Phonics at our school

Phonics is currently taught according to the ‘Read, Write, Inc’ programme. This involves teaching the letter sounds associated with each letter in order to blend to read and segment to spell words. We use a variety of approaches in the teaching of phonics to make lessons as interactive as possible and ensure that every child learns. Our teaching covers three sets. These sets can be found in our phonic progression document as well as in the ‘Read, Write, Inc’ programme.

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Phonic Screening Check

What it is

It’s a short assessment to make sure all pupils have learned phonic decoding to an appropriate standard containing:

  • 40 words divided into 2 sections of 20 words
  • A mixture of real words and pseudo-words (nonsense or fake words). Pseudo-words are accompanied by a picture of an imaginary creature


Who should take it

The check should be taken by:

  • All pupils in year 1
  • Pupils in year 2 who:
    • Didn’t take it in year 1
    • Took it in year 1 but didn’t meet the expected standard
    • Started school in year 2
  • Pupils in maintained nursery schools who’ll be 6 before the end of the school year and have completed the year 1 programme of study

Reporting the results

Results must be reported to the local authority.  A date will be set when they need to be entered.  Results will be submitted for all pupils in Year 1 and any who retook the test in Year 2 who are eligible to take the check (regardless of whether they took it).

Pupils who move schools

If a pupil moves school after taking the check, their result should be submitted by the school in which they took the check.

Therefore, if a pupil moves school before taking the check, their result should be submitted by the pupil’s new school where the check is taken.

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