Number 3 in the Garden

We have been learning about the number 3 this week.

First we played hide and seek with the number 3 numicon. Mrs Wilkinson hid 3 pieces of number 3 numicon around the garden. We had to count to 20 and then we could go and find it.



Then we took it in turns to hide it and find it.


After we were worn out from running around the garden, we used the chalks to write number 3 and drew around the large number 3 numicon.



Can you see the towers we made? 3 towers with 3 blocks.


Finally, we went to find 3 leaves from around the garden to give to Mrs Wilkinson.

These activities helped us with our gross motor skills – running around in a controlled way and not bumping into our friends, and building towers.

As well as our fine motor skills – drawing and writing the number 3.

They also help us with our maths skills – counting when we were playing hide and seek, identifying the number 3 and using it practically.

But most of all, our social and communication skills  – taking turns, working as a team, helping each other have fun and discussing everything we were doing.

We had lots of fun, playing and learning. Great Job FS