Y4 Sports Scholarship: Week 1

After numerous set backs due to COVID19, our Sports Scholarship programme finally got underway this week starting with our Y4 gifted and talented sports stars. This is a brand new programme which we are trialling this year in partnership with Tigers Trust and has several key aims:


  • To provide children with new sporting experiences and opportunities
  • To allow gifted and talented children opportunities to apply and transfer their current skills to new sports
  • To provide children with pathways into local sports clubs where they can excel
  • To help children develop a deeper understanding of sporting values and how these can be applied to other areas of their learning.
  • To identify and develop sporting skills to help children reach their sporting potential
  • To show children how to live a healthy life and he a healthy sports person
  • To develop children as young sports leaders and officiators.



In this first session, children got a chance to transfer and apply their skills to a game which they had never played before: Tschoukball. This fast-paced, five-aside game requires speed,  agility and quick thinking to score by throwing the ball at  a special rebound net so that it bounces outride ‘the forbidden zone’ and hits the floor of the court. It is an advanced invasion game and there are a several complicated rules to understand. One rule which really challenged the children was the restriction on being able to intercept a pass. With this law of the game, children were forced to really rethink their previously learned tactics of defence!

Where to score?: In Tschoukball, points can be scored at either end of the court, making defending a larger area much more difficult. 

A new defensive mindset: Ewan can be seen here ready to catch the rebound to save conceding – intercepting the ball isn’t allowed!


We finished the session by challenging the children to come up with ways we could adapt one sport to practise and consolidate the skills of another. Together, we found the perfect solution: Kick rounders! Children were not allowed to pick the ball up (unless catching someone out) so had to practise their short, mid and long passes to get each other out. It was great to finally get out in the sun after a few weeks of poor weather!

Enjoying their outdoor session: Our Y4 Sports Stars

For the more than half of the children in Y3/4, today was their first day back at school since December 2020. What better way to start the week than with PE! This half term, children are continuing to have a 45 minute session of yoga, Qigong and Meditation with out well-being coach, Liesel Cobby. Since September, these sessions have proved very popular and are fantastic for children’s mental wellbeing.

Health Minds: Mrs Hebden’s class during their guided meditation.

Today was our second HAS virtual competition and this time it was sportshall athletics.

This competition followed the British Pentathlon’s format of five events: 10x10m shuttle, standing long jump, vertical jump, chest push and speed bounce. All children completed the events and their scores have been sent in to find out how we fared against the other Hull Schools. Our home learners also took part virtually and we had lots of scores submitted which have been passed on to HAS. However, we did also have out own competition and worked out the winning girls and winning boys. Well done Y4, you’ve all done fantastic!

Our top three girls: Issy (1st), Alesha (2nd) and Ava (3rd) & top three boys: Ewan (1st), Connor (2nd) and Jake (3rd).

Issy demonstrating the vertical jump. 

Jessica with a superb long jump.

Speed bound is probably the toughest event, here is Evie giving it her best! 

Year 6 Carnival Dance

Over the past few weeks, Year 6 have thoroughly enjoyed learning all about the Brazilian carnival and the dances in involves. We have formed our own samba schools and learned all about the history of samba. We have been working hard to create out own rhythmic dance sequences and have even learned some new Brazilian words along the way! We have learned about various choreographic structures including ‘canon’ and ‘unison’ and have explored how we can use our bodies to create levels within our dances.

Here are some of our still images of us creating the cityscape of Rio de Janeiro:

Mindfulness Sessions

Over the past three weeks, Year 5 have thoroughly enjoyed their mindfulness sessions in PE. They have learned techniques for calming themselves down when they’re feeling frustrated or angry and exercises that they can do in the morning to prepare themselves for the day.


In F1 we are currently taking part in the Winter and Christmas unit of work. In this unit we learn the characteristics of winter through movement. Yesterday we were developing our ability to move confidently in a variety or ways.

FS2 PE – A fabulous, physical Wednesday

This week during PE, we have been working on our physical development.

We have been focussing on our overall body strength, balance, co-ordination and agility and developing and refining our ball skills, by catching throwing and aiming.

On our obstacle course, we were able to practise moving more fluently, with developing control, balance and spacial awareness.

We used the hurdles, to practise our jumping and landing skills.


We all all had a amazing time…regular exercise helps to keep us healthy and happy!