None of us knew what a binary tree was at the start of our lesson so we were excited to learn.

Next, we started by thinking of yes/no questions to ask about a selection of animals.

Then, we kept answering the questions to create new groups and sort the animals.

Finally, we thought of our own yes/no questions to input on our IPADS.

Computing in Year 2

Year 2 have started a new unit in Computing called ‘Questioning’. This week they were learning to use yes or no question to sort information. On Purple Mash they used yes or no questions to find  the names of the different avatars.


Year 6 D&T

This week, year 6 have been working on D&T (design and technology). For this term, we have made and evaluated some chocolate truffles ( which everyone enjoyed). We were able to create truffles all on our own following our design specification. We were able to use the chocolate of our choice for the base, which we then added unsalted butter, sponge cake and icing sugar to. Everyone loved their different and unique chocolate truffles. We packaged these in our own designed box that we designed using our computing skills on a 3d net. These looked superb!


The DL Team(Digital Leaders Team)


Year 6 Computing

Recently in year 6, we have been focusing on using functions and input. We found out how we can use them. We have also been finding out how to use different variables and how much fun they can all create. A variable is a string of a certain combination or the combination can be random.  A function is something that tells the computer to do a certain thing. Input is something that you can tell the computer to do and it might reply depending on if it understands what you are saying and you have got the rest of the code right. Using this information we were able to create a Adventure text program.

Sincerely, DL Team ( Digital Leaders Team)

Digital footprints in Year 2!

Year 2 have been learning about digital footprints and how important it is to be safe online. We shared our ideas about what we should and could share online and how that information was stored before creating posters to help other children.

Y6 visit to Sirius!

Y6 students had a fantastic day of learning at Sirius Academy West today. We took part in a carousel of olympic themed activities and demonstrated fantastic team work to win as many point as possible for the countries we were representing!


In the maths session, we playing ‘archery maths’ and studied sprint times from the 100m races. This tested our mental maths skills and ability to order numbers up to 2 decimal places. We also enjoyed spotting lines of symmetry on the countries’ fags!

We worked really hard in art to develop our light sketching skills and design and draw our own olympic mascots.

In computing, we programmed an electronic game of squash and loved spending time in the designated computer suites!

We had so much fun playing competitive geography games which tested our knowledge on the countries involved in hosting the olympics and also the continents in which they were held!


In Y1, in computing, we are currently learning all about Spreadsheets.

So far we know what a row, column and cell are and we have populated cells with colours, numbers, words and complete number sentences using mathematical symbols.

We have also learned how to input clip art pictures and are beginning to to make the pictures move!

Some of us used our knowledge of colours and clipart to make some lovely moving scenes!


Computer Coders

This afternoon in Y1 we have been learning what coding means in computing – we found out that all of our favourite computer games we play on at home are all made by coding and that it is basically giving characters and objects instructions to move!

We were able to programme a range of sea creatures to move left, right, up and down! We understood we needed to give the computer very clear instructions or the creatures wouldn’t move properly.