A scientific day with the Lab Rascals

On Thursday 19th November, we welcomed the lab Rascals to our school. They arrived with a bag full of equipment and we were not disappointed!


Each class enjoyed over an hours session with our visiting experts, exploring the cooler side of science with lots of hands in and Visual activities.

We learnt about the colours within the spectrum of light and wore cool 😎 glasses that split the light into its spectrums. We observed the effects of filters in the light and watched how light created by a flame changed colour depending on which elements were being heated.

We loved watching the electricity travel through the lamp and across the long light bulb, it looked just like a light saber!


We we went to three other workshops where we made pinhole cameras, kaleidoscopes and refracted light with prisms and lenses.

The feedback from the day was amazing and we would like to thank our families for contributing so generously to enable us to have this wonderful learning experience. 👏

Another busy week in y3/4…

Congratulations to Lily and Reuben in Y3Hebden, our new school councillors. A very big well done to all the candidates who spoke so clearly and put forward proposals to the rest of the class.


We are loving the Y3/4 after school athletics club, enabling us to challenge ourselves and develop our skill sets.


Year three have been hitting the dance studio to create sequences that the Oompa Loopas would be proud of!


We love to Dance!

We are learning how to dance like puppets and robots from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We are using our robotic skills and look great!

We were challenged by Willy Wonka to make the Oompa Loompas’ shadows appear larger, so people of the town wouldn’t figure out about his secret workers.

We planned and carried out a fair test, using our maths skills to record the results.



We drew conclusions, made a science statement and answered Willy Wonkas challenge.

We plotted our results ready to show Willy Wonka, to help explain the science to him.



We ran a sponsored mile for the NSPCC. We had great fun competing as Y3 Yard against Y3 Heb in our inter-house tag rugby tournament with Hull FC.


Rewards galore for such super star pupils

-Hull FC caps to recognising outstanding  contributions in lessons

-certificates to proudly recognise all of the learning taking place at home and with our families to complete the superb homework booklets

Dojo leaders earning lots of dojo points  for being great learners.

Reading raffle prize draw winners to recognise a half term of regular reading at home 🏡


After such a busy half term, we wish all of our pupils a relaxing and happy Half Term Holiday 👻

Y4 Sporting Heroes

Year 3 had a great time at the Hull FC Sky Try Inter School Tag Rugby competition. The children demonstrated great teamwork skills and sportsmanship and were a credit to our school.

We are proud to say that we won and would like to congratulate all the other schools which took part! A huge THANK-YOU to Rich and his team for arranging the event too!

y3 are times table warriors

We have been busy practising for our times tables test on Friday. We loved playing hit the button to help us speed up ✨❤️ Ty it out at home  – Top Marks- Hit the Button


Our families came to read with us

… and what an amazing turn out we had! We loved reading a chapter of Charlie and the Chocolate 🍫 Factory together and then designing a poster to advertise Wonkas Wonderful wares!

Y3 are regularly reading at home – our iread reward club is chock-a-block!

Sound Scientists

Which cup was the loudest?

The one with the long, short or medium length string?

Y3 concluded that the sound was loudest in the short string telephone as the sound waves had less distance to travel.


TV presenters

We independently planned a presented a programme about sound in teams and presented them to the class. Watch below…..What do you think? Future TV presenters 👍


Handwriting Stars

The competition heats up in year three to find the handwriting stars ✨

Look who it is this week…. will you be next?

Mega Maths

As Mathematicians we are learning to represent numbers in a wide variety of ways. We can talk about, compare, order and reason about number problems because we have a great understanding of place value. We ❤️maths.