Our Y3 focus this term in our Healthy Me! unit of Jigsaw has allowed us to consider that the calories we get from the foods we eat provide us with the energy we need to work, grow and exercise. We also discussed the importance of exercise to stay healthy and understand that for our bodies to be in balance (healthy) we need to take in the right amount of energy and do the right amount of activity. In addition, we further discussed the benefit of exercise on our heart and lungs and recognise that the more we exercise that our heart and lungs work harder and become stronger.

FACT…Did you know that children should exercise for at least 1 hour a day? We investigated this fact and calculated that if we walk, cycle or travel on scooter to and from school and be active at both play, lunchtimes and after school that we already exceed this recommended time!

We then undertook an investigation to find out the amount of calories, fats and sugar content in various food items by taking notice of the Traffic Light labelling on packaging…

We then played the ‘How Much Sugar?’ game whereby the children had to match the identified sugar content in grammes to the correct food item before the answers were revealed…This activity evoked some great discussion and difference of opinions between our Year 3 children.

When the answers were revealed the children were quite surprised…

An energy drink…35g of sugar
A blueberry muffin…30g of sugar
A bowl of chocolate ice-cream…22g of sugar
A packet of sweets 20g of sugar
A flavoured yoghurt…17g of sugar
A chocolate bar…15g of sugar
A chocolate biscuit/cookie…14g of sugar
A bowl of chocolate cereal…11g of sugar
A plain biscuit/cookie…8g of sugar

As an extra activity, the children were provided with the actual physical representation of the amounts of sugar, which they had to weigh on the digital scales and match to the food items in the activity….

From this activity, some of our Y3 children have raised that we do not often think of the calories, fats or sugar content within the foods that we eat and that they are now considering taking more notice of the Traffic Light recordings on food labels and packaging.