Why we are proud of ourselves

In PSHE this week, year 1 have been discussing what they are successful at.

We started our lesson with Jigsaw Jack. We passed him around our circle carefully and quietly. We had to work together as a class to achieve this goal.

We talked about goals we have achieved. Lots of children in year 1 did not think we had achieved any goals until we talked about the skills we now have that we didn’t have before.

Lots of children in Year 1 can tie their shoes, fasten their coats or even ride a bike.

We took it in turns to tell the class about the achievements we are proud of.

IMG_6699[1] IMG_6705[1]

Year 6 Respectful Relationships

Year 6 really had some really thoughtful discussions in their learning about respectful relationships this afternoon. There were thought provoking discussions that helped them learn a lot about how to show respect and what good relationships look like. Also how relationships evolve overtime.

In our PSHE lesson today, we looked at bullying and discussed how our words and actions can hurt others. We discussed bullying and the different types of bullying i.e. sexism, racism, homophobia, rumour spreading, cyber-bullying, name calling and verbal and physical bullying.

We discussed ways in how we can deal with bullying to make the situation better. For example, telling an adult, blocking the person if the bullying is occurring online and not retaliating. We also discussed ways in which a bullying situation could be made worse. For example joining in with bullying or not telling an adult if you witness a bullying incident.

Finally, we talked about the differences between direct and indirect bullying and examples of both types.

The children then worked in groups to come up with their own bullying scenario and then six ways to help solve the scenario and six ways that the situation could be made worse. With their scenario and reasons, the children created their own snakes and ladders game.

We finished our lessons on bullying by playing our games.

Year 6 white ribbon day (Digital leaders post)

This week, our school has taken part in white ribbon day. White ribbon day is when we consider about woman’s rights and how we treat each other. For year 6, we have done some graffiti all about white ribbon day. All the children enjoyed this new topic and everyone took part in decorating two blank walls. The children made amazing graffiti! We then displayed it in the year 5 and 6 pod.

Sincerely, the Digital Leaders (DL Team)


As part of our White Ribbon Day Activity Year 6 Have created a graffiti wall of positivity. Each child wrote a thought on the wall, which challenge misconceptions. The children’s thoughts are clear; each one sending a positive message to all who read them.




If we immerse ourselves in diverse culture, we get opportunities to interact and mingle with people from different background and learn from one another. We can build trust, love, respect and understanding across cultures thereby wiping out all the negative stereotypes and personal biases about different groups.

Well done Year 6 , a great way to get the message across!!!

White Ribbon Day 2021

In Y4, the children have been working collaboratively to identify the qualities which they believe are necessary to form and maintain positive relationships.

As you can see, we shared our opinions and agreed that many qualities are required to ensure that relationships between friends, parents, carers, teachers and people in our wider community not only work but remain positive.


We then proudly signed our pledge to ensure that only kind words, kind thoughts and kind actions are used towards one another in all the relationships we are a part of now and in the future.

# White Ribbon


White ribbon day!

Year 1 were so grown up today in our discussion all about white ribbon day. We wanted to make a difference so we thought we could spread happiness by being kind to each other.

Watch the video’s below to see us spread positivity and some of our discussions about why we do white ribbon day!

Molly and Harry spreading kindness.

William and Lottie spreading kindness.

Millie explaining her understanding of white ribbon day.

Nickolas explaining his understanding of white ribbon day.


Y4 Traditional Games Club

We have started a ‘Traditional Games Club’ here in Year 4, where the children can collaborate and communicate with each other whilst having lots of fun fun getting to grips with some classic games.  As you can see, we are all engaged in the games we are playing and  enjoying each others company whilst demonstrating our teamworking skills!


Anti-Bullying Week

To start Anti-Bullying Week, Year 5 took part in Odd Socks Day to celebrate the fact that we are all different. We then discussed what we could do to spread the message of ‘One Kind Word’ and how it feels when someone is kind to you.

Anti- Bullying Week

Year 2 have been celebrating anti-bullying week this week. They started the week by wearing odd socks for odd socks day. Then they looked at the key message ‘One Kind Word’. Finally they made their anti-bullying pledges.