Year 3 trip to the Hull and East Riding Museum

Our year 3 children took a journey back in time to the Stone Age today at the Hull and East Riding Museum. They learned about what life would have been like in that time, including how we know what we know about this time period. As historians, they used their skills to guess what certain artefacts might have been used for. They learned about the type of foods that would’ve been eaten, clothing and everyday life. They then journeyed forward through the Bronze and Iron Ages, learning about the changes that occurred and reasons for this.

One of the highlights of the trip was their first glimpse of the Wooly Mammoth!

Year 5 RE

     A new term begins, Year 5 working hard !


At the beginning of the new term Year 5 began their new RE Topic ‘Faith in Action’.

As theologists the children will be discovering the way commitments affect and shape lives, guiding the activities of both groups and like-minded  individuals.


We began by looking at several charities and discussing how those charities work to help those in need of their help. The children soon began to realise that many of these charities overlap as there is a growing need for their assistance in the local area and the wide world.

There’s much, much more to learn …



Christmas Sewing Club

Christmas Sewing Club is underway! Year 6 have been designing and creating a Christmas hanging decoration. They chose a felt shapes, which included robins, snowmen, gingerbread men and girls, penguins, reindeers and much more…

Some of the children found it rather tricky to thread a needle at first, but a few weeks in, have mastered it. They chose from a whole range of sparkly sequins, twinkly beads and colourful threads to decorate their chosen felt shape.

We have a break half way, it’s thirsty work this sewing!
Here are some of their finished creations. I think you will agree look amazing, well done Y6!

Christopher Pickering

Sports day gallery 2018