Fabulous outdoor times in FS2

We have started our last term in FS2 this week by making the most of the beautiful weather and our wonderful outdoor area…

Vegetable soup was on the menu, exploring and chatting about our favourite vegetables, demonstrating excellent skill when using our safety knifes to chop and amazing team work to get the soup prepared… and of course it tasted delicious!

Caring for friends and talking together, sharing special stories and adventures.

Our minds are always inquisitive and we love experimenting and exploring!

Outdoor learning in the Summer is the best experience!

Y4 Muddy Boots Club

The rain held off and the Muddy Boots Club were able to get outside this week! Such a busy evening weeding, sewing and clearing, I think we all went home exhausted!

F2 Forest School 🌼 🍃🌿🍃🌼

The children had a wonderful time today, helping to develop our forest area.

First we used two pallets to make a bed…a stage…a sofa…maybe even a magic carpet…

…then we use logs, stumps and planks to make an assault course.

We tested and checked to make sure it was steady and safe… then we carefully balanced around, slow and steady…

…after that, we explored our campfire area and using our fabulous imagination we toasted marshmallows and sang songs.

We were careful not to go too close, staying on the edge of our safety circle. It was good to investigate the patterns on the bricks we used to surround our fire pit…

…and finally, we looked for bugs, planted a tree and worked together at tidy away time.

We love our forest area!


Y4 Muddy Boots Club

Whilst the rain is good for our beautiful bedding plants, that were kindly donated by B&Q….

It is no good for the Muddy Boots Club! However, we took this opportunity to write to the staff at B&Q to thank them for their generosity. We planted individual sunflower seeds our on the learning deck and can’t wait to see who will grow the tallest one!

A happy Forest School day 🍃🌿🍃

It’s wonderful having all of our children back at school and carrying on with our Forest School.

First activity… mud painting!

After donning our wetsuits and wellies, we set about collecting twigs, herbs and mud.

The herb we collected was rosemary, we gave it a good sniff… it smelt delightful.

We then attached it to a twig to make our brush… it was a little tricky for some of us, but we helped each other.

We were so proud of the brushes we had made.

Then we scooped, stirred and mixed our mud with bubbly water (which also smelt fabulous!) and added magic coloured powder to make our amazing mud paint.

We painted with the mud, it was different to our usual paint but we liked the patterns we could make with it.

Our fabulous creations!

We’re going on a worm hunt!

We had fun in the Mud Kitchen today… we went on a worm hunt!

First we worked together to lift the logs to search for worms…it was wet and warm under there and that’s what worms like…the children were very brave and picked them carefully up.

We collected lots of worms, chatting about how we looked after all insects and creatures.

So we then decided that we needed to make a home for them.

We got a container and decided to fill it with leaves, sand, grass and some wet sloppy mud… all the things that worms love and then we popped them in their new home…

they absolutely loved it…

…and so did we!

Y4 End-of-term fire!

Today we finished a busy half term with a lovely fire in our forest school. This is the first time these Y4s have had a fire at school, so we spent some time learning about fire safety and following the rules. We then had a lovely afternoon drinking hot chocolate and toasting marshmallows. Well done children and enjoy your week off!

Y4 Bubble enjoying their Hot Choc!

Evie stirring the pan

Toasting marshmallows – for most this was the first time!

FS2 Forest School

Some more FS2 children enjoyed mud painting during our Forest School session this week.

First we carefully made our paint brushes with the sticks and leaves that had been collected…

Next, we carefully scooped and mixed our mud… adding water and powder paint to make beautiful colours…

After that, we got to work on our amazing creations!

We all shared the colours we had made.

Look at our masterpieces!

Aren’t they just wonderful?



Staying Safe on Bonfire Night!

We had a very busy day learning all about Guy Fawkes and the reason we celebrate ‘Bonfire Night’.

  •  we displayed excellent teamwork skills collecting sticks and leaves to make our   bonfire
  •  used a range of painting techniques to create bonfire and firework art
  •  wrote some important safety instructions for staying safe on ‘Bonfire Night’
  •  enjoyed making and eating edible sparklers and hot dogs whilst listening to our   themed story ‘Sparks in the Sky’
  •  finished off our day all snuggled up watching a spectacular firework display

Autumn Walk!

Year 1 had a fantastic afternoon at Pickering Park looking for signs of Autumn and exploring the great outdoors! We had our very own scavenger hunt and ticked our check list for all the different animals and tree/leaf species we could see and identify! We talked about different types of trees and the size of different leaves. We sketched and observed a variety of different species of tree and talked about why some were bare and some were still ‘evergreen’! We loved joining in with some Forest School games and chants! We took our learning back to the classroom to carry on our tree identification and inspire our very own Autumnal nature area, using all our goodies we had collected on the way!