The Environment at CPPS

At Christopher Pickering Primary School we believe that an engaged learning environment increases students’ attention and focus, promotes meaningful learning experiences, encourages higher levels of student performance, and motivates students to practice higher-level critical thinking skills. We work hard to transform our common areas into areas to celebrate the work and achievement of pupils, our shared phase spaces into immersive environments and our classroom displays into environments to support a positive learning culture which in turn supports our pupils in their motivation and their learning outcomes.

It all starts with our local area! We are proud to live in Kingston upon Hull and love learning about and celebrating the achievements from significant individuals and events.

Displays in EYFS 


Immersive Learning Areas 

Year 1 Enchanted Woodland

Year 1 Antarctica

Year 2 Medieval Royal Palace 

Year 3 WWII


Year 3 Stone Age Settlement 

Year 3 Volcano at Christopher Pickering


Year 4 Extract of Egypt 

Year 4 Rainforest 

Year 5 Viking Settlement with Longboat


Outdoor Environments