In Y1 we have started to learn to play the Boomwhackers and found out they are percussion instruments.

First, we observed that all of the tubes were not only different colours but were all different sizes and they all made different noises when we hit them against a hard surface. We learned that vibrations made the Boomwhackers make a noise. The larger Boomwhackers vibrate at a lower frequency so make lower pitch whereas the shorter ones vibrate quicker and therefore make a higher pitch.

Then, we appraised a version of ‘Old Town Road’ that was performed using these instruments – we all thought it was great and sang along! When we watched closely we observed that all of the musicians hit a different colour Boomwhacker to make the tune. We soon found out that when the Boomwhackers are banged all at once and constantly it makes a very lound noise and no tune at all! Mrs Yardley had a headache!

We looked at scales and found out when we hit the Boomwhackers in order of length it made a scale of increasing levels of pitch! We practised and had fun!