Climbing Wall in KS1

This morning the whole school got to have a go on the climbing wall!

In KS1, we were really lucky because we got to go first!

We arrived outside and the wall looked enormous but we were all very brave and every one of us had a go!

First we were harnessed up and made safe, when it was our turn we were clipped onto the rope and off we went …

Some of us managed to get to the top! We have a fabulous morning!


F2 Climbing

We were so excited to be able to use the climbing wall last week.


First, we needed to get the harness fitted – this would help keep us safe on the wall. We then got clipped onto the rope, this helped us float down when we had climbed up as high as we can reach.

All of the children who came out with us were super brave and had a go at climbing the wall. They definitely channelled their inner Spiderman.

Harry “It was soooo cool I want to have another turn tomorrow”

We talked about the different muscles we use the climb and how it can help us to keep fit and healthy.

William “need to use your arms to pull up”

Some of the children shared that they already loved climbing and had been to Rock-up and Rock city before which is great to hear.


We also talked about keeping safe when climbing, thinking about good things to climb and things we shouldn’t climb on.

We would LOVE to do this again.

Harvey “Look how high I went”


F1 Sports Day

F1. Had an amazing time at our Sports Day, this morning. The children’s chanting and shouting made up for no spectators at this years event. The children all took part in each race and had big smiles on their faces throughout. Please click on the link below to see the pictures of our event.


Hockey and Cricket in the sun for Y4!

The sun came out for us on Monday afternoon, for our Hockey and Cricket lessons!!!

We had great fun applying our defence and attack strategies within games against our classmates. Mr Moy and I were really impressed with the progress that you have made as we could see lots of progression since we started this unit! Great job Y4.

A well-fought competition in good spirit!