3-D shapes

This week in math, year 1 have been looking at 3-D shapes.

We have looked at lots of shapes including spheres, cubes, pyramids, cuboids, cones and cylinder. We looked carefully at these shapes and got to hold them to look more closely.

We did a 3-D shape hunt around the classroom and found lots of the 3-D shapes in the things we use.

The glue sticks are the shape of a cylinder, rubbers are the shape of a cuboid and our pencil boxes are the shape of a cube as well at lots more.

We have really enjoyed finding 3-D shapes around the classroom. Some children went home and found more around their home. They found that boxes of cereal are a cuboid and oranges are a sphere.

Well done year 1!

5 Currant Buns

In F1 we have enjoyed learning the song 5 currants buns in our maths lessons. We have even made them in playdoh and made a bakers shop.

Y6 visit to Sirius!

Y6 students had a fantastic day of learning at Sirius Academy West today. We took part in a carousel of olympic themed activities and demonstrated fantastic team work to win as many point as possible for the countries we were representing!


In the maths session, we playing ‘archery maths’ and studied sprint times from the 100m races. This tested our mental maths skills and ability to order numbers up to 2 decimal places. We also enjoyed spotting lines of symmetry on the countries’ fags!

We worked really hard in art to develop our light sketching skills and design and draw our own olympic mascots.

In computing, we programmed an electronic game of squash and loved spending time in the designated computer suites!

We had so much fun playing competitive geography games which tested our knowledge on the countries involved in hosting the olympics and also the continents in which they were held!

5 little ducks🐥

In F1 we are learning the song ‘5 little ducks’. The children were having lots of fun acting out the song this morning in our water area.

Comparing Numbers within 100

This morning in Y2 we have been comparing numbers. We revisited the work we did in Y1 by identifying tens and ones and practised counting in 10’s, 2’s and 5’s.

We used a variety of manipulatives to make numbers and compare them using mathematical vocabulary such as greater than and less than. We used stem sentences to explain what we found – 23 is less than 67. We applied our understanding of  < > and = to compare numbers too.

We solved reasoned and solved problems thinking about comparison of numbers ! A great maths lesson!




The children had some amazing conversations last week about weight.

They used the balance scales to weigh, compare and order items depending on how heavy they were. We did try to trick them by adding in a really small object which was very heavy, but it didn’t fool them. They worked together in teams to explore and investigate the objects weight. Well done F2 super maths brains