Year 6 Aspire Trip

Yesterday, our Year 6’s went to a Aspire( a place to practice and enjoy gymnastics). During the day, these students learned to do multiple different tricks and use a variety of different equipment while also having an abundance of fun. The children also learned how to stay safe when do these fun tricks. Everybody had the time of their lives and would have loved to stay longer if they could. Everybody wishes they could go again some day.


Sincerely, The Digital Leaders (DL Team)   

Wilberforce House Sports Day

Although Blues didn’t win on sports day we had a superb time throughout the day. We were the best we could be and really tried hard in all events! We enjoyed cheering our teammates on in their races and had a fantastic team spirit!

Y4 Cracking Cricket!

This half term Y4 have started their PE unit on cricket. We have been looking at effective bowling and the role of a wicket keeper. Our last lesson was all about effective fielding and how we can gather a rolling ball and make an effective fielding decision. Back to the bowler or go for the bails? You decide children!

‘Continuous Cricket’ focussing on fielding to the bowler to create an opportunity to bowl a batter out away from the stumps. 

‘Beat the Batter’ the batter had to run the length of the wicket and back before the fielder could gather the ball and throw it at the stumps! 


Y4/5/6 Quad Kids Athletics

Today children from Years 4, 5 and 6 represented Christopher Pickering at the Hull Active Schools Quad Kids Athletics Championships. The format of this competition sees a team of eight children, four boys and four girls, take part in four events spanning different athletic disciplines: sprinting, distance running, throwing and jumping.

The scores are totalled and teams are placed. There are also individual awards. Well done to our teams who finished 6th (Y4s), 11th (Y56B) and 5th (Y56A). Also to our individual medalists Charlotte (3rd) and Phoebe (2nd).

All in all a great day out and an event we have not competed in for a long time!


Year 4,5 and 6 Quad Kids Athletics Team

Freddie and Billy-Bob (White t-shirts) battling it out in the 600m

Archie (Y4) completing his long jump

Phoebe M: Individual silver medalist Y56 Girls

Charlotte Carey: Individual bronze medalist Y56 Girls 

Y6 Five-aside qualifiers

Tonight was another successful night as our Y6 boys qualified in the HAS 5-aside competition. The boys cruised through their group winning every game. Credit to the boys for playing in goal each as well with their usual keeper absent with illness.

On to the finals boys!

Y6 (L-R): Harley, Lindon, Freddie, Lucas and Kacper

This afternoon, our PE Scholarship group have continued to with their unit on cricket. Today’s focus was indoor cricket. With limited batting space, this is an incredibly fast paced and technical version of the game which really put players’ core skills to the test.

As well as accurate throwing and catching, fielders also need to have lightning quick reaction times. This session allowed our children to really work on this skill. They really enjoyed a range of drills which aims to improve their reaction times and catching accuracy. We used ‘reactaballs’ and rebound nexts which send the balls off in random directions for children to catch or block.

We finished the sessions with a great game of indoor cricket where children put their skills into practise. Well done boys and girls!

Sometime the rebound nets made a catch impossible, there a block was necessary to continue fielding. 

Logan anticipating a bounce – but how high?

With multiple surfaces for the ball to rebound and limited space, batter had to choose very carefully where to hit the ball. 

Spot the ball! Quick reactions from Evie (front centre) saw on batter go out here! 


A HUGE well done to our U11s boy who tonight won the Hull Active Schools FA Cup Final, for the third year, in a 2-0 win against Hymers College.

The game was incredibly close throughout the duration with both teams finding themselves in goal scoring positions. Our first goal came towards the end of the second half as Ashton lofted a high cross which nipped in over the keepers head. Our second goal came in the second half after Lindon made a break and didn’t finish after going one-on-one with the keeper. Ashton was supporting and dealt with the rebound by scoring a second goal. More opportunities came in the second half with Tinashe missing from his break and Lucas hitting the post with a huge right foot volley.

The boys saw the game out safely and brought the cup home. Well done boys, you have made Mr. Moy and I incredibly proud! Thanks also to our parents for their continued support.

FA Cup Winners (L-R): Lucas R, Jack S, Tinashe G, Jamie C, Harrie G, Freddie F (c), Lindon B, Harley P, Ewan D, Ashton R & Charnley B.

Y4 Swimming

Today was Y4’s last day of swimming. They have had a tiring two weeks of swimming every afternoon but their efforts have paid off. They have made incredible progress and have approached their lessons with a fantastic attitude.

Well done Y4, we are very proud of you!

Fatima practising floating on her back. Well done! 

Working hard and having fun! 

Group one working on building leg stamina and technique

A huge thank you to our team of swim teachers for your expert coaching these last two weeks!