FS2 Forest School

Some more FS2 children enjoyed mud painting during our Forest School session this week.

First we carefully made our paint brushes with the sticks and leaves that had been collected…

Next, we carefully scooped and mixed our mud… adding water and powder paint to make beautiful colours…

After that, we got to work on our amazing creations!

We all shared the colours we had made.

Look at our masterpieces!

Aren’t they just wonderful?



Staying Safe on Bonfire Night!

We had a very busy day learning all about Guy Fawkes and the reason we celebrate ‘Bonfire Night’.

  •  we displayed excellent teamwork skills collecting sticks and leaves to make our   bonfire
  •  used a range of painting techniques to create bonfire and firework art
  •  wrote some important safety instructions for staying safe on ‘Bonfire Night’
  •  enjoyed making and eating edible sparklers and hot dogs whilst listening to our   themed story ‘Sparks in the Sky’
  •  finished off our day all snuggled up watching a spectacular firework display

Autumn Walk!

Year 1 had a fantastic afternoon at Pickering Park looking for signs of Autumn and exploring the great outdoors! We had our very own scavenger hunt and ticked our check list for all the different animals and tree/leaf species we could see and identify! We talked about different types of trees and the size of different leaves. We sketched and observed a variety of different species of tree and talked about why some were bare and some were still ‘evergreen’! We loved joining in with some Forest School games and chants! We took our learning back to the classroom to carry on our tree identification and inspire our very own Autumnal nature area, using all our goodies we had collected on the way!

F2 Forest School

 F2 enjoyed another Forest School session of mud painting today.

Collecting leaves and herbs and sticking them to our sticks can be a tricky, we had to really concentrate and with a little bit of help we all made terrific mud brushes.

Mixing mud and adding magic colour is fun… the children were amazed at the beautiful colours we made today.

We used our brushes and mud paint to make these fabulous creations!

What do you think of them?

F2 Forest School

Today F2 enjoyed their first Forest School activity … Mud Painting!

First we collected mud, leaves and sticks

…we had a sniff of the Rosemary, it smelt beautiful

…next we made our paint brushes

…after that we mixed the mud with washing up liquid, water and brusho.

We made some lovely colours

…then we got to work painting

…look at our wonderful creations!

…finally, we pegged them up to dry.

We all had a fabulous time 🌿🍂🍃🍁

Autumn is here!

This week, year one have been learning about the change of seasons and changes in the weather. I think we can all agree that it has definitely got a little chillier these past few weeks!

After a discussion of what happens to the trees and the weather in Autumn, we decided to get our coats on and head outside to look for signs that Autumn is definitely here!

We found lots of beautifully coloured leaves in shades of red, pink, brown, yellow and red. We even found some conkers!

What a lovely afternoon it has been.

The Muddy Boots Club

Each week, the Muddy Boots club have been tending to our plots. You may have seen them if you use the Anlaby Park Road South entrance. The strawberries are coming along nicely and we hope for another successful yield this year. The peas are beginning to spiral up their canes and the radishes are producing a healthy green leaf.


Spring is Here!

Year 1 have been busy looking out for signs of spring on our school site.


We spotted that the pretty yellow daffodils are starting to grow and the leaves are returning on the bare branches. We even spotted a ladybird too!

Planting Viola Flowers!

The KS1 Hub children have been busy today re-planting Viola flowers.

We needed lots of equipment for the planting;

  •  Trowels
  •  Flower pots
  •  Compost
  •  Gardening gloves

First we filled the flower pot until it was around 3/4 full.


Then we used our fingers to make a hole in the middle for the flower.

Next, we gently pulled the flower from it’s old pot using our hands to break up the roots a little and popped it into the hole we had made.

Finally, we added more compost around the edges and patted it down.

We can’t wait to see them in the wellies!

How to Make a Worm Habitat!

Tim has been very busy with Miss Whitton building his very own worm habitat!
First he needed to add a layer of soil and then a layer sand. He kept adding the soil and the sand until the habitat was 3/4 full.
Next he had to find some worms for their new home!
Then Tim added some worm food – this can be many different things like banana skins, apple cores or simply just leaves.
After that, Tim needed to water the soil. He must do this daily to make sure it stays moist.
After a few days the worms will have mixed up the layers, and you should be able to see where they have been burrowing.
We can’t wait to see!