Hello, I’m Miss Sumpton, Christopher Pickering Primary School’s Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Coordinator. It has always been my aspiration to become a Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Coordinator as I feel passionate about helping our pupils to achieve high expectations, thrive and feel valued in their community, be able to communicate their needs and feelings and, enjoy their learning experience at Christopher Pickering Primary School.

I work alongside a fantastic team of staff, Governors and pupils who all work together to make Christopher Pickering Primary School a happy, welcoming place where children can achieve their full potential and develop as confident individuals regardless of their Special Educational Need and/or disabilities.

Here at Christopher Pickering Primary School we feel very privileged that we are able to provide bespoke, nurturing and immersive learning environments (HUBs) in each key stage. The small HUB environments enable our pupils with specific learning difficulties to be the best that they can be with well-tailored care, support and guidance.

Keep checking our HUB Blog and Twitter for regular updates of the amazing work going on in the HUBs.

If you would like any more information, please feel free to contact me

Miss G Sumpton
Christopher Pickering Primary School
Burnham Road

01482 352245

Our SEND Team

 Mrs Carter


                       Mrs Wileman                       Mrs Branston               Mrs Westoby (SEN Advisor)


Mrs Stannard                            Miss Whitton


Mrs Thordarson        Mrs Nageri          Mr Norton             Mrs Rowbottom         Miss Feeney


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