Sensory Garden – Funky Friday Fun

This week in our Sensory Garden, we have enjoyed Early Talk Boost , Stories for Taking and most of all, we all loved our Friendship group… especially hiding under the Lycra!

Friday was extra special as we had a fun activity day for having a fabulous week!





Chinese New Year!

The children in the Hub have been demonstrating excellent use of fine motor skills this week for our Chinese New Year celebrations.

We enjoyed our food tasting session with noodles, spring rolls and rice crackers on the menu. We used chopsticks to eat our noodles with and Raphael was crowned King of the Chopsticks.

The children displayed safe use of scissors and excellent cutting skills making their lanterns.

Good speaking and listening skills were also displayed during our story of the day ‘Cleversticks’, beautifully read by Stephanie.


What Would you Find in the Ocean?

Welcome back to the summer term in the KS1 hub!

Our hub has been transformed into an ocean with an octopus, real shells and plenty of seaweed!

The children have loved exploring and creating our ‘Live Plastic Free’ poster using recycled bottle tops. 

Autism Awareness at Tweendykes!

This morning some HUB children had a special treat at Tweendykes school raising awareness for Autism.


We had yummy cake and did some painting. We even made some new friends too!


Thank you so much for having us!

Planting Viola Flowers!

The KS1 Hub children have been busy today re-planting Viola flowers.

We needed lots of equipment for the planting;

  •  Trowels
  •  Flower pots
  •  Compost
  •  Gardening gloves

First we filled the flower pot until it was around 3/4 full.


Then we used our fingers to make a hole in the middle for the flower.

Next, we gently pulled the flower from it’s old pot using our hands to break up the roots a little and popped it into the hole we had made.

Finally, we added more compost around the edges and patted it down.

We can’t wait to see them in the wellies!

How to Make a Worm Habitat!

Tim has been very busy with Miss Whitton building his very own worm habitat!
First he needed to add a layer of soil and then a layer sand. He kept adding the soil and the sand until the habitat was 3/4 full.
Next he had to find some worms for their new home!
Then Tim added some worm food – this can be many different things like banana skins, apple cores or simply just leaves.
After that, Tim needed to water the soil. He must do this daily to make sure it stays moist.
After a few days the worms will have mixed up the layers, and you should be able to see where they have been burrowing.
We can’t wait to see!

How tall are you?

Are you taller or shorter than an Emperor Penguin?

Our extremely talented resident artist, Miss Whitton, painted a life sized Emperor Penguin on our Hub door in order for us to compare our height.

Super Swimming Davey!

Davey was so excited to be special guest during swimming lessons with Ganton Primary School. He absolutely loved splashing Mrs Rowbottom. Thank you Ganton!