Y4 master division!

This week our focus in maths is on dividing 2 and 3 digit numbers by 1 digit. We had initially put this back until we were all back in school as it is a particularly tricky area. Today we all got started using a range of maths apparatus which allowed us to exchange units so that they could be divided equally. Well done children!

Vinny and Ajay used place value counters for their divisions. 

Paige and Noah used the same method but used base ten to represent their numbers. 

“A problem shared!” River and Sophia working together to divide 48 by 4 using base ten. 

Y4 Sports Scholarship: Week 1

After numerous set backs due to COVID19, our Sports Scholarship programme finally got underway this week starting with our Y4 gifted and talented sports stars. This is a brand new programme which we are trialling this year in partnership with Tigers Trust and has several key aims:


  • To provide children with new sporting experiences and opportunities
  • To allow gifted and talented children opportunities to apply and transfer their current skills to new sports
  • To provide children with pathways into local sports clubs where they can excel
  • To help children develop a deeper understanding of sporting values and how these can be applied to other areas of their learning.
  • To identify and develop sporting skills to help children reach their sporting potential
  • To show children how to live a healthy life and he a healthy sports person
  • To develop children as young sports leaders and officiators.



In this first session, children got a chance to transfer and apply their skills to a game which they had never played before: Tschoukball. This fast-paced, five-aside game requires speed,  agility and quick thinking to score by throwing the ball at  a special rebound net so that it bounces outride ‘the forbidden zone’ and hits the floor of the court. It is an advanced invasion game and there are a several complicated rules to understand. One rule which really challenged the children was the restriction on being able to intercept a pass. With this law of the game, children were forced to really rethink their previously learned tactics of defence!

Where to score?: In Tschoukball, points can be scored at either end of the court, making defending a larger area much more difficult. 

A new defensive mindset: Ewan can be seen here ready to catch the rebound to save conceding – intercepting the ball isn’t allowed!


We finished the session by challenging the children to come up with ways we could adapt one sport to practise and consolidate the skills of another. Together, we found the perfect solution: Kick rounders! Children were not allowed to pick the ball up (unless catching someone out) so had to practise their short, mid and long passes to get each other out. It was great to finally get out in the sun after a few weeks of poor weather!

Enjoying their outdoor session: Our Y4 Sports Stars

Y4 Roman Mosaics

This week, Y4 have been looking at Roman mosaics in their art lessons.

They started by looking at some traditional, large scale mosaics and how the small tesserae tiles come together to make a detailed image, very much like pixels on a modern screen!

We also looked at mosaics today, including a very famous local mosaic ‘Three Ships’ in the city centre. Most didn’t even realise this was a mosaic!

Our mosaics would reflect the examples of nature often found in Roman mosaics, we also wanted to keep a local link so we decided to create mosaics of fish, taking inspiration from some excellent examples.

Our finished mosaics turned out fantastic! Well done for concentrating so hard on this tricky and time consuming work!

For the more than half of the children in Y3/4, today was their first day back at school since December 2020. What better way to start the week than with PE! This half term, children are continuing to have a 45 minute session of yoga, Qigong and Meditation with out well-being coach, Liesel Cobby. Since September, these sessions have proved very popular and are fantastic for children’s mental wellbeing.

Health Minds: Mrs Hebden’s class during their guided meditation.

World Book Day 2021 – Potato Gallery

For World Book Day, the children in the Year 3 Bubble demonstrated their artistic talents and illustrated their favourite book characters. The children framed their creations and entered their artwork into our Year 3 Potato Gallery.


WBD: Can you guess any of the famous book characters?

Y4 Reading Stars

Today was Y4’s first session of the ‘Reading Stars’ programme which is being delivered by Tigers Trust. These fun sessions are created by the Premier League and are fun, football themed lessons. Whats best is that they are being delivered through Microsoft Teams which means all of Y4 can join in together! This week children were working on finding and retrieving key information from a text. We’ve even had some Y3 home learners join in as well – super work everyone!

Active Warm-Up: Y4 Bubble taking part in the classroom with 25 children at home!

Y4 End-of-term fire!

Today we finished a busy half term with a lovely fire in our forest school. This is the first time these Y4s have had a fire at school, so we spent some time learning about fire safety and following the rules. We then had a lovely afternoon drinking hot chocolate and toasting marshmallows. Well done children and enjoy your week off!

Y4 Bubble enjoying their Hot Choc!

Evie stirring the pan

Toasting marshmallows – for most this was the first time!

Safer Internet Day – Guinness World Record

As part of Internet Safety Day 2021, Year 3 have found out about what reliability online means. This linked in nicely with what we have previously discovered, in our computing lessons, about the accuracy of information on websites. To celebrate this day some of our year 3s have taken part in signing a pledge, to promise to keep ourselves safe online and post reliable content. This is part of The UK Safer Internet Centre and 2Simple’s task to break an official GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS ™ title for Safer Internet Day. Hopefully, we can be part of a new world record! Here are some posters our online learners made to reiterate the message about reliable online content.

One of the fantastic posters  Y3 made using purple mash.

Well done to our home learners who also made some fantastic posters.

Snowy Day Fun

Year Four love keeping in touch and today we shared pictures of our snow day fun on Purple Mash so that we can see what our class mates are doing both in school and at home.

Keeping in touch, keeping smiling – Team Year Four.

Search #y4heb or #y4mor on twitter to see more!

Sharing our fun!: Home learners added their fun in the snow to our Y4 pin board on purple mash! 

Children’s Mental Health Week

With the theme for this year’s Children’s Mental Health Week being Express Yourself, Year 3 have been creating origami dogs, making squiggles and seeing what they could see in them, and enjoying mindful colouring.  These activities demonstrated that although all of our work was different, it was equally special.

Y3 working hard on there mindfulness.