Where did the Anglo Saxons and Vikings come from?

In Year 5 have been discovering where the Anglo Saxons and Vikings came from, why they came to Britain and whereabouts in Britain they settled.

We started our lesson by using Digimaps, atlases and globes to recap the names and locations of the continents and the oceans and to locate countries that we had previously studied in history and geography.

We focused on the Angles, Saxons and Jutes (the three tribes that are commonly referred to as the Anglo Saxons) and discovered that they came from Denmark, The Netherlands and Germany. Using our maps, we located these countries. We then looked at the three main reasons why the Anglo Saxons came to Britain and where they settled. The Angles settled in East Anglia, the Jutes in Kent and the Saxons in Wessex, Sussex, Essex and Middlesex.

Finally, we looked at the Vikings and learned that they came from an area called Scandinavia – which includes the countries Norways, Sweden and Denmark. We located these countries using our maps and atlases and then looked at the reasons why the Vikings came to Britain, such as the land in Britain was more fertile for farming and Scandinavia was becoming overcrowded.