Design & Technology Curriculum Enhancements

Why is Design and Technology important?

Watch this clip by The Design and Technology Association.

At Christopher Pickering, we believe that enhancing our subjects is essential to further children’s understanding and passion for particular disciplines. We organise trips, host extra curricular clubs and often invite visitors in the help embed the children’s understanding and to bring learning to life.

Throughout the year we organise themed days/weeks to further develop the opportunities we give our pupils and regularly invite parents in to share and celebrate the achievements of the school.

Design and Technology Club 

Our Design and Technology club enables children to apply and further develop the key skills of making. Children have taken part in cooking, construction and textiles projects – within which they have had the opportunity to be inventive and creative and take full ownership of their own projects. The club also allows pupils to build on their teamwork skills – all whilst having fun, learning new skills and doing what interests them. It is always wonderful to see how much progress children make when attending Design and Technology club and how it really gets children talking about the excitement of “making”.

Design and Technology Club Gallery:

Gravity Pinball Game in action: