Meeting Jigsaw Jack!

Year 1 really enjoyed their first PSHE lesson meeting Jigsaw Jack!  We started off with a lovely game called ‘pass the smile’. We discussed how this made us feel happy, loved and excited! We then talked about how we felt about coming back to school in a new year group with new teachers. We shared all sorts of worries and emotions!  To help us understand the different emotions we were feeling we read ‘The colour monster’.

The children were then introduced to our wall of colour monsters and together we read all the adjectives used to describe the different emotions! We had fun finding our faces and moving them to match how we feel. The children are looking forward to doing this everyday! Well done Year 1, you have settled in really well to the new rules and routines!

Our Fabulous FS2

Our FS2 Bubble have embraced the beautiful outdoor weather this week…

we have dressed as superheroes, princesses, ninja turtles, mermaids, pirates…we have danced, sang, laughed and so much more!

We have chatted, helped, shared and played with our friends…

it has been a truly wonderful week.

Next week will be our final week together and we are so excited at all the happy times we have planned to end this extra ordinary school year…

especially our Seaside Day on Wednesday ☀️🙂☀️

Life Cycles!

In PSHE, Year 1 have been exploring the different life cycles of animals and humans. At first we looked at our own life cycle and discussed our different life experiences of having older/younger siblings and shared these with the rest of the class. We then ordered these as a whole class.

We discussed how we grow and the changes that happen to our bodies and how this is OK! It happens to all of us! We then discussed that it isn’t just humans that grow but animals also have life cycles. In groups, Year 1 worked hard to order different life cycles. Some groups had frogs, others had chickens or butterflies! It was so interesting to see how they changed and learn the key vocabulary such as frog spawn, froglets, chicks, cocoon etc!

Fabulous outdoor times in FS2

We have started our last term in FS2 this week by making the most of the beautiful weather and our wonderful outdoor area…

Vegetable soup was on the menu, exploring and chatting about our favourite vegetables, demonstrating excellent skill when using our safety knifes to chop and amazing team work to get the soup prepared… and of course it tasted delicious!

Caring for friends and talking together, sharing special stories and adventures.

Our minds are always inquisitive and we love experimenting and exploring!

Outdoor learning in the Summer is the best experience!

Who is special to us?

In PSHE we had a brilliant discussion about the people in our lives who are special to us and why.

Here were some of our answers:

“My Mum because she gives me cuddles and looks after me”

“My Dad because he plays with me and helps me if I fall over”

“My Grandad and Grandma and they buy me sweets!”

It was lovely to share the special people in our lives with our friends!

Year 1 are incredible!

In PSHCE this week, Year 1 have discussed what qualities each of us have.

We first got to tell Jigsaw Jack how special he is and what we thought he is good at.

Then, we talked about how good it feels when somebody tells you that you are good at something and how it’s also important to tell ourselves.

We found out that some of us are good friends, some of us are good at sports and some of us have special skills.

We listened as each member of the class told us why they are amazing.

We think our Year 1 children are just incredible!

Fantastic discussions during PSHE in Year 2!

This week, Year 2 have been discussing secrets.

We talked about which secrets we should keep and which secrets we shouldn’t keep.

We shared our ideas with our friends.

We thought of lots of secrets that we were happy to keep, such as birthday surprises and parties.

Then, we talked about secrets we shouldn’t keep. Year 2 thought they should tell an adult if they knew a secret about somebody being unkind or mean.

Finally, we drew some pictures to represent our ideas and completed to some sentences.

F2 Forest School 🌼 🍃🌿🍃🌼

The children had a wonderful time today, helping to develop our forest area.

First we used two pallets to make a bed…a stage…a sofa…maybe even a magic carpet…

…then we use logs, stumps and planks to make an assault course.

We tested and checked to make sure it was steady and safe… then we carefully balanced around, slow and steady…

…after that, we explored our campfire area and using our fabulous imagination we toasted marshmallows and sang songs.

We were careful not to go too close, staying on the edge of our safety circle. It was good to investigate the patterns on the bricks we used to surround our fire pit…

…and finally, we looked for bugs, planted a tree and worked together at tidy away time.

We love our forest area!


Year 5 Jigsaw – Online Gaming

This week in PSHE, Year 5 looked at online gaming and the risks involved with playing games online. We came up with a list of positives and a list of negatives to online gaming. In groups, we were then given a made up online game which he had to create some rules for in order to make the game safer.