Art Y4 Sketching and Proportion

Inspired by the wonderful Egyptian artefacts and the magnificent sketches of Howard Carter, Year Four have been studying proportion to improve their observational skills and sketching techniques.

We studied our artefacts from a range of viewpoints and used a variety of media to record them. We combined the three images to create a beautiful Egyptian Triptych which will be gifted to our families as our annual calendar.


Some on our work has been sent to Ferens Art Gallery in Hull,

to be displayed within the Junior Open Exhibition which we are incredibly excited and proud about!

Take a peek at this link for a virtual tour, can you spot our Triptychs?



Y3 Cave Art

As Artists in Y3 today, the children enjoyed creating their own cave art images of some  wonderous and magnificent creatures.  Pastels, charcoal and chalks were utilised and blended to create various muted tones so as to replicate the colour schemes found in some of the images we explored from the Stone Age era.  Everyone enjoyed the activity and were very proud of their creations!

Here are some of our artists at work…

Here are a few of our completed creations…

A super start to our learning in 2022!

Year 2 have been taking inspiration from the artist, Alexander Calder, to create some incredible sculptures.

Firstly, children created circles and hoops with coloured paper.

Then, they worked in small groups to attach their circles together.

After that, the attached circles were put together with wire.

Children then attached spheres to the wire to complete their group’s sculpture.

Finally, 3 groups’ sculptures were attached to another piece of wire to create one huge sculpture.

Year 5 Art Lesson!

During our art lesson today, Y5M were using manikins and sketching what they could see. The children were moving the manikins into different positions and then created a final sketch of their manikin. We had a lovely afternoon and the children produced some outstanding art work!

Christmas Sewing Club

Christmas Sewing Club is underway! Year 6 have been designing and creating a Christmas hanging decoration. They chose a felt shapes, which included robins, snowmen, gingerbread men and girls, penguins, reindeers and much more…

Some of the children found it rather tricky to thread a needle at first, but a few weeks in, have mastered it. They chose from a whole range of sparkly sequins, twinkly beads and colourful threads to decorate their chosen felt shape.

We have a break half way, it’s thirsty work this sewing!
Here are some of their finished creations. I think you will agree look amazing, well done Y6!