Exploring in the Snow December 2021

F1 were very excited to arrive at school today, with the snow falling. Once we had done our morning jobs, we decided to venture outside to explore the snow. Before we set off we asked the children what they thought we should wear. We decided we needed hats, gloves, coats and wellington boots. We spoke about the material of wellington boots and why they were better than our school shoes. One of the children laughed how a few weeks ago they were in shorts and t-shirts at school and how cold they would be if they were wearing that today. We discussed seasons and how it was still autumn although the weather was looking more like winter today. When we set off on our walk on the school grounds, there had  just been a heavy falling of snow. We loved the noise our wellies made crunching in the snow. We went to the corner of the field to the natural area. Two of the boys where very concerned where the bugs had gone, which we had seen under the logs a few weeks before. We discussed them finding somewhere warm underground. We made snow balls and decided the snow was ice and it was really cold. Some of us even made snow angles. Most of all we enjoyed having fun with our friends. We saw Mr Wileman, our site manager, busy putting salt on the ground to melt the ice so that people didn’t fall. Some of the children had remembered the ice melting when we put salt on it on our Tuff Spot a few weeks ago. The children enjoyed exploring in the snow but were pleased to get back to the classroom and get warm.