Our Trip to the Streetlife Museum

Year 3 and 4 have been on trips to the Streetlife Museum this week! The purpose of our visit was to take part in a workshop called ‘A Child’s War: Evacuation’. During the day, we got evacuated to the countryside, explored a 1940’s street scene and found a bike that had been used by soldiers in WWII. We had a great day!


A fabulous WW2 visit to Hull Museums

We explored artefacts in the Streetlife museum, looking for items from during the war in our self guided session. We sketched some of the items that really caught our eye!

We then met Mary, she was our evacuation officer. She met us at the station, dressed us, talked about what we should expect and helped us pack a suitcase. We handled historical artefacts and discussed what the children did with them or needed them for. It was a bit of a shock to us what little they had packed! Once aboard the bus we had a tongue and hand check- luckily we were all in good health. 😝 We sang ten green bottles to entertain ourselves on the long journey to the countryside and some of us even fell asleep!

A fabulous class photo in front of the giant map down Whitefriargate. This is where the People’s Memorial Museum is- all about WW1 and WW2 and well worth a visit. The volunteers there were so knowledgable and helpful, they made us very welcome.

Being Historians

In Y3/4 we are being historians, applying our maths skills to order the many events of WW2 in our humongous timeline. we then focused in on key events which led to major developments within the war.

Fantastic team work, research and questions raised by our super Historians.


Violin Lessons in Year Four

This term, the Year Four pupils are lucky to have a visiting specialist Violin teacher, Mr Lynch. As well as teaching us the basics of the violin he is teaching us about genres of music and widening our knowledge of instruments.

This week we were exploring the different  sounds that the violin could make – noisy and great fun 🎼🎻

Outdoor and adventurous PE


Y4 were grateful that there was a break from the rain today so we could complete the next session of our outdoor and adventurous PE unit. We used early orienteering skills with a map of the school to find anagrams hidden around the site. We then used our team work skills to solve some of them but they were “Pretty hard!”

Another challenge risen to, well done Year 4!



Stay and Read

Parents, carers and grandparents  in Y3/4 were invited to come into school to stay and read this week. They also got the chance to see our lovely new classrooms and meet our new teacher. We read a story to our adult and then our adult read a story to us! We also looked at the Y3/4 common exception words that we need to learn by the end of the year.


Thank you for joining us!

Blitz Poetry

Poetry is Year 3/4’s first English unit this term and they have been looking at different Blitz Poetry. They generated vocabulary about the Blitz, edited and improved their word choices and combined sentence strips to create a group poem.


Finally, they wrote and performed their own Blitz poem.