Could you survive the Stone Age?

Welcome back to the Autumn term in Year 3/4. This term we will be investigating the question; ‘Could you survive the Stone Age?’ We started out topic with a fantastic Wow Day spending the day in the life of a Stone Age child. We came to school in fancy dress and we all looked really different!


Throughout the day, we made  Stone Age necklaces, created some cave art, made Stone Age soup and bread and made a Stone Age bag.

At the end of the day we had our soup and bread around the camp fire.

It was a brilliant day!


Recently in Y3…..

A few of the many fab photos taken during our very own Royal Wedding


A healthy party buffet designed by our super Y3Heb pupils,

Olivia’s Grandma kindly baked us a delicious wedding cake 🍰 thank you!

A gorgeous day for games on the learning deck.

The cake received a huge thumbs up 👍

Thoughtful, reflective and respectful – minutes silence for Manchester.


Pride in bundles as our bud Tristan scores full marks 👍

Egg Decorating

Y3 had a wonderful morning decorating boiled eggs! The children came up with lots of creative ideas and all really enjoyed it despite our classrooms being very smelly! 

Year 3 One Minute Maths Challenge

Year 3 had fun undertaking Miss Stewart’s one minute maths challenge. We had a range of activities (write our full names in joined handwriting; write our times tables; make stacks of 10 unifix cubes; star jumps and sharpening pencils) which we had to firstly predict how many of each activity we thought we may complete in 1 minute before undertaking the activity. We established that 1 minute (60 seconds) is not a very long time…however time does fly when you are having fun!!! This activity helped us consolidate our understanding of time as well as assist us in collating data which is our new maths area of learning. We are going to use our results to create bar charts!

PE and Maths

Today we have been learning how to read maps in orienteering. We have had to follow different maps to various cones which have all been worth a different amount then we have had to add up the total amount!


We became Egyptian scribes this afternoon whereupon we tried to master the skill of illustrating our names using hieroglyphics, which was an ancient form of Egyptian writing using pictures. Did you know that there were 700 hieroglyphic images that the Egyptian people had to learn so as to be able to read and write?!…that is a lot of characters but an interesting fact to remember!

Ancient Egyptian Crafting

During our visit to the Hands on History Museum today, we used our creative skills to create some papyrus paper which the Egyptians used to write on. We carefully weaved the stems from the papyrus plant and firmly pressed it between a sheet of paper. We will let the papyrus dry out at school so as to hopefully create our own papyrus to write on.


We have had a great Mummification session with Naomi at the Hands on History Museum. Our Egyptian Queen was prepared for the mummification process and Anubis, the Egyptian God of Mummification, observed to make sure everything was completed correctly.

Y3 Hands on History Museum Visit -part Two

session 2 – Exploring Artefacts


We moved upstairs into the museum to explore the artefacts on display, to practise being Egyptologists!



We learnt about replicas, copies made of objects from Tutankhamun’s tomb by Howard’s Carter’s team, so that everyone can see the artefacts and learn from the amazing discovery of the tomb.



Looking closely at the artefacts we noticed important details like hieroglyphics to paint names on the furniture, animal heads and scarab beetles.


Imagine having a perfume bottle this large!!!! Mrs Hebden would love that! ❤️

We looked at the real mummy of a priest, about 2500 years old. So, it’s kept in a case inside of a room that is dark and cold to keep it in great condition and to prevent any damage to this wonderful artefact!




As Egyptologists, we worked in groups to touch, discuss and explore a range of artefacts to figure out what they were.