In Y1, in computing, we are currently learning all about Spreadsheets.

So far we know what a row, column and cell are and we have populated cells with colours, numbers, words and complete number sentences using mathematical symbols.

We have also learned how to input clip art pictures and are beginning to to make the pictures move!

Some of us used our knowledge of colours and clipart to make some lovely moving scenes!


Computer Coders

This afternoon in Y1 we have been learning what coding means in computing – we found out that all of our favourite computer games we play on at home are all made by coding and that it is basically giving characters and objects instructions to move!

We were able to programme a range of sea creatures to move left, right, up and down! We understood we needed to give the computer very clear instructions or the creatures wouldn’t move properly.


All about Plants

Year 2 have been learning about plants this term. They have learned the parts of the plant, the things a plant need to survive and have learned about different plants that we can eat. Year 2 used their Computing skills this week to create an informative leaflet all about plants. In their leaflet’s the added text and pictures. They also changed the font size and colour.

Y5 Safer Internet Day

Today, the Year 5 children in school created a banner for safer internet use to showcase what they have been learning about throughout the week.

Year 5 – Safer Internet Day

This week, both in school and at home, the Year 5 children have been completing activities centred around staying safe online.

For their first task, they created posters informing children of the SMART rules for staying safe online.

Freddie F

Ella C                                        Jamie C

For their second task, they looked at advertising and how people use social media to advertise and promote products.

Ava-May S

For their final task, they discussed a range of activities and actions that people can undertake online and decided how risky these actions and activities are and why.

Jay H

Internet Safety Day in Y2

Y2 have been learning about Internet Safety this week. First we asked the question ‘What is the internet?’

We discussed ways that we keep safe on the internet and learned that the everything we read on the internet is not always true. Then we used what we have learned to complete a quiz on Purple Mash.

We all had some fantastic ideas on how to stay safe with the main rule being: if in doubt check with an adult first!

Who keeps us safe when we use the internet?

Year 1 have listened to the story Digiduck told us about how things on the internet are not always true.

The story got us thinking about what other things may not be true on the internet.

Year 1 discussed how they use the internet on things like games consoles and phones and Netflix. That got us thinking about how you can talk to people when playing games.

Year 1 are very sensible and only talk to people they know but we found out some people talk to strangers online. We then found out that lots of people who care about us keep us safe whilst we are online.

In school teachers keep us safe and only let us use the internet for school work.

At home our adults keep us safe and check we are on the right programmes and games online.

We drew some pictures to say how we use the internet and who keeps us safe while we are using them.


We know lots about staying safe online now!

Safer Internet Day – Guinness World Record

As part of Internet Safety Day 2021, Year 3 have found out about what reliability online means. This linked in nicely with what we have previously discovered, in our computing lessons, about the accuracy of information on websites. To celebrate this day some of our year 3s have taken part in signing a pledge, to promise to keep ourselves safe online and post reliable content. This is part of The UK Safer Internet Centre and 2Simple’s task to break an official GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS ™ title for Safer Internet Day. Hopefully, we can be part of a new world record! Here are some posters our online learners made to reiterate the message about reliable online content.

One of the fantastic posters  Y3 made using purple mash.

Well done to our home learners who also made some fantastic posters.

‘Spoof’ Websites

In Year 3 we used the internet to research Christopher Columbus and from the range of information found, we discovered that some information held on websites may not be accurate or true. Year 3 now know that they need to think critically about the results found, when using search engines. From this we went onto create our own ‘spoof’ websites to demonstrate how easily anyone can create a webpage.  Here are a few our home learners have made.