What was it like for men, women and children in Hull during WWII?

Today, year 3 were visited by someone very special!

We were very lucky to be visited by Mr Thresh who was a child living in Hull during World War Two. Before meeting Mr Thresh, we spent some time discussing what we would like to know if we were to meet someone who had survived the war and the children came up with lots of interesting questions. We were interested to know what it was like to go to school, what jobs the men and women in the city did, what it was like having to go to an air raid shelter and how the rationed food was managed. We were also interested to find out what it was like to be evacuated however, Mr Thresh was not evacuated from the city, he stayed in Hull at home with his family. Therefore, he was able to provide us with information of his first hand experiences of living in a city while it was under attack.

We thoroughly enjoyed talking to Mr Thresh and fining out the answers to our questions and more about living though WWII.

Thank you Mr Thresh!