F2 Home school diary

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Hi everyone,

Welcome to the first F2 Home School Diary.
Each week we will upload a Home School Diary onto Tapestry and F2 Blog, so you can keep up to date with what the children have been learning about. It will give you a little bit of information, and sometimes, there may be a simple task to complete. Click on the blue link below to open to page.

This weeks task is to take a photo of your child’s family and upload it onto Tapestry. If you are struggling to upload a photo please see a member of staff and we can assist you.

You are also very welcome to use Tapestry as a type of diary for you child. Please feel free to upload any pictures or notes of anything exciting you’ve been up to, or anything your child is proud of. Or if they would just like to share something with us.

Have a lovely weekend as we’ll see you on Monday.

F2 Staff

F2 Home School Diary 10.9.21

Our Fabulous FS2

Our FS2 Bubble have embraced the beautiful outdoor weather this week…

we have dressed as superheroes, princesses, ninja turtles, mermaids, pirates…we have danced, sang, laughed and so much more!

We have chatted, helped, shared and played with our friends…

it has been a truly wonderful week.

Next week will be our final week together and we are so excited at all the happy times we have planned to end this extra ordinary school year…

especially our Seaside Day on Wednesday ☀️🙂☀️