Muddy Boots Gardeners

The muddy boots club were out in force on Thursday lunch.

This week we weeded the strawberry plants. We are hoping to get a great crop this summer!

Our club is expanding and we have new members from the Hub and Ganton with the greatly appreciated  time and expertise from Miss Whitton and Mrs Whitton.

Huge thanks to Miss Whitton and Tim who have been working wonders in the polytunnel and its now a gardeners haven!

Yorkshire Water Workshops

We are produly working with Yorkshire Water (YW) and the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust (YWT) on a project called Soak It Up.

Did you know that outside of London, Hull is the city most at risk of flooding?

We want to educate this younger generation about ways in which we, in Hull, can help to Soak Up the excess water and to prevent flooding.

A great way of doing this is to create Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS).

YW and YWTcame into school and ran  workshops with Y3/4 to help us learn about SuDS, and the water cycle.

We gathered for an introductory assembly, where we loved taking on the role of grown ups to act out a flooding scenario.

We used our science skills to look at the extended water cycle.


We worked in our classrooms with maragret to investigate the process of evaportation and condensation.


We carried out an investigation with Jennifer to see which surface materials slowed the rate of surface run off and this gave us some ideas for planing.

We planned the items thatwe would take with us in a flood energency and were able to say why.

Jennifer is working on ideas for SUDs that will be installed on our site at the end of May. She needed our help to decide which SUDs we would like to install and where would like to install them.


We planned our SUDS on an enlarged map of the school, margaret and jennifer then poured water over our plan to immitate rainfall and we calcualted how much water our designs absorbed.



InMay a team of volunteers are coming in with YW to instal the SUDS that wehave chosen. We will keep you posted on the progress.

Have you got any SUDS at home? Tweet us and tag in @Yorkshirewater @Yorkswildlife #Soak it up


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World Book Day

We had a fabulous week this week celebrating World Book Day. We came to school dressed as our favourite book character!

There were some amazing costumes!

The theme for World Book Day this year was ‘Share a Story’ so our day including several different storytelling sessions. During assembly with Miss Stathers, the whole school did a choral rehearsal of ‘The Three Little Pigs’ using sounds instead of words!

In the afternoon,  we split into our houses to share a story. The teachers in each house read their favourite stories and then the children found a buddy to share a story with.

The older children were fantastic with the younger children.

We had a brilliant day and can’t wait for next year!


Year 3 have been learning about statistics in Maths. They have been analysing and interpreting data in different pie charts, bar charts and tables. 

Money, Money, Money

For the last two weeks, Year 3 have been looking at money in maths. First they learned to partition money into pounds and pence.

They have also learned to convert between pounds and pence, add different amount of money and subtract money to find change!


Mindful Colouring Club

On a Monday lunch time in Miss Stathers’ classroom there is a mindful colouring club. The children can come along, listen to relaxing music and colour in a variety of mindful pictures.

We love Mondays!

Hull FC

Our PE unit this term is Rugby and we are very fortunate to be working with Hull FC for this. The rugby coach has been teaching us techniques for holding the ball, carrying the ball and intercepting. We can’t wait for next Monday!


Discovering the layers of the Earth

This week Year 3/4 have been discovering what lies beneath the crust of the Earth. We opened a model to discover that the Earth is made up of layers.

We then created our own model including the inner core, outer core, mantle and crust.




Nick Rowland Inspired Art

Year 3/4 have been learning about British artist Nick Rowland. Using his work as inspiration, they experimented with pastels and paint to create a piece of volcano artwork. First of all they created a night time scene using oil pastels. Then they used a splatter paint technique to create the lava of the volcano.

The results were amazing and our new display is breathtaking.

Volcano Wow Day

To launch our new topic, Year 3/4 have had a Wow day today. Lab Rascals came in to do a science workshop with us making dry ice volcanoes. The children were amazed at the results and have made some fantastic memories. What a fabulous day at school!