Chinese Whispers


The children in year 3 thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the Chinese Whispers project in association the Confucius Institute and Hull University. They began by learning about the Chinese culture and Chinese New Year, then began to learn songs in Mandarin in preparation for a concert at Middleton Hall. Many of the songs that they learned were familiar to them (for example, Heads, shoulders, knees and toes), this made learning the words in Mandarin a little easier.

The day of the concert finally arrived and the children were very nervous. They knew they’d be performing on a big stage in front of their parents and many local dignitaries. However, once they were on stage, the nerves seemed to disappear and they performed amazingly.

Mrs O’Loughlin, Miss Ewen, Mr Morgan and Mrs Wilkinson, watching in the audience, could not have been more proud. The parents also told us how much they’d enjoyed it too. They also said that they knew some of the songs already as their child went home singing in Mandarin every Tuesday afternoon!


spanish club

This week in Spanish club we had so much fun! We learnt how to greet each other and practiced with our partners. We learnt hola (hello), buenos dias (good morning), como estas (how are you?), estoy bien (good), estoy mal (bad) and estoy mas o menos (so-so).

For the second half of our club we focussed on Spanish culture. This week we studied the artist Pablo Picasso. We learnt a fun fact that his first word was ‘piz’ short for ‘lapiz’ which is Spanish for pencil! We admired his weird but wonderful artwork and decided we wanted to have a try at becoming Picasso.

los animales

KS1 have been loving our Spanish assemblies. We have been looking at how to pronounce the names of different animals. We noticed that some animal names are similar to the English language but some are very different. For example Un Elaphante looks and sounds similar to our name and pronunciation for Elephant. However, Una Oveja is the name for a sheep which is very different. At the end of our sessions, we love the quiz where we listen to the name of a Spanish animal and tell our partners what animal we think we heard. We can’t wait to develop our language skills.

Y4 Language Angels…Como estas?

As linguists, Y4 are enjoying learning Spanish at present. We undertook a little intercultural understanding of our new language in terms of the countries where Spanish is predominantly spoken, the traditional dress worn in cultural celebrations as well as the lovely Mediterranean foods that are eaten.

We also found a few commonalities with some of the words and phrases we have learnt  so far with those we have learnt in our prior learning of French. Watch our video clip to see how we are doing!

Como estas? How are you?

Estoy bien.  I’m good.

Estoy mal.  I’m not too good

Mas o menos.   So, so!