Comparing Weekend Rituals and Traditions within the Jewish Faith Community

As Theologists, Y4 have been gaining a further insight into the weekend rituals and traditions of members of the Jewish faith community and comparing them with their own.

The children firstly identified the traditional activities and rituals which commonly occur in one of their own typical weekend breaks. From lazy lie-ins, watching television, shopping, accessing the internet to undertake various activities, movie nights, visiting family, enjoying an occasional take-away to football, gymnastic and martial arts practice…the children certainly keep themselves busy and entertained.

We then compared our typical weekend activities with  those of a Jewish family. We explored the traditional weekly family celebration of Shabbat which takes place every weekend and begins on a Friday evening at sunset and lasts until sunset on a Saturday evening (25 hours).


The children firstly found the inability to use anything electronic unimaginable but understood that the rituals and traditions of Shabbat in the Jewish faith community, which are recorded in the  Jewish Torah as an agreement with God, allowed for some quality rest and family time to be spent together on the Jewish Sabbath day (Saturday)…something we all agreed was well worth forgoing the use of our electronic devices and the internet for!