Hi all,

It has come to that point in the year when we need to teach the RSE part of PSHE. I know teaching these lessons can be a bit awkward but it must be taught. Remember you can tweak some of the activities that are in the Jigsaw planning as long as the content is still taught. I will be getting the letters sent out this week so parents are aware which topics are being taught and which lessons they can withdraw their children from. All lessons from FS to Year 3 are compulsory and children in Years 4 to 6 can only be withdrawn from the conception lessons. This is all clearly stated on the letters.

Please come and see me if you have any concerns or questions about the topics.

Jess xx

Red Nose Day Best Dressed Competition

Around 9:00am tomorrow, I’ll be sending a couple of the Y5/6 school councillors to your pods. They will just pull your councillors out of class for 5 minutes and will pop in the different classes in your phase to have a look at children’s outfits and pick a winner for best dressed. I’ll tell them to be quick to cause as little disruption as possible as I know we’re all so busy and need children in class.


Science week

Hi all,

Hope your children enjoyed the visit from Sublime Science today – they certainly seemed to going by the amount of oohs and ahhs we heard! Lovely to see the fab pics on Twitter too.

Special thanks to FS2 for getting the ball rolling with the parents workshop – it was great to see so many parents, grandparents etc enjoying taking part in science investigations with their children.

Just a reminder when choosing a someone for Gold Book  – please could these be science related this week?

Thanks again for everyone’s support – hope the rest of the week goes well.

Deb and Terrie xx

Science again

Hi all,

Further to Terrie’s message about the biscuit dunking, I’ll be shopping for everyone’s biscuits over the weekend so if you’ve decided the investigation is unsuitable and you won’t be doing it can you please let me know by the end of Friday. If you need any other consumable resources instead let me know and I’ll happily get them for you. Thanks for your support with this.


Red Nose Day

Gemma and I met with school council on Monday and they have come up with some ideas for Red Nose Day.

There will be a text going out asking children to wear red or Red Nose Day themed outfits in return for bringing in a small donation. School councillors will be holding a best dressed competition, which they will judge. There will be one winner from each phase. Y5/6 school councillors will judge who is best dressed from 5/6, Y3/4 councillors will judge the best dressed from 3/4 and so on. I will send some 5/6 councillors to judge the best dressed from FS.

The theme for Red Nose Day is ‘the power of humor in helping us through tough times’, so the councillors came up with the idea of a joke competition. Could you please have a short phase assembly at some point during Red Nose Day, so the children can share their jokes. I would suggest letting the children know about the competition prior to Red Nose Day so they can submit their joke and then just picking three or four children per year group to take part so you don’t have to sit through countless jokes. Again, the school councillors can judge the competition and there will be a prize for the winner.

Let me know if you have any questions.


School Council

Please can the school councillors be sent to the 5/6 pod during assembly time on Monday. Gemma and I would like to meet with them to organise what we will be doing for Red Nose Day.

Thank you


Science week

Dear all,

As Science week is fast approaching we just thought we’d share a brief outline of the timetable so far.

Science week runs any time between 11th -20th March (we have chosen the w/c 14th March up to and including the Friday18th for our main focus).

On Monday 14th March we have booked Sublime Science to come in and work with all year groups. For KS1 this will be an interactive assembly, for KS2 there will be half hour sessions per class. (Full timetable to follow)

Tuesday 15th March. Terrie and I will be doing an assembly where we be launching the science selfie competition.

In addition to your normal weekly science lesson, we will be taking part in a whole school biscuit dunking investigation that parents are being invited to  (sorry!)

Mon 14th (am or pm tbc) EYFS parents invited.

Tues 15th pm – year 1/2 parents invited in.

Weds 16th pm – year 5/6 parents invited in.

Thurs 17th pm –  year 3/4 parents invited in.

Friday 18th March – please could we have a Science focus for Gold Book certificates.

That’s all for now!

Deb and Terrie xx



Dear all,

We are coming to the point in our PSQM journey where we have to finalise our portfolio of evidence. This will include evidence of existing good practice, evidence of progress/development within the subject and evidence of wider opportunities/activities. We have been able to collate lots of evidence from learning walks, book scrutinies, Twitter, Blogs etc but would be really grateful for more photographic evidence of practical work in particular.

I have created a folder on Teams ‘PSQM Evidence’ with a sub folder for each year group – please could you add photos to these folders, preferably by the end of the week as time is beginning to be tight!

Thank you in advance if we don’t have to come begging in person 😉

Deb and Terrie xx


Ps. I’ve added subfolders light, electricity etc. You will obviously not have taught all units yet  this academic year so please include photos going back to Summer 2021.