Y4 Djembes: Week 1

This week, Y4 were VERY excited to start their Djembe unit in music. We started by watching a video of a wedding in Mali where these traditional African drums were being played. We then got to grips with the instrument, discussing the different parts like the skin and exploring how we can produce different percussive sounds by hitting it in different places.

We then played different high and low notes in a four beat bar. To make it harder, children then had to listen and copy the different bars one after another (see the video!). We finished by attempting a Djembe call and reply. This was a tricky exercise where all players hold a steady pulse, one player beats a ‘call’ to which everyone else replies and then falls back into the steady rhythm. Our call was “We want you, we want you” with a reply of “We want you as a new recruit” Watch the video to see how it well children beat the syllables!