History Enhancements

At Christopher Pickering, we believe that enhancing our subjects is essential to further children’s understanding and passion for particular disciplines. We organise trips, host extra curricular clubs and often invite visitors in the help embed the children’s understanding and to bring learning to life.

Throughout the year we organise themed days/weeks to further develop the opportunities we give our pupils and regularly invite parents in to share and celebrate the achievements of the school.

Educational Fieldwork Visits

Year 1 – Summer Term


When visiting Bridlington, children will be using photographs from the past to compare certain parts of Bridlington to today, they will identify any similarities and differences and describe what has changed. Using their knowledge of what people used to do on holidays in the past, children will check to see if there is still any evidence of us doing the same things, for example; Punch and Judy shows, fish and chips and donkey rides. They will also be looking for any new things and explaining changes over time.


Year 3 – Autumn Term

Hessle War Memorial and Graves

During the topic World War II, children have the opportunity to walk to the local town of Hessle to look at the war memorial and find out what impact the war had on our local area.

Christopher Pickering’s Museum in a Box

Year 1 – Antarctica 

Year 1 – Enchanted Woodland (Victorian Era) 

Year 2 – First Man on the Moon 

Year 2 – London and the Monarchy 

Year 3 – Stone Age

Year 4 – Ancient Egyptians 

Year 4 – The Romans 

Year 5 – Ancient Greece 

Year 6 – Mayans