Play Dough Fun

The Children had so much fun playing with their playdough.  It really helped to enhance their fine motor skills and encouraged them to think about all the different shapes they could create.

They enjoyed making lots of exciting things.  Sofia made a face using pasta and buttons.  She then enjoyed telling me all about his eyes and his smiling face made out of pasta.

Aliza made lots of circles and could tell me all about it.  She was so excited to tell me if a circle had sides and if it had any corners.  Great listening skills.



Bouncing Fun

We have had so much fun on the trampoline outside.

We all jumped as high as we could .

We then counted to our special number 8.

The children had lots of turn taking and we all made sure we were all safe.

As well as helping with our physical development it made us so happy




Social Skills

The children had lots of fun today working together.We did lots of listening, looking and taking turns . The best part was our story about Louis who would not sit still. We discussed how we sit and why is it important to sit properly. The children also enjoyed hiding the teddy. They had to close their eyes then open them and then do good looking to find him. We also did compliments at the end to encourage the children to think of something another child had done well in the session.

The children were so excited to play with all the activities. They said they cannot wait to read all the books.

The children also enjoyed looking at the rules and seeing what activities we were going to use next.


Name That Tune!

We displayed good listening skills identifying familiar tunes played by Mrs Foston on her guitar.

The tunes were chosen from a selection of song stones.

We loved our music time and the song stones Mrs Morgan made for us.

Children In Need

All our little ‘Hubbles’ looked amazing in their Pudsey Bear outfits today , fundraising for ‘Children in Need’.

We made some marshmallow top hats for Pudsey.

Recipe – Marshmallow Top Hats






  • melt chocolate (make sure an adult helps you with this)
  • dip bottom of marshmallow in chocolate and place in bun case (small cake cases fit better)
  • with a spoon, drizzle a little melted chocolate on top of marshmallow
  • place coloured smarties on top

Enjoy with a delicious mug of hot chocolate……..with mini marshmallows on top of course…….and whipped cream……….and a flake!!

Mmmmmm yum yum!!

Remembrance Day

We designed and made some ‘Poppy Wreaths’ as a mark of respect for Remembrance Day.


Staying Safe on Bonfire Night!

We had a very busy day learning all about Guy Fawkes and the reason we celebrate ‘Bonfire Night’.

  •  we displayed excellent teamwork skills collecting sticks and leaves to make our   bonfire
  •  used a range of painting techniques to create bonfire and firework art
  •  wrote some important safety instructions for staying safe on ‘Bonfire Night’
  •  enjoyed making and eating edible sparklers and hot dogs whilst listening to our   themed story ‘Sparks in the Sky’
  •  finished off our day all snuggled up watching a spectacular firework display

Finding lots of different ways to balance.

This week we have had such good fun finding new ways to balance.We have used our balancing bikes and found new skills which have helped us move around safely.

We have used all our special equipment that we have in our amazing outdoor area to help us balance on our own.

We also had fun in the Sensory garden doing a sensory circuit. We all took it in turns to balance on our stomach and try and make it to the other side.We then had to stand up without falling and jump off the other end into a hoop.It was lots of fun. We also got the scooters out and enjoyed those too.

We found lots of exciting ways to balance this week and had lots of fun doing it.

Harvest Thanks!

The children in the Hub have been celebrating Harvest by making ‘Harvest Creatures’, using fruit and vegetables. They took great pride in displaying their creations outside our Hub entrance and couldn’t wait to show their parents at the end of the day.

We were all very proud of the children for their discussions about all the things they were thankful for. They drew some lovely, detailed pictures and completed some beautiful writing.


Little Pumpkins!!!!!

The children loved designing their pumpkin and scooping out all the seeds.

Mr Norton carved out their design and delivered safety talk on using equipment.

Some of our children loved the sensory feeling of scooping out with their hands whilst others chose to scoop out with spoon.

We investigated our pumpkin seeds and compared sizes with other seeds.