Measuring length in F2

We have been exploring measuring the length of objects and comparing them, thinking which are the longest, shortest and putting them in order.  Some of the children then decided to have a go at this at the play dough table.  They were even able to use the correct vocabulary too, well done!


A BIG thanks to the local HU4 Community Network Team for donating a variety of beautiful flowers and herbs to our Foundation Stage flower beds! We had the best afternoon weeding and preparing our planters! We loved using our gardening tools and trowels, and getting our hands all dirty with compost and soil! We planted a selection of beautiful flowers, our favourites were definitely the Sunflowers! And we explored the different smells from the herbs (Thyme) and Lavender! We talked about some of the purposes of these flowers and herbs and what they needed to grow. We also carefully planted some strawberry plants, ready to be picked in the next few weeks! We can’t wait to watch our planters begin to fully bloom in the upcoming weeks…


F2 Home School Diary 17.6.22

Hi everyone

Here is the home school diary for this week.

I have also attached a screen shot from the Facebook page of the Donkey Sanctuary – the messages are about how good our children were on their trip. It’s lovely to hear this from other members of the public.


Enjoy the weekend

F2 Home School Diary 17.6.22

F2 Pre-Pedal

The children in F2 started their Pre-Pedal course this week. They learnt about how to put on a helmet and check the bike to make sure they are safe. They then played a few games on their bikes. The children loved the lesson and said they can’t wait for next week. Well done everyone