HUB Blog

  • Keeping Safe Online

    The Hub children have been exploring the important topic of Online Relationships.

    The children worked together to answer questions about which behaviours are safe and which are unsafe whilst online.


    The children then discussed why you need to ask permission for some actions you do online in order to keep yourself safe.


    We can now give examples of when to ask permission to do something online and explain why this is important.

  • Caring for the world!

    We had a very interesting discussion today about how religious people treat the world with respect and how we could play our part in caring for the world. Some wonderful talk partners were observed with great idea sharing.

    Here are some of the amazing quotes we heard the children say.

    “We need to chop some of the trees down and grow some more.”

    “If we don’t stop putting rubbish in the sea all the animals might die, and the coral.”

    “We could get a bag and pick up rubbish when we see it.”

    “There is some charities you can donate to to help.”

    “We have bins to recycle.”

    “We can recycle cardboard boxes, glass, paper, food, plastic.”

  • Victorian Toys

    WOW! Following on from our History lesson comparing old and new toys, Evan brought in the most interesting wind up music box with a modern twist.

    Evan delivered a wonderful presentation about his little box to our Hub children. He completed our circle time with an amazing question and answering session.


  • Commutative Law

    We revisited and demonstrated an understanding of the commutative law of addition today.

    We found out that we can change the order of the addends and the sum remains the same.

    We played a game, rolling two dice in order to find our addends to complete our sum, demonstrating some wonderful partner work.

  • A House in the Woods



    We were very brave reading parts of our story, ‘A House in the Woods’, in front of our Hub audience today.

    We were able to read accurately by blending the sounds in words with two and three known graphemes. Some of us were able to blend words with up to five known graphemes. We sounded out unfamiliar words accurately and also read some common exception words. 

    We recorded each other reading and retelling the story then enjoyed watching them back again.

    Well done Hubbers, for demonstrating such wonderful speaking and listening!



  • The Wheels on the Bus

    We listened to various versions of ‘The Wheels on the Bus’, before creating our own.

    We researched the song and found out it was published in 1939 as a way to keep children entertained on a bus. Our little Hubbers were very keen to compose their own.

    We had lots of fun discussing and creating our own Hub version. Ideas included ‘The wheels on the aeroplane’, ‘the wheels on the lorry’ and the ‘wheels on the tractor’.

    We decided on ‘The Wheels on the Tractor.

    We created a PowerPoint of our version  as we were a little shy to perform our song.

    The wheels on the tractor go mummm, mummm, mummm,…………all day long.

    The engine on the tractor goes putt, putt, putt………….all day long.

    The dog on the tractor goes woof woof woof ………. all day long.

    The cow on the tractor goes moo, moo, moo………..all day long.

    The farmer on the tractor works, works, works……….all day long.


  • A House in the Woods

    Our Hubbers demonstrated good sitting, looking and listening skills today, during our new story ‘A House in the Woods’.

    Excellent predictions were made including;

    “Think it’s in the woods.”

    “Dark creepy forest.”

    “It could be a rainforest.”

    Raph said “It could be in Australia.” Evan replied “I don’t think it’s Australia because Australia’s got yellow dusty stuff and barely any trees.”

    All our Hubbers were able to respond to questions that required simple recall. Some of our Hubbers were able to discuss events in the story and link them to their own experiences with walks in the woods and den making.


  • Hub Farm Visit

    All our Hub children enjoyed a visit from Purple Pig farm today. They displayed good listening skills and were able to follow instructions on how to handle the animals. The children were so kind and caring towards the animals with our older children supporting our younger children.  After our visit we drew the animals that we had met.

    Our Sensory Learners enjoyed their farm animals songs.

    We all enjoyed a wonderful sensory experience.


    To compliment our farm trip we researched where milk came from and made some homemade ice cream. We explored all our senses and thoroughly enjoyed eating our special ice cream with sprinkles on top.

    Mrs Robinson gave an excellent demonstration on how to make our ice cream. The children enjoyed measuring the ingredients and were able to follow each step correctly. They were able to recall the sequence of events afterwards stating what they could do to improve the taste of their ice cream. The majority said we could add real strawberries.


  • We’re all going on a Hubble Holiday!

    We have designed and made our summer clothes, used foot printing painting technique to make our flip flops, packed our suitcase, written our luggage label and now we are off on holiday to the coastal town of Withernsea.

  • Life Cycle of a Butterfly

         We started off our ‘life cycle of a butterfly’ topic by reading ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and ‘The Cautious Caterpillar’ stories. We were able to retell and sequence the story through Tales Toolkit.


    We explored our senses with describing the texture, smelling and tasting all the healthy fruit from ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ story. The oranges and strawberries were our favourite.

    We developed our life skills making caterpillar sandwiches. We chose between cream cheese and jam for our filling.

    We loved the experience of watching our live caterpillars grow into beautiful butterflies. We wrote in our diary about each stage of the cycle.

    It was all vey exciting when we released our butterflies.

    We used our butterfly template to create some Andrew Goldsworthy inspired natural backgrounds. The children tried so hard to find some symmetrical backgrounds.