Year 5 Anglo Saxon and Viking Experience Day

Wow! What a fantastic day Year 5 had!

We had a special visitor in school who delivered an Anglo Saxon and Viking workshop. It was fantastic to be able to see and touch all of the replica games, clothing, weaponry and other artefacts from this period.


Looking at every-day life for the Anglo Saxons. What did they wear? Why did they make and wear jewellery? Did they have slaves? What did they use their horns for?

The children had a go at writing their names in Anglo Saxon runes.



Grinding grain to make flour using quern-stones.


Did you know that fighting was only a very small part of Anglo Saxon and Viking life? Nevertheless, Year 5 loved finding out about the various weapons and armour that they would have used. It was all rather heavy!

Playing some traditional Anglo Saxon games.


Our enquiry challenge for the day: what are all of these items? What were they used for? Who would use them?