Y34 Homework

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Essential Information for Working from Home

Uploading your work via Purple Mash

If you want to upload any of the work you have been doing to Purple Mash watch the clip below. This will mean your child’s teacher can see the work they have been doing.

Week beginning 13th July  2020

This will be our last week of home learning as school closes for Summer on Thursday 16th July. Well done for all of your hard work this year. Thank you for your continued support this year and have a wonderful Summer.


Day 1:

Day 1 Queen Summer Comprehension

Day 2:

This week we are looking at rhyming poetry. Remind yourself about what rhyme means by watching this learning clip:


Now complete today’s task

Day 2 Rhyme

Day 3:

Learn more about rhyme schemes in poems by watching the following learning clip:


Now complete the activity on rhyme schemes:

Day 3 Rhyme Schemes

Day 4:

Day 4 Rhyming Poem

If you want a template for you poem, you will find one below:

Day 2 Rhyme Summer Shape Poetry Template – Landscape


Week commencing 12th July 2020

There is a teaching video for each day of the week, this is for you to watch and learn from before you do the activity sheets below. Click on the Week 12 Plan to access these.

As always, please have a go and do what you can. Feel free to use your blue book for extra practice or working out. You may wish to use measuring jugs at home to make the work more practical.


Lesson 1 – Compare capacity

Lesson 2 – Add and subtract capacity

Lesson 3 – Pictograms

Lesson 4 – Bar charts


There are tasks on Purple Mash linked to your new Topic.


Encourage your child to read for pleasure with the stories you have  at home. Reading for pleasure for 10 minutes a day significantly boosts your child’s range of vocabulary.

In addition, Reading Eggs have produced some fantastic home learning resources to support school closures. Below is a reading comprehension pack for Year 3.


Talk for Writing Work Booklet: 

If your require extra work for your children, Pie Corbett has produced some fantastic ‘Talk for Writing’  resources. These are similar activities to the things we do in school.  Click on the link below to access the Year 3 work booklet:



Year 4 Homework


Year Four Home Learning for week commencing 6th July 2020

We would love to see the website work that you have been doing! Look at the link at the top of this page, it has a video showing you how you can show us your work by using purple mash. Thank you.

Y4   Maths for  w/c 13th July 2020

Monday 13th July 2020  – please watch the learning video before completing the activity …

Lesson 1 – Lines of symmetry



Tuesday 14th July 2020  – please watch the learning video before completing the activity …


Lesson 2 – Complete a symmetric figure

Wednesday 15th July 2020  – please watch the learning video before completing the activity .

Lesson 3 – Describe position

Thursday 16th  July 2020  – please watch the learning video before completing the activity …

Lesson 4 – Draw on a grid


Friday 17th- we will post the answers for you to do your purple polishing jobs.



Year Four English w/c 13th July  2020

Monday 13th July  Chapter 21 Monday

Tuesday 14th July  chapter 22 Tuesday

Wednesday 15th Julychapter 23 wednesday

Thursday 16th July chapter 24 thursday

Friday 17th July  Chapter 25 Friday


We hope that you have enjoyed the Ikabog story at home as much as we have in class. The rest of the story is online for you to read for free. It would be amazing if you read little and often over the summer holiday so that you are able to finish this large novel. Please look at the competition part of the webpage and ask your parents to help you send in your entries. How amazing would it be if you were published!!!!





Topic – Environmental/Design Task 

Plastic Free July


————————————-Last week’s work ———————————————

English w/c 15th June 

This weeks English is looking at J K Rowling’s latest book which is being published online.

weblink to the online Story- You do not need to print this. Please read online.


We hope that you enjoy these tasks. Please share with us by uploading to purple mash!

Lesson 1  Year 4 English 15th June 2020 x

Lesson 2 English Tuesday 16th June 2020

Lesson 3 wednesday 17th June English

Lesson 4 Thursday 18th June 2020 Year Four English

Lesson 5 Friday 19th June 2020 Year 4

Year Four English – Week Commencing 22nd June

Monday  Chapter 6 The Fight in the Courtyard text for pupils

Tuesday Chapter 7 Lord Spittleworth Tells Tales text for pupils

Wednesday Chapter 8 The Day of Petition text for pupils update

Thursday Chapter 9 The Shepherd’s Story text for pupils update

Friday Chapter 10 King Fred text for pupils update

Y4 English work from week commencing 29th June 

Monday –  chapter 11 29th June

Tuesday –chapter 12 Tuesday 30th June

Wednesday – Chapter 13 Wednesday 1st July

Thursday –Chapter 14 Thursday 2nd July

Friday –Chapter 15 Friday 3rd July

Monday  – chapter 16 Monday 6th July

chapter 17 Tuesday 7th July

chapter 18 Wednesday 8th July new

chapter 19 Thursday 9th July

chapter 20 Friday 10th July

KS2 PE Activities

Week 1 – Orienteering