A BIG thanks to the local HU4 Community Network Team for donating a variety of beautiful flowers and herbs to our Foundation Stage flower beds! We had the best afternoon weeding and preparing our planters! We loved using our gardening tools and trowels, and getting our hands all dirty with compost and soil! We planted a selection of beautiful flowers, our favourites were definitely the Sunflowers! And we explored the different smells from the herbs (Thyme) and Lavender! We talked about some of the purposes of these flowers and herbs and what they needed to grow. We also carefully planted some strawberry plants, ready to be picked in the next few weeks! We can’t wait to watch our planters begin to fully bloom in the upcoming weeks…


Her Royal Majesty…

In honour of the Queen’s upcoming Jubilee we have be doing all things Queenie this week! We had loads of fun in our Forest School session making mud portraits of our Queen. We talked about the texture of the paint we would need… not too wet, not too dry… we went digging for mud and then experimented adding water with our jugs to create the perfect consistency for our mud paint! It involved lots of digging, scooping, mixing, stirring… and group and pair talk about how much or how little water to add…

Finger fun in Forest School!

This week in Forest School we worked on our fine motor skills… threading, pushing and pulling natural materials and making our very own nature boards. We went on a nature hunt around the grounds looking for different colours and textures of natural items. We loved discussing the textures, colours and smells of our collections and tried to identify everything we collected…

Forest School Perfume…

Foundation Stage look forward to their Forest School Tuesday’s! And today we had great fun making our own perfumes…

We have been noticing the weather changing this week as the seasons begin to change and the world around us starts to grow again, the flowers, the bee’s, the tree’s! It’s all coming to life, the buds appearing and the shoots in the ground beginning to bloom. It’s the little things that you notice when you stop and take time to watch and listen… but these little things make a big picture of what’s happening in the world all around us.

We decided to go on a nature walk around school, looking for things that we could use to make our own perfumes and scents of spring. We talked about different flowers and weeds and collected bits from the ground and around us, using our senses…touch and smell. We talked about textures and scent and made observations of everything we saw.

We collected our findings and brought them back to our Forest School kitchen where we got stuck-in cutting, pulling, mixing, chopping, squashing, picking, stirring, pouring and sieving our very own Spring scents! We added a touch of colour, a splash of glittery magic and a lot of care and love into our recipes!

We compared scents with our friends, some smelt very strong! We discussed what we could smell and which ones we preferred…

Exploring ‘Green’

Foundation Stage have been exploring all things GREEN!

We looked at how we can make green and explored different shades of it. We went on a green scavenger hunt to start with, exploring our outside area on a hunt for green things. We found lots of natural things around us- like leaves and plants! But we also spotted lots of toys and equipment that was green! We brought it altogether so we could explore the shade and then had a go at making our own shades of green, using white to make it lighter and black to make it darker. We explored what happens when we add more blue or more yellow.

In literacy we have been reading  ‘Jack and the Beanstalk‘ so lots of us decided to use our experimented green shades to create our own beanstalks! They looked absolutely superb, so we have showcased them around the classroom on display!

Forest School Fun!

The sun shone for ‘Forest School’ this week as we had great fun in our first session back!

We loved getting our hands dirty and muddy planting and sowing seeds in our outdoor area! We talked about good places to plant seeds and the things they needed to grow. We looked at lots of different texts about Spring and looked out for signs all around us as we planted ready for Summer. This week in Literacy we have been reading ‘Oliver’s Vegetables‘ so we used our knowledge to plant our very own carrots, peas, broad-beans, beetroot and sunflowers! We discussed what we thought might happen to them over the coming weeks and how we would care for them. We had a go at pretending to be sunflowers ourselves, starting as a small seed and shooting up tall with our hands as wide as leaves!

We also had great fun planting some trees, ready to expand our outdoor forest area! We loved finding out about different types of trees, Birch and Oak, and talked about the roots and the very important job they do!

We loved getting physical using trowels, spades and rakes and loved coming together to work as a team!



Fabulous outdoor times in FS2

We have started our last term in FS2 this week by making the most of the beautiful weather and our wonderful outdoor area…

Vegetable soup was on the menu, exploring and chatting about our favourite vegetables, demonstrating excellent skill when using our safety knifes to chop and amazing team work to get the soup prepared… and of course it tasted delicious!

Caring for friends and talking together, sharing special stories and adventures.

Our minds are always inquisitive and we love experimenting and exploring!

Outdoor learning in the Summer is the best experience!

Y4 Muddy Boots Club

The rain held off and the Muddy Boots Club were able to get outside this week! Such a busy evening weeding, sewing and clearing, I think we all went home exhausted!

F2 Forest School 🌼 🍃🌿🍃🌼

The children had a wonderful time today, helping to develop our forest area.

First we used two pallets to make a bed…a stage…a sofa…maybe even a magic carpet…

…then we use logs, stumps and planks to make an assault course.

We tested and checked to make sure it was steady and safe… then we carefully balanced around, slow and steady…

…after that, we explored our campfire area and using our fabulous imagination we toasted marshmallows and sang songs.

We were careful not to go too close, staying on the edge of our safety circle. It was good to investigate the patterns on the bricks we used to surround our fire pit…

…and finally, we looked for bugs, planted a tree and worked together at tidy away time.

We love our forest area!


Y4 Muddy Boots Club

Whilst the rain is good for our beautiful bedding plants, that were kindly donated by B&Q….

It is no good for the Muddy Boots Club! However, we took this opportunity to write to the staff at B&Q to thank them for their generosity. We planted individual sunflower seeds our on the learning deck and can’t wait to see who will grow the tallest one!