Y4 Egyptian Gods

This week in Y4 we have completed our first piece of artwork linked to the human form. We looked at the different proportions of the body and the importance of correct relationships in size when drawing people. We used a scaling up method to help us enlarge images of Egyptian gods and goddesses.

A successfully scaled and proportioned drawing. 

Farai and Sophia midway through the process.

A fantastic piece of work from our star of the day, Leo! 

Y4 Artists

This week Y4 have LOVED being creative with clay!


Inspired by the Yorkshire based Sculptor Steve Winterburn and his amazing animal sculptures! Check him out


We loved the feel of the clay between our hands.

We used the tools to create the texture of fur.


We looked closely at shape to craft our clay.

Hockey and Cricket in the sun for Y4!

The sun came out for us on Monday afternoon, for our Hockey and Cricket lessons!!!

We had great fun applying our defence and attack strategies within games against our classmates. Mr Moy and I were really impressed with the progress that you have made as we could see lots of progression since we started this unit! Great job Y4.

A well-fought competition in good spirit! 



Y4 Muddy Boots Club

The rain held off and the Muddy Boots Club were able to get outside this week! Such a busy evening weeding, sewing and clearing, I think we all went home exhausted!

Y4 English

This week, Y4 have been examining the language features used to create a really persuasive text. We practiced applying these features and then used our skills to create an advert. Iceland, the supermarket, asked us to write an advert for them to feature in a magazine. It wanted to let potential customers know that they are environmentally-friendly and palm oil free and the devastating problems that the use of palm oil causes for the world’s precious rainforests and wildlife.

Alesha’s carefully composed advert persuaded Mrs Hebden!

Y4 Artists

This week, Year 4 have been inspired by the sculptor Steve Winterburn and his animal sculptures. We learned how to use shading to create depth and carefully observed animal head images applying shading techniques with wonderful results.

Ava’s impressive observational and shading skills!

Great sketching Jay and Evie F

Mrs H is really impressed with Logan’s progress!

Harley and Drake, enjoying being amazing artists this afternoon.

Great observational work          and Connor

Ethan SB and Ella showcasing their talents!

Fabulous attention to detail from Lola and Jess W

Beautiful work from Paige

Year 3 really enjoyed today’s Geography lesson, looking at the ways in which volcanoes are dangerous. We were shocked to see tourists visiting a volcano which had recently erupted! We read case studies on four famous volcanoes and the different ways in which they had left devastating effects on the locations where they had occurred. We learnt about; volcanic ash, pyroclastic flow, lahars and lava flow.



After our study on how volcanoes are formed, we began to identify the different types of volcanoes: Composite, Shield and Dome. We explained the appearance of each and how the volcano was formed.




In our next Geography lesson, we began to discuss how the Earth has changed over time and how the tectonic plates have led to the change in the appearance of the Earth’s surface. We used the analogy, that the tectonic plates were like a jigsaw puzzle and attempted to put back the pieces back together.


Leading on from our English lessons, and reading the story, escape from Pompeii, we began our enquiry into how are volcanoes formed. We looked at a range of volcanoes and discussed the terminology, active, dormant and extinct. We then went on to label the different layers of a volcano.

22.04.21/ 26.04.21

As an introduction to our topic, why is the earth sometime angry? We looked at a cross section of the earth’s layers. We focussed on the organic material, top soil, subsoil, parent rock and bedrock. This led us to the question, what’s below the Earth? After lengthy discussions, we were able to draw and label a cross section of the Earth and explain what it is like at each level.

Y4 Muddy Boots Club

Whilst the rain is good for our beautiful bedding plants, that were kindly donated by B&Q….

It is no good for the Muddy Boots Club! However, we took this opportunity to write to the staff at B&Q to thank them for their generosity. We planted individual sunflower seeds our on the learning deck and can’t wait to see who will grow the tallest one!

Y4 Performance Poetry!

There’s a rang-tan in my bedroom and I don’t know what to do!”

This week, Y4 have had a fantastic time looking at performance poetry. We started by watching and appraising different performances. We then watched Michael Rosen’s top tips for poetry performance.

Then, we looked at the Green Peace advert featuring the poem “There’s a rang-tan in my bedroom”. This is a moving and very relevant piece as it is themed around deforestation, more specifically destruction for the palm oil industry so links very well with our topic this term. Here’s the original:

We then practiced this poem, considering intonation, pace and expression. Here are some of the results!

Hamdi, Riley, Oliver and Alex.


Esme, Summer and Eva

Grace, Alisha, Maycie and Evie

We then innovated the poem, changing elements so that that there was a rang-tan in our classroom!

Here is a brilliant example: