We Are Scientists!

Miss Stainton’s class were given a tricky question today – How could they inflate balloons using only vinegar, baking soda and a water bottle?

They worked within groups to create their own plans and hypothesis. They then put these to the test to see if they worked. The groups were very successful and used their knowledge to create a chemical reaction which produced a gas to inflate the balloons! Well done!

Craft club creations!

Miss Stainton’s craft club have had lots of fun over the past few weeks. So far we have enjoyed making slime, friendship bracelets, autumn finger painting pieces, and oobleck! Things have been getting messy but we have enjoyed every minute!

Watch this space for some Christmas creations starting after half term!



Hull Fair themed fun!

Following our trip to Hull Fair last week, Miss Stainton’s class created detailed instructions on how to make a ‘fair inspired’ treat – chocolate apples!

We wrote up our instructions remembering to include lots of time adverbs and imperative verbs. We then voted for our favourite toppings as a class.

We had lots of fun making them but even more fun eating them! Yummy!



Chemical Reactions

This week in year 5/6, we have been looking at the chemical reaction that occurs when bicarbonate of soda reacts with vinegar. The children used their prior knowledge of this reaction to create an investigation to inflate a balloon using carbon dioxide.  They loved seeing the balloon inflate as the chemical reaction took place! They were able to explain that the reaction between bicarbonate of soda and vinegar resulted in a new substance(carbon dioxide) being formed.


Mexican Holiday Planning!

Miss Stainton’s class were presented with the task of planning a luxury holiday for a family of 4 to Mexico for one week and loved using their team work to plan their finances!

They had to choose which hotel to stay in, which food and drink package to purchase, what day trips to pay for, along with lots of other important holiday fun to organise!

Fantastic team work and maths skills were demonstrated by all, if only we could actually experience our holidays in reality!

Nico’s ‘Book of Life’ story opening

Swiftly, the speedy, venomous snake bit Maria. “Help!” she fell on a clear spot with despair and her vision faded out. Where and when will she come back; or… will she?

“Gotcha!” yelled Xibalba. flawlessly celebrating for the forseable future as Manolo will get blamed for it. “What have you done?” blamed the town’s villlagers and soldiers, “I didn’t” paused Manolo, “I swear!” He blew his opportunity to marry Maria, and may never see her again…

As the sky sobbed, Maria was sent away from Manolo, “Why… JUST WHY!” Tears rolled down his cheeks and he kneeled down towards the spot he last saw Maria. Now he started raining with tears as depression started to arrive. “Do you miss Maria…?” questioned an unknown voice… “I do, a lot!” responded Manolo, in a squeaky voice, “But where is she?” Manolo knew in order to see her, he will need to be sacrifised , “Ohohoh…” whispered Xibalba, in alow pitched voice, “Take this!” In an instant, two vipers appeared and bit him! “Uhoh…Maria…” his voice lowered quickly and he fell to the floor, fading away…

As soon as he opened his eyes, he knew he was teleported to a mysterious place he never had been to, he looked around, realising he was a skeleton in the place he got bit, “Welcome!” shouted what looked like a fellow skeleton on a horse, “To the Land of the Remembered! Here there are no rules, just as long as you get remembered by someone! Hop On!” As he jumped on, the man took Manolo down to the jolly, festive place. He soon realised he needed to find Maria, who was apparently here, “One, question,” paused Manolo, “Is Maria Posata here?” he replied “Let’s search!” As the horse galloped around the Land of The Remembered, there was no sign or sight of Maria, “Oh no…” he thought, “She’s not here?!” Manolo felt like dying.


Written by Nicolas Atkinson, Miss Stainton Y6.

Year 6’s moment of fame!

We were lucky enough to be chosen by ‘Estuary TV’ to appear in a special slot about Hull Fair which will be aired on Wednesday! 8 lucky children were selected to answer questions and chat about what they enjoy about the famous fair which comes to visit each year. It got us even more excited for our trip to the fair which happened later that afternoon!

Tune in – freeview channel 7 at 5:30pm, 7pm and 9pm on Wednesday11th October.

All the fun of the fair!

Miss Stainton’s class had a fantastic time visiting Hull Fair this afternoon! We are exploring how different countries around the world celebrate and enjoy carnivals and festivals within our ‘Tell the World’ topic, so what better way for us to experience our very own carnival by visiting Europe’s largest touring fair! We enjoyed spotting Hull Fair traditions such as Bob Carver’s famous pattie and chip stall, brandy snap, candy floss, coconuts, and all of the interactive stalls and attractions.

We had so much fun!

Mexican Folk Art

In Topic, children have been looking at traditional Mexican Folk art. This bright, highly decorative type or art is used to decorate houses. Children created their own image based on  a traditional Sun and Moon composition. They also evaluated their work, discussing its links to the afterlife and religion.

Happy Puzzle Company

This week Y5 and Y6 have each had a fun-filled afternoon of puzzle solving courtesy of the ‘Happy Puzzle Company’. Their interesting and inventive puzzles were thoroughly enjoyed by all children (and staff!)

Well done Y56.

Following instructions to build a marble run. 

Arranging trapeziums without touching colours.

Reagan solves it!

Using positional language to hook fish (this was VERY tricky)