NSPCC – Speak Out, Stay Safe

Year 5 have been learning about different types of abuse and what we can do if we are victims of abuse. We learned that abuse is never the child’s fault, who we can talk to if we are a victim of abuse and how to contact Childline. We even learned the Childline number (0800 1111) off by heart.

Life cycles

This week in PSHE Year 1 have been looking at life cycles and how things change.

We started our lesson by finding our partners. 1 partner had a baby animal and the other partner had an adult animal.

Year 1 then talked about how the baby animal they had changed to become an adult animal. We found out some just grow bigger like cows but others change completely like frogs.

We looked at what a life cycle is and put some pictures of different animals in order to create a life cycle. We looked at chickens, butterflies, frogs  and people.

Celebrating my special relationships

In PSHE this week Year 1 have been talking about people who are important to them.

We started our lesson by playing spin the bottle.

We span a bottle and the child it pointed at told us who was important to them and why they are important.

Jigsaw Jack had a special balloon and label today. Jigsaw Jack’s label told us why he though the children in Year 1 are important to him.

Year 1 then told each other how their important people make them feel safe and good about them selves.

Mental Health Awareness

Year 2 have been learning about Mental Health Awareness this week. They discussed different emotions such as loneliness and anxiety. Then they created a bank of  suggestions to help them when they feel lonely or worried.


Mental Health Awareness Week

As part of Mental Health Week, Year 5 discussed loneliness and what we can do if we are ever feeling lonely. We came up with some fantastic ideas to combat loneliness.

Mental Health Awareness Week!

As it is Mental Health Awareness Week, Miss Mead’s class have been discussing how we can remain happy, healthy and comfortable in our daily lives. We came up with lots of ideas of what makes us feel safe! 

Y4 Mental Health Awareness Week 2022: Loneliness

Y4 have been having discussions about loneliness and considering the difference of being alone as opposed to being lonely.  All agreed that it is often nice to have some ‘Me Time’  alone doing the things we enjoy  (reading, colouring, drawing, listening to music, painting our nails, practising football skills  etc).  However, if an individual is lonely, the children agreed that this oftens brings about negative emotions such as sadness, despair, worry,  anxiousness and the feelings of isolation and exclusion.

Our task was to identify ways to  ‘Tackle Loneliness’ to both help and support an individual (or even ourselves) and improve wellbeing and self-esteem…

  • Talk to someone you trust and share how you are feeling
  • Join a club that you are interested in or take up a hobby
  • Reach out to someone who feels lonely – Ask them how they are feeling and reassure them that help is there for them
  • Be kind and be there to listen
  • Think about all of your positive qualities – reflect on what you can do and be proud of who you are and what you have achieved
  • Be kind to yourself – remember that you are special

We then created some fantastic posters promoting ways to tackle loneliness…

We now feel that we have the knowledge and a better understanding of how to tackle loneliness to help both ourselves and others if those feelings ever arise.




Y3 Mental Health Awareness Week 2022: Loneliness

Y3 have been discussing this years theme of loneliness for Mental Health Week 2022.  We shared our own definitions of what loneliness means and how it can affect an individual’s wellbeing. The children then shared strategies for coping with emotions of sadness and worry and agreed that reaching out and sharing our feelings with others is a way to help ourselves.  We then recorded all of the individuals in our own lives that are there to support our own wellbeing and who we can turn to should we need a little help.


In PSHCE this week, Y5MEA were discussing situations that could happen online and whether they are safe or unsafe. Each child had their own cards: safe, unsafe and I’m not sure. The children used these cards to show their thoughts and whether they believed that certain situations online could have positive/negative consequences. As a class, we shared our opinions and debated the positives and negatives about online communities.