FS1 Summer 1 Environment.

We are excited to welcome all our old and new FS1 children this week. Our new Topic is ‘Lets Explore Nature.’ Here is a sneak peak of our new topic set up. Lots to explore including looking for signs of spring and planting this week. We know the children will love our enhanced environment. Click on the link below to see.

Lets Explore Nature Summer 1 FS1

F1 Cinderella’s Ball

This week we ended our Houses and Homes topic with Cinderella’s Ball. After following the Jolly Postman’s journey to lots of different houses we really enjoyed learning about castles. Earlier in the week we had a very special invitation to Cinderella’s Ball at the castle. We then invited our friends and had a wonderful celebration.

Have a lovely Easter Holiday F1.

A happy Forest School day 🍃🌿🍃

It’s wonderful having all of our children back at school and carrying on with our Forest School.

First activity… mud painting!

After donning our wetsuits and wellies, we set about collecting twigs, herbs and mud.

The herb we collected was rosemary, we gave it a good sniff… it smelt delightful.

We then attached it to a twig to make our brush… it was a little tricky for some of us, but we helped each other.

We were so proud of the brushes we had made.

Then we scooped, stirred and mixed our mud with bubbly water (which also smelt fabulous!) and added magic coloured powder to make our amazing mud paint.

We painted with the mud, it was different to our usual paint but we liked the patterns we could make with it.

Our fabulous creations!

Chinese New Year in F1

In F1, for Chinese New year we had a lovely celebration. We made a dragon, and created our own puppet show. We tried Chinese food, and learnt about the 12 years of the Chinese calendar investigating all of the different years. A lovely day for all.

Fun in the snow in F1

The children enjoyed playing in the snow with their friends. The children loved exploring how the snow felt and making tracks in the snow. They asked questions like why is icy? Where has the snow gone? Why does it melt? The children played cooperatively building snowmen and pulling the sledge. We talked about seasons and temperatures but most of all we had FUN!