Wilberforce House Sports Day

Although Blues didn’t win on sports day we had a superb time throughout the day. We were the best we could be and really tried hard in all events! We enjoyed cheering our teammates on in their races and had a fantastic team spirit!

Y4 Dalby Forest Field Trip

Yesterday, Y4 embarked on their field trip to ‘The Great Forest of Yorkshire’ Dalby Forest! What a fantastic day we had! Children, you were fantastic and were all amazing geographers and ambassadors for the school. Here’s how the day went:

Sniverdale Rabbit Run Hike – 2.2miles. 

The purpose of our hike was to compete a native forest with what we have learned about the rainforests of the world. Children identified the types of trees and quickly found that the area of the forest we were in was predominantly evergreen. We veered off the track and explored the forest floor to find that little grew there and the understory and canopy was pretty much non-existent. Children enjoyed feeling the spongy masses of needles under their feet! On the hike, we also found an area of trees which was cut down. After initial cries of ‘DEFORESTATION!’, we soon learned that this was a larch planation. Counting the rings of the trees we learned that they were planted around 60-70 years ago and were now being cropped for timber and more would be planted in their place. Relief!

Counting the rings of the larch logs


“So it’s like a farm but it just takes ages to grow before you can harvest them”

Enjoying the sights and sounds of the beautiful forest.


Field Studies

The next part of our trip was some field studies. We had a number of activities to complete. First, there was some measuring of trees and calculating their age and heights. We also samples leaves and discussed the different trees produce seeds and reproduce. Children were also very excited complete our field studies in Dalby Beck which runs along the dale. In the water, children measured the water depth, the speed of he river and investigate the river bed. This was very enjoyable but quite cold!

Farai with a river bed sample!

Kye measuring the depth with a stick which was then measured against a tape measure.

Lacie, Sophia, Olivia, Fatima and Noah sampled different areas of the river bed and found different materials from large rocks to fine sand. 


Year 4 Dalby Forest 2022! Well done children and thank you for a fantastic day out!


Y4 Mental Health Awareness Week 2022: Loneliness

Y4 have been having discussions about loneliness and considering the difference of being alone as opposed to being lonely.  All agreed that it is often nice to have some ‘Me Time’  alone doing the things we enjoy  (reading, colouring, drawing, listening to music, painting our nails, practising football skills  etc).  However, if an individual is lonely, the children agreed that this oftens brings about negative emotions such as sadness, despair, worry,  anxiousness and the feelings of isolation and exclusion.

Our task was to identify ways to  ‘Tackle Loneliness’ to both help and support an individual (or even ourselves) and improve wellbeing and self-esteem…

  • Talk to someone you trust and share how you are feeling
  • Join a club that you are interested in or take up a hobby
  • Reach out to someone who feels lonely – Ask them how they are feeling and reassure them that help is there for them
  • Be kind and be there to listen
  • Think about all of your positive qualities – reflect on what you can do and be proud of who you are and what you have achieved
  • Be kind to yourself – remember that you are special

We then created some fantastic posters promoting ways to tackle loneliness…

We now feel that we have the knowledge and a better understanding of how to tackle loneliness to help both ourselves and others if those feelings ever arise.




Y3 Mental Health Awareness Week 2022: Loneliness

Y3 have been discussing this years theme of loneliness for Mental Health Week 2022.  We shared our own definitions of what loneliness means and how it can affect an individual’s wellbeing. The children then shared strategies for coping with emotions of sadness and worry and agreed that reaching out and sharing our feelings with others is a way to help ourselves.  We then recorded all of the individuals in our own lives that are there to support our own wellbeing and who we can turn to should we need a little help.


Y3 Music: Bringing Us Together

We in Year 3 are thoroughly enjoying following the Charanga Scheme of Work and learning the song ‘Bringing Us Together’.  It is certainly an upbeat track which makes us feel happy but above all else it brings us together and makes us want to sing and dance!

Chinese Whispers


The children in year 3 thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the Chinese Whispers project in association the Confucius Institute and Hull University. They began by learning about the Chinese culture and Chinese New Year, then began to learn songs in Mandarin in preparation for a concert at Middleton Hall. Many of the songs that they learned were familiar to them (for example, Heads, shoulders, knees and toes), this made learning the words in Mandarin a little easier.

The day of the concert finally arrived and the children were very nervous. They knew they’d be performing on a big stage in front of their parents and many local dignitaries. However, once they were on stage, the nerves seemed to disappear and they performed amazingly.

Mrs O’Loughlin, Miss Ewen, Mr Morgan and Mrs Wilkinson, watching in the audience, could not have been more proud. The parents also told us how much they’d enjoyed it too. They also said that they knew some of the songs already as their child went home singing in Mandarin every Tuesday afternoon!


Year 3 D & T – Make

The children were very excited to bring in their own soft toy to make a tunic for. After taking careful measurements, they drew out their patterns and cut them out in preparation for sewing together.



They chose whether to use a running stitch or an overstitch to join the pieces of material together.



Year 3 D & T – Focused Practical Task

For their focused practical task, the children drew a pocket template which they used as a pattern. They considered the most efficient placement of the pattern on the material, marked it out and then cut it.


They then had the opportunity to practise joining the two pieces of material using a running stitch and overstitch.




Y3 have been learning about the importance of our wonderful Emergency Services and how to make a 999 call should the need arise.  The children shared their opinions on when the Emergency Services should be called and all agreed that it should be when urgent assistance is required only.  We also learned that 112 can also be called to reach the Emergency Services too.

Here are some of the posters we created from this important lesson…

We also learned that when calling 999 that we should remain calm, speak clearly and give as much information as we can to get the help that we need.

Year 3 D & T – Investigate

In D & T this term, the year 3 children will be making Iron Age clothing for their for their teddy bears. They have begun to look at what the clothing would’ve been like and how it would have been made.

They discovered that the staple piece of clothing would have been a tunic. This would have been made from cloth woven on a loom and coloured using natural dyes found in the local environment ( e.g. from grasses and berries). It might also have been adorned with decorative stitching, beads and brooches.


They looked at different types of fabric, discussing the various properties of each.

They continued their investigation phase by looking at modern-day fashion designers and the process that goes into making clothing.