Year Four Scientists

Electricity! A unit of work that has really hooked our interest! We loved being scientists this afternoon, working on a challenge, with little information given, to light a bulb and create a simple series circuit.  The excitement in the room was electric as one by one, each team managed to light up their bulb! We then explored the function of other components within a circuit and we can not wait for next weeks lesson to take this a step further 💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡

History in Year Four

To help us gain a better understanding of the Ancient Egyptians, we have been looking at where on the timeline, this civilisation existed. We learned of other ancient civilisations that existed simultaneously to the Egyptians and today we were exploring the commonalities of them. We examined primary and secondary sources of evidence to discuss,  discover and deduce facts about the Ancient civilisations of Sumer, Indus Valley, Shang and Egypt.
This afternoon are classrooms were full of lively discussion as we listened proudly to our young historians making connections and drawing their own conclusions as to what made a civilisation.






Anti Bullying Week – United Against Bullying

For Anti-Bullying Week in Y3/4, we have be having ‘in-depth’ discussions, where we have been able to share our opinions and views on how we can all work together to demonstrate a united approach to tackle bullying.

History and Geography

As part of the WWII topic in year 3, the children have been learning about The Blitz. They investigated cities in the UK that were bombed and were able to suggest reasons for this. For example, because of the city’s location or industry. They discussed what life would have been like during The Blitz and understood it’s importance in terms of the course of the war.

Coding in Year 3


We have really enjoyed learning how to code, in Year 3, throughout the Autumn term. We have created simple algorithms, used the repeat command, used timers and even learnt how to debug incorrect codes.

Year 3 – Light

The children in year are really impressing us with the scientific skills they are developing this year. About light, they can say what a light source is, name a number of different light sources and address common misconceptions about light sources. For instance, they can explain that a mirror is not a light source but is merely a good reflector of light. They loved applying their knowledge of reflection to designing a school back pack, with all of them remembering to include retroreflective material within their design.

Pencil, chalk and charcoal

The year 3 children have enjoyed exploring a range of techniques and media to create some wonderful pieces of work. They used different pencils to develop their sketching skills and experimented with hatching, cross-hatching, light and dark lines. They then combined chalk and charcoal to create a smoke effect background for their London skyline. Don’t they look effective?

Children in Need!

Today was Children in Need day and this year children kindly donated money to this wonderful charity and came to school wearing something sports or spotty (or both!). We would like to say a huge thank you to our families for your kind donations.

Mr Morgan’s class worked together to complete this giant Pudsey colouring jigsaw. Fantastic team work kids!



Y4 Master Cryuff Turns!

Year 4 have continued to advance their footballing skills. This week they practiced keeping possession and evading opponents by turning. They practiced two different techniques the first being the drag back.

However, they were excited to try the Cryuff turn named after the Dutch footballer Johan Cryuff! How do you think we did!? Have a look at the videos below!

The creator of the ‘Cryuff Turn’ Johan Cryuff at the ’74 World Cup


Practising this drag-backs and Cryuff turns

OAA – Problem Solving!

This week Y4 started their new OAA unit: Problem Solving! The aim is to develop their communication, teamwork and problem solving skills through a range of practical tasks. So far they have LOVED this and had a fantastic time!

Y4HEB Working together on the playing card challenge.