TT Rockstars Club

Year 3/4 love Times Table Rockstars! We have had some amazing battles today in our lunchtime club today! The boys won this week, can the girls win next week?

Representations in Maths

Year 3 have been using Base 10 to help them understand the concept of column addition and subtraction. It has really helped us to understand the relationship between hundreds, tens and ones.

Fitbit Fun!

Year 3/4 love our new Fitbit Challenge and are so excited to wear our class Fitbit! Each week the classes in KS2 are challenged to see who can do the most steps each day. We have had lots of fun seeing how many steps we can get each day and can’t wait to beat our top score! 


Stone Age Boy

Year 3/4 have been looking at the story ‘Stone Age Boy’ this half term. Across the half term, we have learned how to create character and setting descriptions with vocabulary for effect.

Furthermore, we have use the story as the basis of a diary writing unit and have created some fabulous diary entries.

Meet the Teacher

This half term we have had our parents in to come and meet our teachers. During the session, we became Cave Art experts and taught our parents how to create a piece of Cave Art. Everyone had lots of fun!

Muddy Boots Club

Ahead of it’s official launch, these lovely pupils were keen to help us prepare the soil in our planters. We are looking forward to a green fingered year in which we can earn out Bronze Food For Life award from the soil association.

Could you survive the Stone Age?

Welcome back to the Autumn term in Year 3/4. This term we will be investigating the question; ‘Could you survive the Stone Age?’ We started out topic with a fantastic Wow Day spending the day in the life of a Stone Age child. We came to school in fancy dress and we all looked really different!



Throughout the day, we made  Stone Age necklaces, created some cave art, made Stone Age soup and bread and made a Stone Age bag.

At the end of the day we had our soup and bread around the camp fire.

It was a brilliant day!


Recently in Y3…..

A few of the many fab photos taken during our very own Royal Wedding


A healthy party buffet designed by our super Y3Heb pupils,

Olivia’s Grandma kindly baked us a delicious wedding cake 🍰 thank you!

A gorgeous day for games on the learning deck.

The cake received a huge thumbs up 👍

Thoughtful, reflective and respectful – minutes silence for Manchester.


Pride in bundles as our bud Tristan scores full marks 👍

Egg Decorating

Y3 had a wonderful morning decorating boiled eggs! The children came up with lots of creative ideas and all really enjoyed it despite our classrooms being very smelly!