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WC 14.7.2020

Our last week before we break up for the summer holidays. Well done to the boys and girls who have done some of our homework tasks.

Any children in F1 or F2 who have not yet accessed your Tapestry account please check your email (including your junk mail) for a link this week. We are hoping to get all of you set up this week, including those of you moving into Year 1.


Foundation Stage 1

This week F1 children can recap on the numbers 1-5 and the phonemes t, d, s, a and m. If you are starting F2 in September your new teacher will be so pleased if you know these numbers and letters.

Please feel free to have a go at some of the activities in this transition document too.

Remote transition activities – Twinkl

Foundation Stage 2

Hi everyone
We can’t believe how quickly the end of term has come around. What a strange few months is has been for everyone. All of the teachers are so proud of your hard work and everything you have done. Here is one last activity for you to do over the next week. It will help your new teacher get to know you a little bit.

For my new teacher…

We’ll miss you in Foundation Stage, but you’ll have a great time in Year 1. Good luck everyone and have a fabulous summer holiday.


Reading Mastery

Hi Everyone

Here is the last part of our Reading Mastery book.

Reading Mastery 14th July

I hope you enjoyed talking about the book with your children. This type of discussion about books can be applied to any stories you have at home.

Look out on Tuesday for Mrs Wilkinson reading the whole story on our YouTube channel.



Previous work

Foundation Stage 1

wc 6.7.2020


5 booklet

5 powerpoint

Number Representations

Teaching the number 5

Writing a number 5


t scene instructions

t scene

T workbook twinkl

Teaching the ‘t’ sounds

Writing the letter t

Phase 1 phonics

Here are some Phonics activities your child will be familiar with in F1. Lots of fun activities to do at home.

Please focus on one aspect per week.

Aspect 1 – Environmental Sounds – Homework

Aspect 2 – Instrumental sounds – Homework

Aspect 3 – General sound discrimination – body percussion – Homework

Aspect 4 – Rhythm and rhyme – Homework

Aspect 5 – Alliteration – Homework

Aspect 6 – Voice sounds – Homework

Aspect 7 – Oral segmenting and blending- Homework

White Rose Maths

Remember to watch the video on the weblink which matches the activities. They can be found here.









This week we will be becoming number 4 experts….

Teaching the number 4

4 presentation

4 work book

Number Representations

Part part whole model

Writing a number 4

RWI Phonics

This week we will be focusing on the 4th Set 1 sound ‘d’.

Teaching the _d_ sounds

d workbook – twinkl

I spy d

writing the letter d



Youth Sports Trust Sports Week Activities


Summer 8 Teaching the number 3

Number Representations

Writing a number 3

All About The Number 3 Twinkl Powerpoint

3 booklet

Read Write Inc Phonics for school starter 

Lesson plan for teaching the ‘s’ sound

S workbook

Seaside scene Instructions

Seaside scene

Snake ‘s’ game Writing the letter S

Cutting skills

Under the sea cutting skills Twinkl


Have you remembered that it’s Fathers Day on Sunday?  Why don’t you have a go at making this card.  You could give it to whoever you love!  Enjoy being creative.

fathers day card


The number 2 (two) activites

Number Representations

2 workbook


Lesson plan for teaching the ‘a’ sound

Twinkl ‘a’ workbook

Twinkl – I spy something beginning with a

Letter formation sheet ‘a’

Cutting Skills

Twinkl sandcastle cutting activity

Dough Disco 

theraputty-4-week-programme-for-school (1) (1) (1)

WC 8.06.2020


In maths we will be covering one number a week between now and the summer holidays. Each week we will look at a variety of maths units through the given number.

The number 1 (one) activities

Number 1 representations

Twinkl number line

Twinkl ‘1’ booklet

Read Write Inc phonics

Please watch the video below at 9:30am each day.


We will be looking at one letter per week. This week we are focusing on the ‘m’ sound.

Twinkl I spy something beginning with m.

Twinkl ‘m’ story

Twinkl ‘m’ workbook

WC 1.06.20


Summer 6 Addition

White Rose Maths

Here is a link to the videos which go alongside the worksheets below.








If your child is ready and confident with Aspects 1 – 7 of Phase 1 phonics below, they can now move on to our phonics scheme Read Write Inc.

Please watch the video below at 9:30am each day.


WC 18.05.20


Summer Week 5 Addition

WC 11.05.20


This week we are moving on to number representations and matching. There is also some lovely activities to do on the Twinkl Hungry Caterpillar maths booklet involving number matching.

Number Recognition and Matching

Hungry Caterpilla maths, Twinkl

WC 4.5.20

VE Day celebrations. If you have a printer can you colour in this flag.

Can you design your own Union Jack flag? You could use buttons, paints, tissue or material. We would love to see your designs on Tapestry.



WC – 4th May

In maths this week we are moving on to number recognition. Link the link for some suggested activities.

Number Recognition

Here are the number descriptions we use in school to help us to remember what our numbers look like.

Number Descriptions

WC – 27th April 

This week our focus is ‘Counting Objects.’ Click the link below to see some suggested activities. Please upload to Tapestry for us to see you having a go.

Counting Objects

WC – 20th April

This week is positional language week. Click below to see some lovely activities, which should be easy and fun to do at home.

Positional Language

WC – 30th March 2020

2D Shape Hunt

Number – Roll The Dice

WC – 23th March 2020

Here are some number songs we love to sing in F1.

Number songs

Foundation Stage 2

Challenge Ideas



This week we will be exploring odd and even number.  A good place to start with your child is by sorting out socks; if they are matching pair they make an even number (2, 4, 6, etc), if there is one left over it is an ‘odd sock’ therefore it is an odd number (1, 3, 5, etc).  Enjoy!

Sorting socks to find odd and even numbers

The story of Osman-Odd and Eshal-Even

Odd and even numbers activity booklet



Have a go at these Phonics activities, I have chosen a tricky sheet this week, but I think you’ll all be able to do it easily.

There is also a summer phonics booklet, you can have a god at doing this over the next 2 weeks, there are a lot of activities.


summer themed phonics

Picture match



Topic work this week is about seagulls in The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch book.

Have a go at making a wanted poster for the seagulls. Draw a picture of them in the large box, decide what the reward is going to be for whoever catches them, then have a go at writing a description of them on the lines below. Include things like, they are greedy, they make a squawking noise, they live by the sea, etc.

Wanted poster

Can you make a seagull using a paper plate? Have a go and send you pictures to us on Tapestry.

Paper plate seagull

Have fun


Reading Mastery 

Sorry I forgot about reading mastery last week… Here is an extra large dose for you. Enjoy…

Reading Mastery 6th July


The children will be using money to add and take away.  Enjoy playing shops together!

Adding with money

Taking away with money

Remember that you can carry on practising double and half number.  For a challenge count in 2s, 5s and 10s!


Here are a few phonics activities from Twinkl that are appropriate for children reaching the end of Foundation Stage.
Remember the children should have a go at reading the sounds and sentences themselves.
Don’t forget that you can re-watch the phonics flashcard videos from previous memos and on our YouTube channel.
Have fun

Phonics Activity Mats

pictures and captions matching


Hi everyone

Here are a few activities about lighthouses.
Can you make a lighthouse using a paper cup? or a Pringles tin, or whatever you can find around the house.
Send us your pictures and look out on Twitter for the ones we make at school.

Labeling a lighthouse – can you find the name of all of the parts of a lighthouse. Feel free to have a look on Google for the answers if you get stuck. Discuss the different parts and what they might do.

Maddy Moate has also made a few videos about lighthouses which you might find interesting. Use the links below.




Label a lighthouse

Paper cup lighthouses

Reading Mastery 

On its way…

White Rose Maths 

Click on this link https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/early-years/ to watch the videos to go with the activities.












Here are a few revision sheets for our ‘Special Friends’  th, ch and sh



We are starting to look at a new book this week. The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch.

Watch the video on our Youtube channel and have a go at making a story map and complete the ‘about the story’ sheet.

Story map

About the story


Reading Mastery 

Reading Mastery 22nd June

The children will be exploring the concept of ‘sharing’.  In Maths it is important that the children understand that when undertaking this task groups should always be ‘equal‘.  I’m sure that you can come up with some funny problems to solve.  Have fun helping your child explore this concept.

Sharing into equal groups










Here are a few phonics activities for the week.
Alphabet Hunt – have a go at writing the alphabet.

Alphabet hunt

Read and draw – ask you child to read the caption and draw a picture to match. The main aim of this activity is for the children to be able to read the caption.

Read and draw

Don’t forget you can still play the games on the ‘Phonics play’ website for free. https://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/ 

‘Teach you monster to read’ is also a good app to download. Keep an eye out – sometimes it is available for free.

Don’t forget to keep watching the Read Write Inc videos on the Ruth Miskin Site and Mrs Wilkinson showing the flashcards.

Have fun


This week we will be looking at ‘The seaside’ in topic.

Please look through and discuss this Twinkl Power Point about the seaside.

The seaside

Complete this ‘What can you find at the seaside?’ sheet.

Seaside labels

Reading Mastery 

Reading mastery WC 15th June










Don’t forget to keep watching the videos on https://www.ruthmiskin.com/en/find-out-more/parents/

And the videos of Mrs Wilkinson doing the flash cards on Tapestry.

Pick a picture



Writing a post card

Summer suitcase

Reading Mastery

Reading mastery WC 8th June



Our topic over the next few weeks will be summer/seaside.

We would love to see any summer activities you’ve been doing on Tapestry.

Here are a few activities you could try.

Can you make a poster about how to keep safe in the sun? Don’t forget to write on the line and draw a picture in the box.

Keeping safe in the sun

Other summer activities

Signs of summer treasure hunt

Making ice cream


Phonics game

Tricky word train


Yes of no

I spy and read


Challenge Ideas

maths problems

making 10

WC 18.05.2020

Doubles and halves

Number bonds to 5

Number bonds to 10

White Rose Maths – please watch the corresponding videos by clicking on the link below.







WC 11.5.20

Sentence makers

Nonsense pictures

Read, Write, Inc is the phonics scheme we teach in school. Read, Write Inc will be delivering phonics sessions on You Tube at 9.30am daily for your children. These will remain online for you to use for 24 hours. Your child should watch the Set 2 sounds.

Here is the link for today’s video:


Butterfly Life cycle

Some of you have already had a go at making a butterfly life cycle diagram. But just in case you didn’t get chance, here is work sheet to help. You can watch Maddie explain how it works on iPlayer on the link below.


Butterfly Life cycle

A butterfly has a very exciting life cycle, but it’s interesting to find out how other animals start their lives. Use this sheet to help you learn what we call baby farm animals. You could add to it by thinking of other animals and finding out what we call their babies… also do they come from eggs, or out of their mummy’s tummy?

mothers and their young

Here are some other activities that you may like too…

Addition problem solving and number sentences

Captions to practise writing

Growing experiment

Rhyming words

Subtraction problem solving and number sentences

White Rose Maths






WC 4.5.20

A simple introduction to VE day   VE day


Can you plan a VE day picnic? Picnic plan

Use this design sheet – borrowed from Twinkl – to design a medal. Design a Medal

A great template for making a paper spitfire – borrowed from twinkl Simple WW2 Spitfire Glider Activity Paper Craft

Bun recipe

How to make a sandwich and ordering

List writing and word matching

Word problems

Strange Shapes

We use some of the White Rose maths materials in school as it follows our maths mastery approach. We are delighted to see this weeks work is based on The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Please watch the videos which accompany the power points here;








Pick the right word sh ch th ng

Real or alien words

Upload you work via Purple Mash


The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Hi everyone.

We hope you’re all OK and staying safe.

Thank you for sending us the pictures and updates about what you’ve been doing at home. We’ve loved seeing what you’ve been getting up to.

Our topic for the next few weeks will be based on The Very Hungry Caterpillar. There will be activities for you to try and send us pictures of. Here is the link to the story for you to watch.

**The first challenge is… can you tell us what the story is about?**

Send us a video on tapestry!

Look out for more challenges over the week.
See you soon.
Mrs Wilkinson

Can you make a hungry caterpillar, like Mrs Sanford?


Talk for Writing Work Booklet: 

If your require extra work for your children, Pie Corbett has produced some fantastic ‘Talk for Writing’  resources. These are similar activities to the things we do in school.  Click on the link below to access the Foundation Stage  work booklet:



Encourage your child to read for pleasure with the stories you have at home. Reading for pleasure for 10 minutes a day significantly boosts your child’s range of vocabulary.

In addition, Reading Eggs have produced some fantastic home learning resources to support school closures. Below are links to packs suitable for Foundation Stage: