosaics, printing based on topic work, such as the Tudor houses, nature, Mexican art, Mayan symbols, painting, pointillism, graffiti and the works of the Impressionist artists. This gives staff and children alike the opportunity to become immersed in their topic, enhancing their learning environments and offering an alternative approach to recording.

The work of famous local, national and international artists are explored to enhance the children’s learning. The children’s learning is further enhanced with a whole school arts week in the summer term where the children have the opportunity for collaborative working and exploring the different styles and techniques of a range of artists.

To ensure a high standard of teaching and learning throughout the school staff are supported in order to deliver a progressive curriculum that is built upon year after year.


 The impact and measure of this is to ensure that children at Christopher Pickering are equipped with creative skills and knowledge that will enable them to be ready for the curriculum at Key Stage 3.  It is also our hope that it will give the children the confidence to appreciate and enjoy art, in its many forms, for the rest of their lives.