Year 5 RE

     A new term begins, Year 5 working hard !


At the beginning of the new term Year 5 began their new RE Topic ‘Faith in Action’.

As theologists the children will be discovering the way commitments affect and shape lives, guiding the activities of both groups and like-minded  individuals.


We began by looking at several charities and discussing how those charities work to help those in need of their help. The children soon began to realise that many of these charities overlap as there is a growing need for their assistance in the local area and the wide world.

There’s much, much more to learn …



Y6 ‘The Highwayman’ poetry

Year 6 have been working really hard this half term looking at the Alfred Noyes poem ‘The Highwayman’. They have really enjoyed studying the language he used and how it was a twisted narrative love poem. Through role play they have been able to discuss interactions that might happen at the end of the poem between Bess and The Highwayman. Lots of children thought that Bess would be furious that she gave her life away just so he could go and end up dying!

Year 6 Respectful Relationships

Year 6 really had some really thoughtful discussions in their learning about respectful relationships this afternoon. There were thought provoking discussions that helped them learn a lot about how to show respect and what good relationships look like. Also how relationships evolve overtime.

Norse Mythology Work!

To introduce our new topic, Anglo Saxons and Vikings, Year 5 learned about Norse Mythology and some key characters within Norse Myths.

The children then worked collaboratively to analyse a Norse Myth; exploring grammatical features such as parenthesis, direct speech, modal verbs, fronted adverbials and much more! The reason for this activity was for the children to familiarise themselves with Norse Mythology features and how grammatical features are used to create effect.

Well done Year 5!

Year 6 D&T

This week, year 6 have been working on D&T (design and technology). For this term, we have made and evaluated some chocolate truffles ( which everyone enjoyed). We were able to create truffles all on our own following our design specification. We were able to use the chocolate of our choice for the base, which we then added unsalted butter, sponge cake and icing sugar to. Everyone loved their different and unique chocolate truffles. We packaged these in our own designed box that we designed using our computing skills on a 3d net. These looked superb!


The DL Team(Digital Leaders Team)


Festive Poetry!

What a lovely end to a busy term of English in Year 6! Children worked hard to create joyful and uplifting festive poetry incorporating figurative language and a rhyming pattern throughout their stanzas. They used their senses to describe seasonal scents, noises, textures and sights as they transported their audience into a winter wonderland. Mrs Marson enjoyed judging the poetry and chose an overall winner who was Tuloula H. Fantastic work!

Tuloula’s winning poem!

A selection of more brilliant poems from Y6

Year 5 D&T – Make

Today, Year 5 used their designs and what they had learned in the focused practical task to make their own pair of sandals. They had to cut out their straps and attach them to the soles of their sandals. They then added embellishments, such as sequins, beads and buttons, to decorate their sandals.


Year 5 D&T – Focused Practical Task

In our D&T unit we are designing, making and evaluating our very own sandals.

This afternoon, Year 5 watched a demonstration of how to create a template for the soles of their sandals and then made their own templates. We then watched a demonstration of how to use this template to create the soles of the sandals (using cork), ensuring minimal wastage.

Maya trading post!

Year 6 have really enjoyed learning about the Maya over this past term so we decided to finish off our topic focus by running a ‘Maya Trading Post’! The children showed excellent teamwork and enterprise skills by working together to buy and trade Maya themed activities for cocoa bean currency (or coffee beans in our case!). The winning team was the group who successfully earnt the most cocoa bean profit. All children showed that they had retained so much knowledge about the Maya from over the past term and worked fantastically in teams to build on individual strengths. Well done!

Y6 Chocolatiers

Year 6 are really enjoying investigating the history of chocolate this morning. They now can recall how a chocolate bar is made and know the process both is lengthy and hard work. Some year 6 children have excellent taste buds and are able to classify dairy and non dairy chocolate. From looking at a range of packaging they can find common ingredients and discussed what they might be used for within the chocolate (taste, texture). They can’t wait to do the taste session later!