Y4 master division!

This week our focus in maths is on dividing 2 and 3 digit numbers by 1 digit. We had initially put this back until we were all back in school as it is a particularly tricky area. Today we all got started using a range of maths apparatus which allowed us to exchange units so that they could be divided equally. Well done children!

Vinny and Ajay used place value counters for their divisions. 

Paige and Noah used the same method but used base ten to represent their numbers. 

“A problem shared!” River and Sophia working together to divide 48 by 4 using base ten. 

Year 6 Home Learning Awards

Wow, what a fantastic awards assembly Year 6 had to celebrate all of their hard work during the lockdown period!

It was fabulous to see all of our dedicated pupils united once again in celebration of each other’s successes as we shared hundreds of certificates which they have worked so hard to earn over the past 2 months!

There were countless Purple Mash, Reading Plus, and TT Rockstars certificates handed out to both children who have worked on their learning from home and to those who have been in school. Weals celebrated and gave special recognition to individuals who had shown outstanding effort across different home learning platforms.


Our top 3 ‘Purple Mash Reward Earners’ – Thomas, Charlie and Chloe earned over 100 individual rewards each for their amazing home learning work which they submitted!

Our Top 3 TT Rockstars Coin Earners

Our Top 3 Reading Plus Achievers

We would like to congratulate all children for showing resilience and determination during a very difficult time in their learning, and of course a huge thank you to parents for all of your continued support!

Year 2 Fractions

This morning Year 2 have started their new unit Fractions. We spent time looking at the whole  and parts of the whole. Then we looked at equal parts. We split objects, numbers and shapes into two equal parts.

The properties of 3D shapes

Year 2 have been learning about the properties of 3D shapes this week. They have been learning to count the number of faces, edges and vertices in 3D shapes. We used concrete models of 3D shapes to help us explore the different properties!


Play Dough Fun

The Children had so much fun playing with their playdough.  It really helped to enhance their fine motor skills and encouraged them to think about all the different shapes they could create.

They enjoyed making lots of exciting things.  Sofia made a face using pasta and buttons.  She then enjoyed telling me all about his eyes and his smiling face made out of pasta.

Aliza made lots of circles and could tell me all about it.  She was so excited to tell me if a circle had sides and if it had any corners.  Great listening skills.