Reading Plus Guide

During the Covid-19 pandemic, a number of children are being set up on our Reading Plus program. Here you will find guidance on how to get started and how to use this software.

Please read all of this information before using for the first time.


Getting Started

The best way to find the log on screen is to google ‘Reading Plus student log in’

If you are presented with this screen click the top box ‘student login’



The first time you log in on a new device it will ask for a site code. Our site code is rpchris2


Once the site code is confirmed you are able to log in!

Usernames are as follows.

If a child’s name was John Smith, the username would be JohnS

Password is qwerty



The very first time children log in they will be required to do a base line assessment.

It is very important that they take their time to do this.

They will need around 30-40 minutes in a quiet environment to watch several videos and undertake different assessment tasks.

They will undertake a number of reading tasks which will set their reading level and reading speed so it is important that they pay full attention so that they are working at the correct level.