Year 6 Gymnastics

Year 6 have recently started their gymnastics block in P.E. This week, we got the apparatus out and worked in pairs to create a sequence of movements. We have been looking specifically at ‘matching’ movements this week.

Each pair was challenged to produce a sequence of matching movements that incorporated elements of both unison (performing the same movement at the same time) and canon (performing the same movement one at a time).

Can you spot these elements in the videos below?



We have been considering what makes “excellent gymnastics”:

  • Gymnasts should demonstrate extension in their fingers and toes when they are moving or balancing.
  • Gymnasts should move silently with control.

Next week, we will be working on the following element of excellent gymnastics as we found this tricky this week:

  • Gymnasts should hold their balances still for at least four seconds.


Unlucky evening at the Humberside 7 aside finals.

Tonight, our boys represented not only Christopher Pickering, but the city of Hull at the Humberside 7 aside county finals. Four teams from Hull (CP, Eastfield, Ings and Thanet) represented Hull, and four teams from the East Riding, North East Lincs and North West Lincs in a tournament to find the regions best U11 7 aside team.

Our group was very close. CP’s first game was against old rivals Eastfield and this game ended 0-0. The next two games from the rest of the group were also 0-0 draws. Our second game against Signhilsl was a strong performance with two goals coming in quick succession. A last minute concession saw the game finish 2-1 but out boys were confident. Our last group game was against St Nicks Beverley. This team had also had a 0-0 draw but only beaten Signhills 1-0. This meant our boys would win the group even with a draw. The game was incredibly tight, but our boys were moving the ball well, defending strongly but were struggling to finish their attacks. Sadly, a well worked goal in the last minute put St. Nicks ahead 1-0 and before we could regather, time ran out.

However, our boys came off to s surprise hot chocolate kindly bought for them by one of our parents – thank you so much for this kind gesture, it really helped lift the boys spirits after such a disappointing end to the night. Well done boys, you did yourselves, the school and Hull proud tonight and have learnt a lot to take into future games.

Disappointed but enjoying their post-game hot chocolate. 


Tonight’s man of the match chosen by Mr Moy – Harley. He had a great attitude, made very few errors and worked hard throughout every game. (No award for this so he was presented his hot chocolate!!) 

Y34 Futsal

Tonight our Y34 boys represented the school in a futsal competition at Hull University. Two teams from CP entered the tournament, a team of Y3s and a team of Y4s. The boys come up against some tough competition but thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Unfortunately, neither team made it out of the group stages but both teams came away with goals scored and at least one win. The highlight of the evening was a Y3vY4 Derby! Well done to the Y4 boys who were the winners of this very competitive game!

Y4 Boys (L-R): Max, Harry, Buddy, Max and Archie.

Y3 Boys (L-R): Billy, Cael, Cohen, Freddy and Parker.

EFL Kids Kup – Y56 just miss out on finals spot!

Tonight our boys played in the EFL Kids Kup qualifier at Hull University. The group games got off to a good start with a 3-0 win against St Nicholas Primary. The second game was a tough match against Neasden Primary. After taking the lead initially, the boys lost the game in the last seconds 2-1. A confident show in the next game saw them beat Marfleet 2-1. Their last game was vary tight, but the boys kept their composure to see off a strong Broadacre side 1-0.

Unfortunately, the boys finished second in their group by one point – the loss against Neasden costing them a spot in the final match. Despite the result, it was a good opportunity to test themselves against some trickier competition with the Humberside Finals looming next week.


Kacper (2nd from left) scored three fantastic headers from corners! Well done! 

Year 5 Bikeability

Year 5 have had a super week taking part in Bikeability. They have learned all about the primary and secondary road positions, how to do a u-turn and how to signal and turn left and right. Well done Year 5!

Y3 Dance: Wild Animals

In our Year 3 Dance P.E sessions so far this term, the children are thoroughly enjoying getting into the character of their chosen wild animal and adding lots of drama and emotion to their own short choreographed dance sequence.

As you can see, the children have certainly displayed lots of emotion and creativity through their striking poses and facial expressions to show how their chosen wild creature would both act and react in their native habitats.

Sports Scholarship: Basketball and Beyond (week 2)

Today was week 2 of our ‘Basketball and Beyond Unit’.

After making fantastic progress on their passing and moving skills in week 1, this week children tried a new sport – Korfball.

Never heard of it? then watch this video.

After watching the beginners guide and getting to grips with the rules, we started to play the game. Children quickly applied their quick passing skills which we worked on last week to this game and had great fun. Korfball really challenged the children’s understanding of using space to attack and shoot. Being able to move all the way around a hoop created more space to score but also gave opponents chances to recover from a rebound. It turned out to be a fantastic way to consolidate netball style passing and moving.


Quickly discovering the best positions to shoot from and how to support and defend a rebound.

Learning to pass the ball around the whole space to spread defenders and create room to get into a scoring position.


3v3 Basketball

To finish the session, we looked at the new Olympic sport of 3v3 basketball. Made up of 2 teams of three playing in one half of a basket ball sport, it is a traditional street version of the game which promotes high levels of skill and quick thinking.