The wheels on the bus

In music this week, Year 1 have been looking at the nursery rhyme ‘The Wheels on the Bus‘.

We found out the song was first published in 1939.

We listened to different versions and talked about the verses we knew.

The nursery rhyme has changed lots over time with new verse added. We talked about how the ‘the blinkers on the bus’ would not have been in the original version as busses did not have indicators then and when we looked at pictures of an old bus we decided ‘the wipers on bus’ would have been added as well because we could not see any wipers on the bus.

We had a go at thinking of our own verse to add to the song. We composed our own verses to sing.

Year 1 liked composing verses about their pets as sometimes animals go the bus. We thought of bunnies, cats and dogs.

Have a listen to our new verses. We hope you like them.