Blitz Poetry

Poetry is Year 3/4’s first English unit this term and they have been looking at different Blitz Poetry. They generated vocabulary about the Blitz, edited and improved their word choices and combined sentence strips to create a group poem.


Finally, they wrote and performed their own Blitz poem.



Y3/4 Wow Day

In the Autumn term, Y3/4 are instigating ‘What was life like in WWII?” To launch out topic the children spent the day in the life of an evacuee.  The children came dressed up for the day and we had some fantastic costumes!

The children were  evacuated to different classrooms were they decided what to pack in their suitcase, wrote letters home, created some evacuee artwork and made a meat paste sandwich.

The children learned what it was like to be an evacuee and are excited to find out why children like them were evacuated.

Our own Mini Tropical World

After our trip to Tropical World, Year 3 designed and created their own version of Tropical World. They thought carefully about what materials they should use to create each animal. The end products looked fabulous!

Our Trip to Tropical World

Year 3/4 had a great time on their  trips to Tropical World. They got to see some rainforest animals in real life and got to experience the climate of the rainforest. It was very hot and humid!

Henri Rousseau Inspired Art

Year 3 and 4 have been learning about French Artist Henri Rousseau.Image result for henri rousseau ARTIST

They have looked at his famous art pieces and used these as inspiration for their own art.

Image result for henri rousseau ARTIST

We think they look fabulous!

The Zoo Lab Rainforest Experience

Deep in the Y3/4 rainforest, the pupils were treated to a visit from the very experienced and knowledgable Zoo Lab! We had a wonderful day, learning about some of the animals that can be found in the different layers of the rainforest.

We met tallulah the five year old  tarantula that can fire out her hairs as a weapon and method of self defence ( needless to say we didn’t handle her) …

Millie the millipede who helps create healthy soil by eating the rotting leaves and fruits from the forest floor….

The geko that can shed it’s tail if captured by a predator….

Prince the Python that flexes his jaws and swallows his prey whole (gulp!)…


Green fingered??

Miss Jeffrey’s class clearly have the ‘green – fingered’ touch as their potato plants are coming along very nicely! We can not say the same for Mrs Hebden’s however!! Perhaps we should seek advice from the gardeners amongst our families as to how we might improve our chances of winning the potato growing competition! All advice welcome!!!


Year 4 Violin Lessons

During the introductory week, we met the teachers that will be teaching us the Violin for ten weeks, Mr Smalley and Mrs England. We learned a little about the instrument and enjoyed listening to a demonstration from these very skilful players.

watch us (click on the link)    IMG_0507

We loved our first lesson, as we learned how to handle the instrument and found out more about the violin. We learned how to strum and pluck and enjoyed performing in unison during our very first lesson! We felt so proud of ourselves!