Continuity and Change in the Olympic Games

Year 5 concluded their work on the Ancient Greeks by creating some fantastic double page spreads about the Olympics. We looked at the Ancient Olympics and the Modern Olympics and discussed what had continued and what had changed over time.

Year 5 DT – Making a Pair of Sandals

Over the past week, all the children in Year 5 have investigated, designed, made and evaluated their own pair of sandals. We cut our soles from cork material and used a variety of techniques to attach our straps to our soles and decorate our sandals.  

The History of the Olympics

As part of their Ancient Greek topic, Year 5 have been investigating the Olympics and how it has evolved since the games began in Olympia. They worked as a team to put key events relating to the Olympics in chronological order, in a timeline. They then looked at each event in detail, looked at the ancient and modern Olympics and discussed how the games have changed throughout time.

Year 6 Carnival Dance

Over the past few weeks, Year 6 have thoroughly enjoyed learning all about the Brazilian carnival and the dances in involves. We have formed our own samba schools and learned all about the history of samba. We have been working hard to create out own rhythmic dance sequences and have even learned some new Brazilian words along the way! We have learned about various choreographic structures including ‘canon’ and ‘unison’ and have explored how we can use our bodies to create levels within our dances.

Here are some of our still images of us creating the cityscape of Rio de Janeiro:

Y5 Jigsaw

Over the past two lessons, Year 5 have been learning about bullying in our Jigsaw lessons. We have discussed the differences between direct and indirect bullying and examples of both types. In pairs, we have made snakes and ladders games. At the foot of the ladders, we have written ideas for how bullying could be resolved and how we could help people who are being bullied and at the heads of the snakes we have written ways in which bullying could be made worse and different examples of direct and indirect bullying. Once our games were finished, we played them in our groups.

Y5 Maths: Multiplying and Dividing by 10, 100 and 1,000

Over the past few maths lessons, Year 5 have been recapping multiplying by 10 and 100. We used place value charts and counters to create the number we were multiplying by 10 or 100 and then moved all digits one place (x10) or two places (x100) to the left. We then took this one step further and learned how to multiply numbers by 1,000. Again, we used our place value charts and counters to help us. We created the number we were multiplying and moved all digits three places to the left. Today, we recapped dividing numbers by 10. This time, we created the number we were dividing in our place value charts and moved all digits one place to the right. Over the next two lessons, we will be dividing numbers by 100 and 1,000.

Y5 Computing: Online Safety

Over the past couple of weeks, Year 5 have been looking at online safety in their computing lessons. We have looked at the SMART rules for keeping safe online and today we looked at passwords and plagiarism. We discussed why we need passwords and how to create a secure password and what plagiarism is and scenarios that would be classed as plagiarism. Following our discussions, we undertook some quizzes on Purple Mash to assess our learning.

Year 6 Digital Footprint

In year 6 we have been looking at the impact a digital footprint can have and how some things online are permanent. We have been digital footprint detectives and looked at peoples digital footprints who have been applying for a job within our fictional football academy. From this we have created rules about how to improve and stay safer online through thinking about our own digital footprint and what we are posting on the web.

Mayan clay work

Year six have really enjoyed developing their artistic skills through creating clay tiles for a Mayan mosaic. They worked really hard moulding the clay into ancient Mayan logograms.

Mindfulness Sessions

Over the past three weeks, Year 5 have thoroughly enjoyed their mindfulness sessions in PE. They have learned techniques for calming themselves down when they’re feeling frustrated or angry and exercises that they can do in the morning to prepare themselves for the day.