Book Sale!

Team SEN plan to hold a second hand book sale on Thursday, celebrating World Book Day. Book sale will be held on our Hub playground and continue after school allowing parents to purchase. We are using this as a fundraising event and books will be priced at any 3 for £1. A text will be sent out today notifying parents. We will prepare a timetable for you to visit and purchase. Our wee book shop will be open all day, including lunchtime, so no pressure. Please feel free if any other phases wish to do the same in their own area!

Thank you!

Team SEN

Charlie is this weeks Y2 Reading Champion

Charlie is this weeks Year 2 Reading Champion because he loves to read! He always reads at home and has so far read lots of classics such as George’s Marvellous Medicine.

I am reading different poems from the Mother Goose book.

I have Read 100 poems from it and there is even a cheese on toast poem which is my favourite because it is funny.

I always read at home and I like reading at weekends and in the morning.

Well done Charlie! It is fabulous to hear and see children enjoy reading!

Molly is this weeks Y2 Reading Champion!!

Every week, the Y2 staff will be choosing a pupil to be crowned ‘Reading Champion’ to encourage the love of reading and for the children to share and read books at home and in school.

This weeks reading champion is Molly who is currently reading George’s Marvellous Medicine! Well done Molly!

I am reading George’s Medicine and I am really enjoying it. My favourite part is where the Grandma and George are mean to each other. He is so polite but his Grandma is mean to him. 

I have got up to the part where where Grandma can no longer fit in the house because George has made a medicine so that she has grown so tall. 

I really like reading at home and I always read at bedtime. by Molly 



Year 5 Bikeability

Year 5 have had a fantastic week with the Bikeability instructors. We’ve had such a wonderful range of achievements and successes, from learning how to ride a bike from scratch, to riding on the road for the first time and even being able to turn right into a side street whilst altering road position and signalling. It has been amazing to see all of the children’s positive attitudes, resilience and new-found confidence in their cycling. Well done Year 5! Miss Jones and Miss Staines are so proud of you!


Thank You Secret Santa!!!!

Would just like to say a huge thank you to my Secret Santa!

I requested 1. Big surprise! 2. Medium surprise! 3. Wee surprise!

I was lucky enough to receive all three of the most beautiful gifts! Love them!

Thank you so much!

Big (hope to soon be back to Wee) Helly