y3 are times table warriors

We have been busy practising for our times tables test on Friday. We loved playing hit the button to help us speed up ✨❤️ Ty it out at home  – Top Marks- Hit the Button


Our families came to read with us

… and what an amazing turn out we had! We loved reading a chapter of Charlie and the Chocolate 🍫 Factory together and then designing a poster to advertise Wonkas Wonderful wares!

Y3 are regularly reading at home – our iread reward club is chock-a-block!

Sound Scientists

Which cup was the loudest?

The one with the long, short or medium length string?

Y3 concluded that the sound was loudest in the short string telephone as the sound waves had less distance to travel.


TV presenters

We independently planned a presented a programme about sound in teams and presented them to the class. Watch below…..What do you think? Future TV presenters 👍


Handwriting Stars

The competition heats up in year three to find the handwriting stars ✨

Look who it is this week…. will you be next?

Mega Maths

As Mathematicians we are learning to represent numbers in a wide variety of ways. We can talk about, compare, order and reason about number problems because we have a great understanding of place value. We ❤️maths.

Y3 are gymnasts and rugby players this half term!


We have loved collaborating with our friends to create sequences of movement that challenge our skills and increase our body strength. We’ve enjoyed performing to each other, giving constructive feedback and having lots of giggles along the way.


The super Richard Squires from Hull FC has been coaching us (and our teachers) over the last few weeks. We have made massive progress from learning how to hold and pass the ball in week one to playing a game of tag rugby today! We can not wait for next week to have an In-house tournament of 3Y v’s 3H! AND and interschool tournament next Tuesday! Whoop!





Year 3 enjoyed the STEM activities. We had to try and build a chocolate factory using spaghetti and marshmallows.

We designed our structures first and then build them. We had to figure out how to make a strong structure and how best to fix it together. 

Some of us managed to build some pretty tall buildings!

This weeks Blog is brought to you by Olivia Cowles.

Hello and welcome to my blog.

What our pod is about

This term our pod has turned into Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory. It’s so cool.


In English we have been learning about Charlie and the Chocolate factory, we have read the book and learned about the Grandparents. We have been using adjectives, noun phrases and adjectives to describe people. Today we invented our own funny Oompa Loompas ready for the new chapter of the book that we are going to write.

Guided reading

In guided reading we are answering questions about Charlie and the chocolate Factory. Today we wrote a letter to Willy Wonka from Prince Pondicherry to thank him for the chocolate palace that he built. It made us all feel very hungry!


In RE we are learning about memories and remembering using a memory box, a scrap book or a diary. We are all bringing items in to talk about with Miss Stewart and put in our year group memory box.

Science – Sound

We have been learning about sound and vibrations. Sound is made by a vibration, the bigger the vibration the louder the sound. The sound travels in waves, it hits your eardrum and it travels all the way through your inner ear and it sends messages to you brain. A few days ago we filmed a ourselves presenting a program about sound and Mrs Hebden thought it was great because we used the science vocabulary.

Today we were scientists and we investigated how sound travels, we used paper cup telephones to find out if the longest, medium or shortest string was the loudest. This was really good fun and we discovered that the shortest string was the loudest phone because the sound waves didn’t have to travel as far. Issac said “Its like a car that runs our of petrol when it gets far away.”


I hope you liked reading my blog 🙂

Olivia Cowles


Identifying different types of angles

Miss Stainton’s maths class have been busy working collaboratively to identify different types of angles. We have been using the vocabulary ‘obtuse, acute, and right angles’ when describing them. All of the angles were linked to rainforest plants which also helped our topic knowledge!


Rainforest Shape Hunt

Miss Stainton’s maths class have been very busy this week learning about the properties of a wide range of 2d shapes. Today they had to solve some rainforest animal riddles to reveal the hidden shapes the animals were hiding! There was some excellent team work going on as the children ventured around the pod working in pairs.